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Champagne: Hardware Color of the Month

Let’s toast this season’s hottest hardware color, champagne!  Blurring the lines between yellow and rose gold, this hue stands out in more matte finishes offering a sublte alternative to its typically shiny finish.

The lovely metallic offers the perfect compliment to the kithen or bath especially when paired grey, blue, black or white cabinets.


The Jigsaw designers have always had a fondness for gold finishes. But this one we are really embracing.  We suggest a bold statement piece like Jonathan Adler’s Sputnik chandelier to wow your visitors.  Perfect for the entry, dining room, bed or bath this mid-century throw-back is a stunner.

If you’d like something a bit more streamline, then nothing softens a space like the perfectly lit wall sconce.  West Elm’s Glass Cyliner Sconce in Champagne luster has a beautiful finish in a minimal design…this style is also available as a pendant lamp.

Furthermore, metallic tile is a trend on the rise.  This fun peel and stick champagne tile is a great options for an apartment or office where making a permanant change is not an option.

Pop the champagne and just go all the way with a room layered in the hue from trims, fabrics, wallpaper and hardware.

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Square Dining Tables

In our last post we shared amazing photos and ideas to freshen up your dining room by ditching that rectangular shaped table for an exciting new round or oval shape.  Today, we will add to that collection of updated dining room ideas with the perfect square.

The square table we’re talking about is not your grandma’s card table she uses for her bridge parties…oh no, it is typically oversized and can seat between eight to sixteen.  The Jigsaw designers love bench style seating because it brings intimacy to the dining room like in the image below.

Take that a step further with cozy built-ins and loads of pillows.  How sumptuous this space looks for an evening with friends over a great meal and fine wine.

Meanwhile this industrial square table gets a touch of mid-century with the Eames chairs and glam sputnik-style chandelier.  The square table balances the space so beautifully.

Get the above look at Living Spaces with their Tahoe II square table.  It’s ultra versatile and rings in for a very reasonable price of $995.

Dress up a simple square table with tufted chairs and benches, or a dramatic chandelier for big impact.

Looking for something simple and modern?  Calligaras makes a brilliant mod table in glossy white lacquer.  This Italian made beauty comfortably seats up to eight guests for the perfect dinner party.  

For more information about dining table trends or items used in this blog please leave us a comment.  Have a favorite square table?  We’d love to hear about it.

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Sliding Barn Doors with a Fresh Perspective

The Westedge Design Fair is one of Southern California’s premier design shows which is held in Santa Monica.  Standing out among this winter’s many delightful design ideas were the steadfast sliding barn doors with quintessential exposed hardware.

While this is not a new trend per se, the style has however settled into a category that we’ll keep seeing long-term.  And why shouldn’t this unique touch be a perfect option to the traditional door?  Complements to it’s space saving benefits and fashionable twist, we believe, these doors will go the distance.


What caught the Jigsaw design team’s eyes were the fresh take on this typically more rustic style.  Modern sliders were seen in laquers and glass for the contemporary or transitional home.  Even clean lines paired with champagne or rose gold colored hardware were noteworthy combinations for the more contemporary space.

So…you’re sold on the idea, but does it make sense in your space?  Well, with the wide range of options, a sliding barn door can be worked into most spaces from a design stand-point.  Factor number one however, is there room for it in your space?  There must be enough space on both sides of the opening for the doors to slide over.  Next, one must consider the type of door being replaced, preferably one that doesn’t need to lock.  A few examples would be a closet,  kids playroom,  home gym or pantry.

Then, get creative with your door selections.  The possibilitites are endless, antique doors, reclaimed wood, chevron patterns, white or black lacquer, and even metal.  Balancing the look of the room will be important once the doors are selected.  If the doors are your focal point, then a neutral color palette will allow for that to remain the focus.  Or, the door can be painted the same or similar color to the walls if one prefers the doors to simply blend in, yet add interest to the space.

Whatever the case for your interior sliding barn doors, this style is highly functional and adds a special touch to any home.  For more information on how to select a sliding barn door for your home, office or place of business, then please leave a comment or visit the contact page at to speak to a designer.  Be sure to subscribe to the blog and like us on facebook!

Vainglorious Velvet


Forever hand-in-hand is the runway and interior design.  Eternally classic velvet has reemerged on the market in haute couture while simulanoulsy trending in the home decor  space.



