Jigsaw Design Group provides a full scope of services that are tailored to each client’s needs from inception to completion. We offer a complete turn-key service, striving to make the experience enjoyable, comfortable and rewarding for our clients.

Our business reaches beyond the breadth of design. Essentially, it is about listening and understanding the client’s needs; then incorporating our expertise and experience. We provide advice and specifications for each area of the home and/or business while integrating your tastes and needs along the way. When choosing Jigsaw Design for your design needs, we strive to inspire you, open your mind to new ideas and reduce the stress that often comes with new construction and remodels. We believe in building relationships and are committed to providing the highest quality of service in every facet of our endeavor together.

Interior Design

Jigsaw Design Group offer full spectrum construction management providing professional services for all aspects of construction. We give both new construction and remodel clients a fresh take on the overall plan. A Jigsaw Designer will meet with the client to discuss the project, budget, target completion date, and create and prioritize a wish list. We then consult with the architects, builder and client on design, floor plan and space planning. We strive to reduce the work on our clients while providing comfort every wish is being met, that the budget is being controlled, and deadlines are met while providing a single point of contact. The Designers can work with client’s contractors or bring in an entire professional team from architects, demolition, framers, electricians, plumbers, painters, to floor installer and beyond. Jigsaw Designers will always shop for lowest prices and negotiate on the client’s behalf.

We have successfully managed construction projects nationwide. These projects span a diversity of markets from homes, restaurants, offices and retail spaces. Our team of professionals is focused on exceeding our clients’ expectations and offering professional expertise, creative problem solving, and personal attention which is necessary through the process.

Construction Management
and Remodel

Jigsaw Design Group, specializing in couture and luxury environments, can facilitate your interior design needs. Our designers have firm knowledge of the newest materials and interior design solutions available, while always maintaining a classic, timeless approach to overall design. Complete interior design materials and design solutions are provided for each surface and interior wall, with detailed elevations, design drawings and floor plans. Our experts can provide lighting specifications, plan layout and recommend design and procurement for decorative fixtures. Our professionals work with installation specialists and supervise the complete design installation.

The Jigsaw team is resolute in keeping to the client’s budget. We can use money saving techniques to stay within your budget by finding a home for what you already have. For example, recovering the chairs you’d planned to throw out to make room in the budget for the expensive piece of art you have your eye on. We enjoy the challenge of combining old with new, reinventing loved items, and mixing an ultra-lux piece of furniture with a vintage market find.

Commercial Design

Jigsaw Design Group is a full service firm in Commercial Design and Construction. We are partnered with leading architects and contractors for ground breaking construction materials and applications. Our firm has a long history of commercial design and interiors from offices, restaurants, cocktail lounges, and retail space. From the idea phase to the final touch Jigsaw will create, integrate, and manage your entire Commercial building needs.


The outdoor space is an extension of your home or commercial property and should reflect that in design aesthetic. Our designers can meet all your outdoor needs from planning, plant and furniture selection, water features and pools, stone pathways, driveway paving and more. Our professional designers can create a comprehensive landscaping plan and deliver the outdoor space of your dreams.


We enjoy working with homeowners, realtors and event planners to transform vacant houses and commercial spaces into life-filled, inviting dwellings that have powerful appeal to buyers. We offer expert staging with the added benefit of our professional designers trained to save on cost and create a fluid welcoming space. If you are planning an event in your backyard or trying to sell your home Jigsaw Design Group can help you reach your goals faster. Our team is dedicated to bringing you unparalleled expertise, professionalism and results.

Pricing and designer fees are typically the first questions clients want to know when it comes to working with a professional designer. We offer a few ways to work with clients so they feel most comfortable. Always keep in mind that at Jigsaw Design Group, we are resolute in keeping to a clients budget, and continually practice money saving techniques throughout your entire project.

- Michelle Patterson, Lead Designer, Jigsaw Design Group

Knowing the Budget:

One of the most important aspects that drive a project is the budget. Our designers can work within any budget to fulfill the client’s wishes, and a clear understanding of the budget saves money in the end. Defining the budget eliminates confusions and allows us to hand select where to shop for furniture, materials and labor.

Defining the Size of the Project:

While knowing the budget is important, likewise is understanding the size of the project. For large design projects and remodels, the Jigsaw Designers may specify a percentage of the total project cost as compensation. This is a typical fee structure in the case of the Designer overseeing a build-out or remodel. For example, a designer may charge 10-15 percent fee on overall project expenses. This structure ensures that the Designer will receive appropriate payment based on the size of the job and that additional costs are covered if the scope of the project changes.

Fixed Price Structure:

We understand that every project is unique and the client may prefer to work with a fixed fee structure. In this case, a budget must be provided by the client upfront and a clear number of hours spent shopping, meeting, scheduling and managing contractors, etc. must be established upfront to ensure a smooth experience that we strive to provide . Upon agreement one-third of this amount must be paid at the initiation of the engagement with an outline on how the other two-thirds will be paid throughout the project. All additional labor and cost of goods will be billed separately with payment expected as outlined.

The Fine Print-Designer Fees, Additional Labor and Cost of Goods:

1. Design/Decorating Fee – This cost is for time spent planning, shopping, coordinating, designing and decorating. The hourly fee is $125/hour with a request of a ten hour retainer at the initiation of the engagement. After the ten hours, additional time will be billed biweekly (twice a month) with payment due upon receipt of invoice.

2. Additional Labor – Outside contractors hired to help with the work; i.e. Movers, Painters, Wallpaper Installer, etc.. Contract work will be bid out, and hired after client approval. Jigsaw will invoice the client directly for any contractors hired through Jigsaw, and payment is due upon receipt.

3. Cost of Goods – This costs includes, but not limited to, furniture, accessories or lighting fixtures needed etc. It also covers agreed upon extras like paint and wallpaper. There will be a charge for California Sales Tax, Shipping and Delivery Surcharges when applicable. Jigsaw strives to negotiate trade prices and provide clients less than standard retail prices; however, there are no guarantees. In most cases half of total cost is to be collected at time of ordering and final payment due upon installation. However, in certain situations full payment may be requested at time of ordering.