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Hardwood Floors

Hot Trend: Neolith-Move Over Marble

Eco-friendly Neolith is an amazing stone that is growing rapidly in popularity.  Resembling Calacatta Marble in appearance, it behaves quite the opposite.  This impenetrable wonder doesn’t scratch or  stain,  so it’s ideal for counter tops in a busy household.

Can it really get better than that…yes!  Neolith is also fire resistant so it makes for a perfect option as a fire place surround.   This sleek look makes for a gorgeous focal point without the risk of fire damage.

Plus one can also use this stone on almost anything-bathroom/kitchen walls, floors and countertops without risk.  Durable enough to last a lifetime, and about a third of the price of Calacatta or Cararra Marble.


As if we haven’t said enough about being an excellent bathroom or kitchen option,  moisture absorption rate is very low and it also can stand up to some serious cleaning agents.  So you can get your ‘clean-freak’ on without harm.

This high gloss beauty will withstand the elements for a lifetime, making it a big contender to marble in the marketplace.  One can live a little more freely with this natural wonder.

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Hardwood Floors: Engineered VS. Solid Plank

Today, there are so many engineered hardwood floors that look and feel like solid wood, yet these floors are often more durable and cost effective than traditional solid hardwood floors.  Besides these obvious attributes, engineered floors imitate solid plank floors so well, even the savviest have a hard time telling the difference.  Can you tell which floor is Engineered Hardwood or Solid Hardwood in the images below?  Not that easy?  Well, image ‘A’ is the Engineered floor.

Image A

Image B

To clarify any misconception, engineered wood floors are actually genuine wood; solid hardwood floors are simply solid planks of genuine wood and engineered hardwood floors are made with a core of hardwood and topped with a layer of hardwood veneer attached to the surface.

While both types of floors are durable surfaces, the engineered woods tend to be slightly more water resistant due to its ability to expand and contract without lasting damage (for the most part).  The thick veneer on the surface of the engineered woods offer a reasonable amount of protection making them more stable.  However, like solid hardwoods, the floors cannot take standing moisture.  The advantage here is, unlike solid wood flooring, you can install engineered wood flooring in bathrooms, kitchens and laundry rooms that encounter spills, steam and heat daily.


Meanwhile, advanced tongue-and-groove engineered systems that are popular today make instillation easy.  These floors lock into place instead of being nailed or glued in. These options are usually thinner wood and can be installed over an older floor, concrete, or cork underlay.

Additionally,  despite being new to the market, it is believed that the best engineered floors should last the test of time and perform as well as solid plank floors.  That said, if you are looking for your floors to last a life time, then buying high quality is the only way to go.

Finally, another factor in the quandary over solid vs. engineered flooring can be cost.  Typically, engineered floors are slightly more cost effective running anywhere from $3-$18 per square foot on average.

In the end, your wish list and budget will determine the best solution for your hardwood instillation.  The options for engineered wood floors available today are tremendous, from Barn French Oak to Maple,  grey wash, distressed, and even hand scraped; the possibilities are endless.

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Iridescent Style-Shine with Opulence

One of our favorite merging design trends to watch for in 2016 is the luminous ever changing shine of iridescent.

iridescent stripe tiles

The Jigsaw Design team has seen growing popularity in all things iridescent.  From wallpaper to furniture options are growing by the number.  Take for example artistic furniture designer Patricia Urqiola,  Her shimmer series offers tables, consoles and shelving in this opalescent hue that seems to be ever changing from angle to angle.

Iridescent wallpaper is a great option for an accent wall.  A hallway or small sitting room are great places to add this look into your home.



Equally, using iridescent tile for a powder room or bathroom add a touch of glam to these spaces.  Wether on the wall or on the floor these tiles are available in so many iridescent colors from dark hues to pure white, all with an opalescent rainbow sheen. The iridescent gold above the tub in this master bath gleams with added depth below.

iridescent tile shower colorful

dark iridescent

gold iridescent

Like the iridescent look but don’t want a big commitment?  Add touches of iridescent through a few accessories like a pearlescent vase or bowl on the dining table.

iridesc pearl vase

Barovier e Toso Italina Murano iridesc bowl

Likewise, the glass globe by Sebastian Scherer is so simple in style but the iridescent sheen makes it wonderfully interesting.  For a beachside vibe an iridescent capiz chandelier as a focal point can be the perfect touch.  The changing light from every angle will give your room a wow factor!

Sebastian scherer glass globe light

iridescent chandlier

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marbke and penny glass

mother of pearl floors

Three Easy Decor Updates

leading image rug, throw pillows

Shoppers are already out and about as the holiday season is upon us.  With Thanksgiving around the corner and Christmas on the horizon,  you might be feeling the need for a little update in  your decor for arriving guests and cocktail party goers.  In this post we will highlight some simple quick fixes with on-trend ideas to get your creative juices flowing before that juicy turkey arrives.