Luxury designers in apparel, footwear and handbags are diving in head first to beautiful rich colors in wine, forest green and misty pinks.  What’s to stop a gal from matching her handbag and her bedding?




This beloved fabric has been synonymous with fashion and interiors since the Renaissance.  Though the textile has been watered down through the centuries and can be found at any price point, the velvet we are in love with has a great hand and quality that can stand the test of time.  The Jigsaw Designers are big fans of Jonathan Adler’s velvet for example his rich sapphire blue Gold Finger collection that is trimmed in gold metal as seen in the photo below.




Soft cream and grey velvets are timeless and an ideal way to impliment the color for longevity.  The colors are also perfect for the holidays too.  Create a winter white space with hints of greys, gold, and creams for a Joyeux Noel.



For those of us that are not color shy, just go all the way.  We love the look of bold colors perfectly married together like the brave purple/blue space below.


For more information on velvet trends please leave a comment and we’ll get back to you.  To reach a designer, visit the contact page at or call (888) 367-9114.  

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Cannabis Dispensaries-The New Social Scene Among the Cannabis Community


Complements of the growing legalization of marijuana/cannabis dispensaries, cannabis dispensaries are popping up everywhere.  What were once haunted by a negative perception, the dispensary marketplace is evolving into chic new hangouts among the cannabis community.


Jigsaw Design Group has found themselves being a forerunner in this industry in bringing hip design to the sudden competitive market in Southern California.  “We focus on designing beautiful and welcoming spaces, we are also continually educating ourselves on the best environments to house the products [plants and food], displaying the merchandise, and clinical building regulations,” shares Michelle the principle designer for the firm.  “Thanks to our renderings services our reach is not limited to California, we can create great design for facilities all across the country, and then depending on the clients needs, we can do the install or simply render the designs for the client to seek out their own contractors,” Michelle further explains.




This industry is fast growing and a newly acceptable industry. Twenty-five states and District of Columbia currently have laws legalizing marijuana in some form.  Soon, there will be more and more states jumping on board and the demand for appealing design for dispensaries will be in paramount.


Meanwhile, dispensaries are becoming the new social scene, and just as in the food and beverage industry, people want to frequent places that are inviting and beautiful.  From the lobby area to the retail space, creating a comfortable atmosphere that is aesthetically pleasing will enhance the experience for the consumer as well as the staff’s work environment.



The Jigsaw Designers have installed a number of fresh looks for cannabis hangouts from hipster vibes, to glam settings with chandeliers, to graffiti walls.  It comes down to selecting a look that your customer can relate to, your personal style, and functionality.  As sampled in the following renderings, a few different looks are created for the same space, offering the client the opportunity to really capture the essence of the final product.




This emerging niche often has multiple moving parts so good design is key. Therefore, finding an interior designer or architect with industry specific experience is imperative.  For more information on cannabis dispensaries and dispensary design, leave a comment below or visit our contact page at and a  designer will get back to you.  Be sure to subscribe to the blog and like us on Facebook!


The Hipster Aesthetic-Differentiate Your Space

hipster dinig bold orange deer

A common style request we continue to receive, especially in the commercial side of our interior design business at Jigsaw Design Group, are clients looking for a ‘hipster’ style in their space.  While much of the trendy restaurants, coffee shops, works spaces and even homes are taking on this old is new aesthetic,  our designers at Jigsaw strive to differentiate that style with a certain finesse. We seek to meet the demand of the client’s usual wish list of rustic modern elements — reclaimed wood, brick, exposed ceilings, concrete floors, chalkboards, loft style doors, yet we aim to keep it fresh.  In this post we’ll share some ideas on how to keep your hipster pad from looking…well…mainstream.

hipster living dinig

We believe there are different faces of this hipster aesthetic, from the hardline rustic modern style with a sentimental side of focusing on the historical aspect of a space: for example maybe you pull down the drywall in an old building to find beautiful exposed brick walls that you can pair with rustic wood floors and black iron windows.  Then there is the preppy hipster that may have a more feminine approach, with more pops of color, bright white walls and splashes of prints mixed in like Ikat, Chinoiserie or even animal prints like in a cowhide rug.

