We all know first impressions are lasting impressions. The same holds true even in the Real Estate market. Staging a home for sale is all about making it inviting to the largest number of potential buyers. Reduce time on the market by setting your home apart from the rest. While the right price may get the buyer in the door, being beautifully staged can close the deal.

Jigsaw Design Group works closely with clients to determine the right level of staging necessary to make each home stand out and fit within individual budgets. We customize each design taking into consideration style of the home, location, price range and prospective buyer. Our services vary from consulting a client on improvements to showcase the home they currently live in, to fully furnishing a vacant home.


Often homeowners just need direction on how to depersonalize and best showcase their home. In this case, Jigsaw Design Group offers a consultation service to provide feedback on how to enhance a home before prospective buyers rule it out based upon first impressions. The consultation process consists of a thorough walk through of the property, assessing everything from curb appeal and furniture placement, to organization or new paint. A punch list will be provided after the walk through. This offers clients a place to start; homeowners may decide to do the work themselves or use the Jigsaw Design Team to implement the suggestions. The average fee for a staging consultation ranges from $400-$600 and includes a three to four hour meeting including a tour of the property, a detailed to do list of suggestions, recommendations of cost ef-fective improvements and a follow-up meeting to suggest finishing touch-es.

Staging Vacant

The majority of home buyers lack the ability to visualize the potential of a home on the market. Jigsaw Design Group will furnish your home to help the mass market see it’s potential. An initial meeting is scheduled to review the property, discuss budget and rooms to be furnished. With these important qualifications in mind, furniture and accessory selection begins, so that each home will have a distinct look, which will be pleasing in all ways to both sellers and potential buyers. The Designer brings in furnishings and accessories that allow buyers to see how living in the home feels. Great time and attention are given to this process. Nationally, staging the key rooms of a vacant home will cost 1 to 1.5 percent of the home’s list price.

Owner Occupied

A little decluttering, depersonalizing and rearranging by an Interior Designer can make your home look great!

Jigsaw Design will spend the day in the home showcasing its best qualities while minimizing any flaws, making the home picture perfect. We make suggestions to declutter the home, use furnishings and accessories that are currently in the home and arrange them so that the home is appealing and comfortable. We will make sure that each room is laid out with easy accessibility to windows and traffic flow, with no clutter or unnecessary items. Once we have reworked a room, positive changes will definitely be noticed! The average cost for Owner Occupied Staging is $1000 for the day of services.

Need a few extras? By adding a few well-selected accessories or pieces of furniture to the homeowner’s collection, we will create a polished and com-plete look. These added pieces can be purchased or leased from Jigsaw Design Group.

Open House

Home sellers, or real estate agents, can also hire a Jigsaw Designer to prepare for an open house. Jigsaw Designers charge $125 an hour to help get a house ready to showcase.

The Jigsaw Design Group team enjoys working with homeowners, realtors and event planners to transform homes and commercial spaces into life-filled, inviting dwellings that have powerful appeal to buyers. We are dedi-cated to bringing you unparalleled expertise, professionalism and results.