Lovely Lamp Lighting

Nothing sets the mood in a room like lighting.  General lighting and lamps are essential for any room and can shift the atmosphere in an instant.

suspension brick wall oversized shade arc living


reading lamp

There are so many lighting options to consider and while general lighting is necessary for living, it should also be fashionable.  In this post, we will focus on lamp lighting that serve two purposes, task and décor.  Lamp options from floor to table and wall sconces all come in a variety of ranges; each will be determined by size and style of the room.  Keeping lamps to scale with the room is important.  For example, adding a tiny lamp in a grand living room will be inordinate.  Therefore, as you consider shape and style, you must also consider size.

wall sconce bathroom


sconce bed

MMcBlue orange

Floor lamps work well placed in a corner to fill dark spots, or for a streamline look pair them on either side of a bed or credenza.  Stick to cleaner lines to not overpower other décor especially in a more modern or more contemporary home.

skinny floor w credenza

floor lamp bed

After determining the purpose of the lamp whether for reading or simply eye candy, it’s time to select the accessories.   Lamp shades need to reflect the personality of the room just as well as compliment the base of the lamp.  Whether your space is modern, traditional or rustic there are some simple guidelines to help make you shade selection easier.  For a fluid look, imitate the shape of the lamp with the shape of the shade.  For example, Jonathan Adler’s Capri bottle lamp, the lines are clean and simple making this lamp perfectly balanced.  Next, the size of the shade should be about half to three quarters the size of the base.  Have fun with the shade as it can add substantial personality to the room.  Lastly, the bulb shape and brightness affects the overall look and feel of the lamp.  Filament bulbs are still very popular and continue to on trend.  These bulbs add interest to the lamp especially in pendant and sconce lighting.  This industrial modern meets vintage look can find its place in most spaces.


filament bulb


soft suspension

Bubble shape

MMcwhite bedroom

Incorporating dimmers to lamps in living and bedrooms add flexibility to the look.  Dim lighting makes the room sexier, and this tool is ideal to help you create the perfect ambiance within your space and still have the option of necessary task lighting. Once you’ve taken these steps it’s time for placement.  For maximum impact try hanging several lamps in a cluster like shown in the images below.  The DWR pendent lamps with soft bulbs set on a dimmer make this cluster a work of art.

cluster ambiance

morrocan cluster

patterned lighting

Accent lighting can be the most comforting and even sexy accessory in your home.  While needing light is necessary for everyday tasks, so it also is for setting the right frame of mind while relaxing after a long day. Get cozy with the right lighting today.

arc lamp


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