hipster mod w natural and patchwork pillow

hipster with chiosiere

To keep your hipster pad from feeling bland especially in the typical neutral color palette, think of it as more of an eclectic vibe if you will…an industrial foundation with hints of glamazon with fun bar carts, oversized art, bold statement accent colors and then paired with touches of global ethnic rugs, or throw pillow.

hipster living black stairs

Our designers believe the hipster space depends on ones interpretation and can be flexible to personal style.  With the industrial ‘hipster’ style becoming the ‘safe’ look, change it up by adding some drama with fun items that speak to you, a chandelier, or candelabras.  For example the bedroom below where bed frame is made from recycled pallets that adds a unique touch, and then topped with a bright multicolored duvet and ethnic woven pillows.  The key is to stay true to your personal sensibility and have fun with this evolving youthful style.

Hipster bedroom

Popular Items For Hipster Room Decor On Etsy in minimalist bedroom hipster regarding Residence - Man 17

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hipster kid room

Tabletop Tips: The Coffee Table Conundrum

scuptural = floral=books

The constant quandary; how to decorate one’s tabletop.  Are you constantly rearranging and shuffling your coffee table decor to find the right balance?  For such a small surface area, this space is always the most perplexing.   In this post, the Jigsaw Designers are addressing the coffee table dilemma with some simple tips to help you find the right balance.

balance square table


Tip #1 Books, books and more books! This is an easy one. ‘Coffee table’ books are easy to come by, make great gifts and you’re bound to have a couple laying around somewhere. Use books to make a statement, express your personality, or simply be an accent color like for example the bold, Hot Pink book about Yves Saint Laurent.  Serves two purposes: 1. color, 2. shares a bit of nostalgia with those who love the fashion.

pink book

pink yves


Stack books with a candle or small item on top, or several stacks around the table. If you have a two tier table, stack them top and bottom.   Stack them on a tray in the center or off to one side.

Above and below Books

Above and Below Scupltural +floral+ books

Tip #2 Add something natural like an orchid or flower arrangement. Succulents are hugely popular and there are even some faux plants that look rather real. We usually opt of the real thing, but sometimes a bouquet of silk peonies will do the trick.

Books on Tray

Books on Tray plus flowers

Bountiful Orchid

Tip #3 Add an element of surprise; an interesting sculpture, a classic obelisk or even a purple foot from Jonathan Adler. Whatever the case, make it quirky, and make it fun.

lucite table top


accent colors
Tip #4 Don’t even think about letting that remote control be seen. Even if its a college bachelor pad, No Remotes visible please.

Books and kitch on tiny midcentury table

height and color = books


Keep it neat and tidy, sometimes less is more for your vignette and sometimes it just feels right to pile it one. For more information about tabletop decorating please leave a comment below or reach a Jigsaw Designer by visiting our contact page. Be sure to subscribe to the blog and like us on Facebook, and follow us on Google+

Simple and Traditional

Luxury Candle Cheeky books

Sleeping Beauty-Best Beds Summer 2016

19th C French 4 Poster RH

Due to an oversaturated market, a continual decorating conundrum is finding that perfect bed to rest your pretty head.  Since the average person spends one third of the day in the aforementioned bed, and it likely getting more use than any other furniture purchase you may make… it should be perfect.  Perfect in home style, personal style, size, and ,of course, comfort.  Herein lies the quandary…so which bed is for me?

Am I a poster bed gal/guy like the Restoration Hardware’s 19th Century French Four-Poster bed above?  In this post we’ll explore just which bed category trends are most befitting of ourselves.

For those lovers of reclaimed wood, a couple options on the market come to mind because they are clean with a hint of Mid-Century style to play down the rustic feel of the wood.  One being from West Elm (Alexa-as seen in the first photo) and the other, Living Spaces (Kai-2nd photo).  Both of these styles are reasonably priced and pair well with a variety of linen choices.

Alexa Reclaimed wood WElm

Living Spaces Kai bed

Another trend that continues to grow is the upholstered bed.  If one desires to be wrapped in fabric from head to foot and tufted flawlessly, the Churchill bed in Belgian Linen from Restoration Hardware is the answer.

Churchill tufted nailhead RH

Or, add a bit of flair with a nailhead dotted headboard.  This look is very flexible ranging from traditional, beachy, and even industrial.   The Luna Nail Trim Headboard from is not only beautiful, it’s also a steal of a price!

