Jigsaw Design Group offers full spectrum construction management providing professional services for all aspects of construction. We give the remodel clients a fresh take on the overall reconstruction plan. A Jigsaw Designer will meet with the client to discuss the project, budget, target completion date, and create and prioritize a wish list. We then consult with the architects, builder and client on design, floor plan and space planning. We strive to reduce the work on our clients while providing comfort every wish is being met, that the budget is being controlled, and deadlines are met while providing a single point of contact. The Designers can work with client’s contractors or bring in an entire professional team from architects, demolition, framers, electricians, plumbers, painters, to floor installer and beyond. Jigsaw Designers will always shop for lowest prices and negotiate on the client’s behalf.

We have successfully managed remodel projects nationwide, spanning diverse markets. Our team of professionals is focused on exceeding our clients’ expectations and offering professional expertise, creative problem solving, and personal attention which is necessary through the process.