Quick fix number one: Throw Pillows.  Easily accessible and at any price range, you can instantly update your sofa, settee, or bedroom with throw pillows in the season’s latest colors and patterns.  We love throw pillows by trend setters like Jonathan Adler; his quirky light hearted flair will always be of the moment and typically a conversation starter.

ja throws blk whte

ja throw pillows

JA sequin pillows

Quick fix number two: The Throw.  Get cozy on the couch this winter and snuggle up in  a new cashmere throw.  Treat yourself to the ultimate throw by Hermes.  This luscious wonder will set you back about $1500, but oh how it’s worth it!  For adding some texture to your space, a fur throw by William-Sonoma is great for the sofa or the bed.

hermes throw

willia sonoma fur throw

kelly lips throw

Quick fix number three: The Rug.  This change will make the biggest impact on the space due to its size, especially if you choose a bold pattern.  How often you like to make changes will influence what you want to spend on your updated rug.  A gorgeous high quality Schumacher rug is more of an investment, but will feel wonderful underfoot for a long time to come, and while always current in style they tend to be more classic providing more longevity.  If you like to swap out your rugs as trends change, then a West Elm rug or CB2 could be a good option as seen in the image below.

Shumaker Rug

rug west elm w blue

While making only  one or two of these changes will be refreshing, updating all three will feel like a new space.  To get a little more milage out of your foundational pieces like sofas and accent chairs, try purchasing these high dollar pieces in neutral colors so updating with trends in color and patterns will always be easy with the above quick fixes.

ja dining yellow chair

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Global Trends-Natural Rugs

Global touches in rug trends with natural themes and materials lay a perfect canvas as we embrace today’s organic modernism.  Natural products across the spectrum have been at the forefront of almost everyone’s concern, so it only seems natural that this would enter the interior design market from an overall look but also at it’s core.

natural rug leading image

Laying the foundation are the earthy natural rug trends that range from sisal to seagrass and everything in-between.  Whichever natural fiber you feel is most comfortable under foot, these rugs are typically affordable and can blend into any style from traditional to modern.

Traditional Room Seagrass

There was a time when sisal was the most available fiber in this category, but now this space in the market has grown to include seagrass, jute, abaca among others.  More importantly we are seeing exciting patterns and colors that will liven up any room.

Chunky Seagrass Rug

Seagrass, being the most stain resistant rugs, are perfect for a dining area, bedroom or areas prone to heavy traffic.  We love this all white bedroom with a seagrass area rug.  It creates a soft natural look that is relaxed and airy.

Seagrass Rug all white room

Jute rugs are soft underfoot and when dyed can be woven into interesting patterns like this Serena and Lily geometric in beige and white.  The Jute and Chenille chevron rugs in black and white also add an ethnic splash to any room of the house.

Jute chevron

Jute and Cheniile Herringbone rugs

The abaca fiber rugs are hand loomed and can not be replicated by machines.  These rugs are elegant and naturally durable.  The Laguna Octagonal in natural/black by Patterson, Flynn & Martin is outstanding.  The attention to detail and overall aesthetics are beautiful.  The Jigsaw Design team are big fans of the Laguna Parquet collection as seen below.  The large scale geometrics are classic and graceful, yet fresh and new.

Laguna Octoganal Abaca

grand  parqyetu


The Jigsaw Designers like to layer a natural fiber rug such as jute for ample coverage, and then layer it with a fun statement making rug.  It adds character to the room, as well as warmth and comfort.

ethnic layered hot pink layered

As taught by the late great Frank Lloyd Wright’s philosophy of architecture promoting harmony between human habitation and nature through design approaches and furnishings; the eco-friendly nod to nature expressed through natural fiber rugs are stunning and sensible.

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Carpet Trends for 2015

bold floral carpet

The perfect flooring can make a huge impact on the overall look and style of your space. Choosing the best option can be a challenge as flooring trends are always evolving like everything else in interiors and fashion.  Hardwood floors are still primarily at the top of most of our client’s lists at Jigsaw Design Group.  While trends in concrete floors, marble and tile are climbing in popularity, we are seeing a renewed love for carpet in certain rooms of the home.  You can’t help but want to kick off your shoes after a long hard day of work and sink your toes into a cozy shag carpet…now can you?