Luna Nail Trim Uphol All Modern

For a modern, no fuss-no muss, upholstered linen bed, one can’t beat the Nixon Platform bed, also from  It’s pure, with clean simple lines a true minimalist will love.

Nixon Upolshtered All Modern

Think outside of the box with Serena and Lily’s Carson Bed.  At about – $2500 this bed brings on the texture in a fresh way.  Beautifully crafted strips of abaca (some dyed black, some bleached), create interesting lines in mellow tones to add texture, while still showing off your linens.

Carson S & r abacoCarson close up


Uber cool day-beds are a hot trend that we love at Jigsaw.  Outside on the veranda, poolside, or in your cozy library there may not be a lot of sleeping on these beauties, but there is a lot of style…well, maybe sleep for that overnight guest after that stellar party .  Featured here is Jonathan Adler’s Maxime day bed, and Serena and Lily’s Avalon Daybed in rattan, beach chic at its best.

Maxime daybed JA

Avalon day bed S & Lily rattanLet us know the  dreamy bed you’ve been dreaming of and we may just add it to the post.  Be sure to send your comments and any questions on styles or images featured in this blogs.  Don’t forget to subscribe to the blog, like us on Facebook, and follow us on google+!







Flower Power-Oversized Floral Trends

black adn white with lace opening photo

Floral motifs have stood the test of time in remaining classic and ladylike.  But, in today’s trends these budding beauties create wow factor when oversized raising this look to almost pop art status.

floral tryptic

bright florals living

Get the trend quick with an oversized piece art.  Use it as a headboard, in the dining room or above the sofa to  bring a fresh mood to your space.

floral oversized art

floral plus graphic southern

floral art

Adding a great piece of art above your bar cart or in your dressing area create a glamorous feeling and will bring life to those areas.


floral dressing room

Take your botanical obsession to the next level with colossal printed wallpaper.  Paper the walls, the ceiling or anywhere outside of the box for maximum impact.

grand scale floral

floral mural bedroom

grand scale hallway

Blossoming wallpaper produces big style in a small powder room.   The Jigsaw designers love using bold, dark colors in small spaces like in the image below.

floral bathroom

Horticulturally flexible: bold and bright blooms in a dining room bring life to walls in vivid color, while romantic blooms in a soft palette create a cozy dining experience in a more traditional space.

floral diing room

mid century w floral art

blue floral dining


Flowering linens, duvets, and headboards create an air of romance with comforting appeal.  Matching linens and wallpaper add sophistication like that of a luxury hotel.

floral bedroom

floral bedroom green walls

floral bedding grey wash

graphic plus floral works

The office has never been more stylish.  Bold wallpaper makes a big statement and is sure to inspire.

floral wall paperblack and white

floral wallpaper blackEmbrace you inner flower-child with  this motif in a grand scale for maximum flower-power.  For more information about floral trends or styles and images in this blog simply leave a comment below or reach  designer on the contact page of our website  Be sure to subscribe to the blog and like us on Facebook.


Architectural Trend-Arched Windows and Doors

arch dining overlooking water

Gazing out over the Agean from an arched window or doorway is the quintessential scene while on holiday in Greece.  Brining this dreamy vacation style of architecture into the home is a trend that we embrace at Jigsaw and in this post we will explore the many different ways to express this classic look.

We will start with the arched door:

Arched entranceways with full and glass panels allow light to pour into a room, and blur the lines between indoors and out.

arch glass door

The arched window:

Round top windows are a classic style that adds interest and character to any space.  The options are vast with the round top window either opening with a push out French casement,  double hung or hardware push out as seen just below in descending order.


double hung arched window

push out arch

The arched shower:

Creating a personal retreat in the master bath is taken a step further with an arched show door.  A traditional curved arch will suit most homes, but get creative with a Moroccan or Spanish shape if it compliments your style.

Arch Shower vintage look

2011 Idea House, Escondido, Horseshoe Bay, TX

The alcove:

An arched alcove can take on many forms from a small top-lit gallery style down a long hallway, or above a sink in the bath or kitchen could add that perfect touch to this timeless design detail.

arched alcove detail

arch vanity

The arch is a clever way to add architectural interest to any room.  For more information or tips on using arches in your space simply leave a comment or contact a designer on the Jigsaw Design Group website.  Don’t forget to subscribe to the blog and be sure to like us on Facebook and Google+!


arch window brick cream