White shag carpet living


Comfort is the objective in carpet trends with thick piles with rich oversized loops.  These comfy styles come in the luxurious new blends of wool, silk, and linen.  With vintage looks still running strong in this category,  shags and plush woven animals like leopard and antelope are dominating this market segment.

fun shag living

Grey Shag

shag bedroom

plush prints loft


Neutral carpeting will always be in style as it lays a blank canvas for the room to be built on.  Creams and grey tones are top pick for the neutral lover, however, there are new twists to this typically subtle look with raised patterns and textures for added dimension.  The carpet then plays an important role in unifying the feeling of the room.  The Jigsaw Designers like using neutral and white carpets with a complimentary pattern for an added layer of depth.

white patterned carpet

white alhambra pattern


Brace yourself for this 70’s throwback, but we are seeing a rise in bright artistic colors in carpeting again.  This look is great for a small space like an office or a hallway to make a statement.  Strong colors we are seeing are reds, lilacs, greens and purples.  Even these spiffy new brights are maintaining the fresh looks in textures and patterns that make more of an impact on the room.

purple carpet runner


bright carpet zigzap dining

green shag



Not so daring, but want something a little fearless?  Try a fun runner up your stairs.  A neutral mixed with an accent color that you can play up throughout the space.  It will dress up your stairs and give that space a voice.  The Jigsaw Designers always embrace the menswear trend and like the herringbone runner in the images below to give a nod to this current movement.


werstler leopard runner

Carpet-stripe runner bold


No matter how you spin it, carpet is something you live with for a long time.  So you have to love it and it has to be your style.  Sometimes its good to step outside of your comfort zone and try something a little more audacious and just have fun with it.

Pattered neutral living

plush printed carpet

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plush printed antelope runner

Luxury Vinyl Tile

Until recently the thought of vinyl flooring could instantly transport you back to your childhood, standing in your grandmother’s kitchen with thoughts of linoleum dancing in your head.  Contrary to this fading memory is a hot new product we are seeing more and more called Luxury Vinyl Tile.

chevron room chair

hardwood living room


grey white lattice

Known as LVT in the industry this severely cool, flexible and budget friendly flooring has become the fastest growing product in its market segment.  While imitating hardwood floors, natural stone and ceramic tile, this product is extremely durable; ideal for a high traffic area like bathrooms, kitchens, and even restaurants.

black bath tile

herringbone kitchen viyl wood plank

lux vinyl stone

Available in a variety of ranges from modern to rustic, the embossing and graining on LVT are extremely realistic with 3D effects.  These tiles can also be grouted to look like real stone or ceramic tiles for added effect.  ‘Slate’ vinyl floors give a rustic modern feel in the images below, while the black and white colored chevron adds whimsy and flare to the living area of this bright home.

slate floor



tile w grout


blk wht chevron

Hardwood floors are imitated with the true character of wood with graining, depth of color and embossed texture.  The LVT hardwoods are installed in planks like real hardwoods for a natural look.  Vinyl hardwoods, being water resistant, are an ideal way to have the hardwood floor appearance in your bath without the constant fear of water damage.  Beautiful white washed vinyl wood floors in a bathroom are the perfect touch for a warm feel after a long relaxing bath, or a multiple color chevron for a bold fashion forward look in a small space.

Stark room wood look

white washed bath

grey two tone

Why do we love LVT at Jigsaw? Durability, comfort and style!  The LVT flooring is a bit less permanent way to add a trend you love in color or style without having to live with it for 20 years; with less permanent floating LVT floors you can get an updated look quickly and quite economically.  With industry standards in safety and flame retardant it is easy to see why this product is soaring to the top of consumers want lists.

bright and bold

large dark grey square tile


Let us know what creative ways you added LVT to your space.

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Resilient flooring by shaw floors newport beach stle


European Encaustic Tile Trend

On a recent inspirational trip through Greece and Turkey, we fell in love with the stunning variety of tile found in the homes, hotels, churches and mosques we visited.  Many of the tiles have spiritual meaning and represent the natural colors of their beautiful surroundings.  We hope this post will renew your enthusiasm for vintage European tiles as much as it has ours.


encaustic backsplash

The very sought after 20th Century French and Italian ceramic tiles are a hot trend that is popping up in beautiful designer homes and boutique hotels from far and near. In the images below the veranda floor at the lovely Joya Hotel in Marmaris Turkey shows the perfect example of this trend on the rise.

Joya floor

Typically these ceramic tiles are made in the encaustic method and vary in type from glazed, unglazed or polished.  Ceramic encaustic tiles are produced in deep clay slips and the different colors of clay are inlayed.  This method produces a tile that is easy to care for and last for years holding their color beautifully.  They are exquisite in their design and authentic vintage tiles can be restored professionally, but with a hefty price tag.

black and white floor


Hill bath

Encaustic tiles were the perfect canvas during the Art Nouveau era which is also growing in popularity as the Nouveau and Deco trends continue to rise.  These encaustic tiles are artistic and a charming way to add elegance to your home.  Using deeper colors for a bold look or use mostly neutral colors for a softer vintage vibe.  Either way incorporating these vintage inspired tiles into your home will create a statement floor that you can love for years to come.

art nouveau

Living room

The right flooring in your home will help create a warm and inviting feel.  While tile trends are always changing these vintage inspired floors are an investment that you can appreciate for a lifetime.

nouveau kitchen

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Pretty in Navy and Pink

While being dawned by the A list celebs at the Oscars, these oh-so-complimentary colors have been a match made in interior design heaven.  Navy and pink are the perfect partners where masculine meets feminine in the home.  This stunning pair exudes balance and harmony in a spectacular fashion.

1st image

Navy is a powerful color that is associated with depth and stability. It symbolizes confidence, trust, wisdom, intelligence, faith, and truth.  While pink is a symbol of love and associated with nurturing and compassion.   Therefore the strength of a navy room is perfectly balanced with the delicate softness of pink.  Take this living room for example.  It is a dynamic room with a bold navy patterned rug, navy walls and furniture.  Alone, this would be a navy overdose, but it appears completely balanced with the perfect placement of the pink pillows and framed artwork.

Living room

Too much of a good thing isn’t always the best.  Layering navy and pink with other colors is an easy way to get the look without committing every item in your space to these two colors.  In the next two photos these bedrooms have neutrals mixed in to soften the look.  The gray pillows in the first room help mellow the bold navy and pink.   Likewise, the gold color pillows in the second image help break up the intensity of this compelling color combo.

Bed Close Up

Bedroom 1

The best foundation color to pop the navy and pink is crisp white.  Whether it’s mixed into a pattern or the color of the largest piece of furniture in the room, this base color is necessary for the two colors to be displayed in all their glory.  If you are drawn to this look and want to try trend but not make a huge investment, then try starting with navy and pink as accent colors on a mostly white backdrop.  Navy and pink throw pillows on a white sofa, with pink flowers in a vase on the table are the perfect start.   White bedding with navy and pink pillows and navy curtains is another more disposable way to get the trend without overkill.

Living Close up

Navy and pink together are refreshing and full of energy.  This color combo is a happy one and we know it will affect your mood.  Who wouldn’t feel blissful sitting at this gorgeous navy and pink make up table?  What a great place to start the day, and what a great time for a navy and pink update.


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The Spanish Evolution

The quintessential ‘Spanish style’ in interior design has truly evolved. Think white, light and airy when it comes to the new modern take on this classic hacienda style.  The fine line between Spanish and Mediterranean is thinning as the shift from dark and heavy décor moves into bright seaside whites with touches of classical iron and cherry wood.  The days of over cluttered and ornate accessories and art are becoming a thing of the past as the Spanish style transitions to a more minimal approach.  Lines are becoming cleaner and more elegant which lends itself to show off important pieces of elaborate art, tapestries and patterns.  In the image below, this light and airy room is so inviting with its crisp white walls, curtains and sofas.  The touches of iron for the curtain rods and lamps reflect the root of the Spanish style as well as the exposed beam ceilings.  The lines in the ceiling seem to sweep you softly to the outdoors among the cactus garden in nature’s own flora and fauna landscape.

White Living Room

The spirit of the Spanish style always feels like a vacation, but the contemporary hacienda has a chic new twist.  Clean nearly blank walls all in white, with one bright accent wall to pop a piece of Spanish artwork.  Mixing modern or mid-century modern furniture and flooring makes this new modern Spanish style unique and fresh.  Brightly colored tiles mixed with neutral or grey walls and antiques create a youthful vibe with old world bones.  Spanish style and tiles are really coming back but with more color and pattern options.  More options than the traditional brown and gold tones we used to be limited to.  The Jigsaw Designers love mixing these floor tiles in a bathroom with rustic modern pieces like a large black pained shower glass doors, reclaimed cabinets with Carrera countertops, and a vintage iron chandelier.

Modern span Mexican tile spanish tile

Consider wall tapestries and Spanish theme artwork when you update your decor. While giving focus to the room, wall art is an excellent opportunity to enhance your hacienda design theme.    While keeping the overall look white and bright, add a color indigenous to the Mediterranean and Spanish regions in colors of creamy ivory, gold, turquoise blues, rich greens and deep red and of course terra cotta.  High ceilings, concrete floors, and exposed beams are all typical elements of the Spanish style and can be the perfect canvas to express the Hacienda flavor.  In the bedroom image below the ceilings are very high, the color palate in greens and terra cotta, and while being a bit dark (which is typically Spanish), it is not cluttered with art work and accessories.  The space and rich colors are simply allowed to flow and the look really works.

Orange bedroom

Combining the grandeur of bold artwork with the organic look of iron wall decor and the rustic appeal of Spanish Hacienda furniture can make your rooms feel more interesting and inviting.  Furnish your space with touches of iron candle holders, candelabras, lanterns, hurricanes and wall sconces which are classic to Spanish and Mediterranean design.  All with keeping the lines cleaner and color palette brighter will give focus to the room and provide an excellent opportunity to enhance your updated Spanish-chic decorating theme.

Span Outdoor outdoor colonade

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