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Hot Trend: Neolith-Move Over Marble

Eco-friendly Neolith is an amazing stone that is growing rapidly in popularity.  Resembling Calacatta Marble in appearance, it behaves quite the opposite.  This impenetrable wonder doesn’t scratch or  stain,  so it’s ideal for counter tops in a busy household.

Can it really get better than that…yes!  Neolith is also fire resistant so it makes for a perfect option as a fire place surround.   This sleek look makes for a gorgeous focal point without the risk of fire damage.

Plus one can also use this stone on almost anything-bathroom/kitchen walls, floors and countertops without risk.  Durable enough to last a lifetime, and about a third of the price of Calacatta or Cararra Marble.


As if we haven’t said enough about being an excellent bathroom or kitchen option,  moisture absorption rate is very low and it also can stand up to some serious cleaning agents.  So you can get your ‘clean-freak’ on without harm.

This high gloss beauty will withstand the elements for a lifetime, making it a big contender to marble in the marketplace.  One can live a little more freely with this natural wonder.

Stay tuned for tried and true feedback on current Neolith installs by Jigsaw Design Group.

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Fireplace Trends-Marble


Welcomed is the chill in the air, signaling fall to finally arrive.  The coziest time of year.  What better time to tackle that fireplace update you’ve been dreaming about for a while.  So, dust off those work boots and get ready for a fireplace demolition.   In the next few posts, we’ll share some of our favorite and/or most requested fireplace updates that our clients are asking for.

The first post will cover the ever coveted marble.   Found now in almost every room of the house.  Authentic marble, porcelain that looks like marble, marble wallpaper, you name it, it’s out there and everybody wants it.  With its former reputation as being only for the extravagant, marble has now been made accessible to everyone.

  1. The slab.  Insanely beautiful in a few words.  Why we love it?  Its natural, without seams it exquisite and quite impressive if you can spend the dough on it.  Slabs can cost from $1,000 to $6,000 on average depending on the quality and type.  Favorites are Calacatta (not Calcutta as many say), and Cararra (not Carerra as many others will say).  Both lovely and distinct, floor to ceiling…yes, please.


huge-slab-marble-fireplace marble-modern-floor-to-ceiling


2. Marble Tiles.  Artistic and personalized in a few words.  Why we love it?  So many sizes, styles, shapes and prices available.  Honeycomb, penny tile, subway, arabesque are all fun examples of marble tiles in the marketplace.  One can select a tile shape that is befitting their personality to express in their space.  Big oversized tiles like the image below are great for the floor to ceiling look without paying for the slab.




3. Cast Marble.  Statement making in a few words.  Why we love it?  Cast marble is striking with a high design reputation.  Intricate details, crisp modern cuts all can be achieved with the cast fireplace.  Cast marble are referring to the mantel surrounds while in the interior is cast stone, as seen below.




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Kitchen and Bath Backsplash Trends

Backsplash trends for kitchen and bath are always evolving.   While your backsplash is likely something you’ll be living with for a while, the thought of searching for the perfect style and material may seem daunting.  However, your decision may be achieved rather easily if you follow these few guidelines on what is hot right now.

Kitchen Headliner

Bath Headliner


The biggest change in backsplash trends that the Jigsaw Design team is seeing is the height of the backsplash.  Tiles and slabs are soaring to new heights… sometimes even the ceiling.  This creates a work of art in your kitchen or bath for the perfect focal point.  The tiny kitchen in the images below appears much grander with the small square tiles all the way to ceiling, drawing the eye up.  The light monochromatic look also helps add size and focus to the room.  Secondly the blue glass backsplash in the kitchen with high ceilings serves two purposes, backsplash and art.  Clean, simple and homey, who would ever want to leave the kitchen?

Tiles to Ceiling

Glass Painted Backsplash

Grey Subway tiles

The Jigsaw Designers are seeing the Cararra Marble trend rise to near phenomenon levels.  Cararra has been resurrected for home interiors from its long history dating back as far as Ancient Rome.  The statue of David and even entire buildings like the Basilica of Massa and Harvard Medical School were constructed entirely of Cararra.  However on a much smaller scale than that, luxury bathrooms and kitchens are being adorned with Cararra or Cararra “like” marble on the backsplash, counter tops, table tops, bar tops as well as other areas of the home.  The look is gorgeous and luxurious and works well in many different styles as seen in the images below.  The rustic modern table pairs perfectly with the floor to ceiling marble backsplash, counters and shelves as well as the more traditional kitchen with farmhouse cup-pulls and French oven.

Marble Slab Kitchen

Marble to Ceiling

Marble modern masculine kitchen


Calcutta Marble bath

A trend to watch is colored grout which is being used to add more interest and color instead of using additional colored tile. For a more lighthearted or whimsical look such colors as orange or turquoise can be a fun idea.  If you are looking to add some dimension but more understated, try dark grey grout with white subway tiles for a vintage feel.

Colored Grout Orange

Turq Subway Tiles

Rustic Bath Whit eTile dark grout

White Tile Dark Grout

Over all the common thread in backsplash trends is a more neutral palette, more simplicity in design, tone on tone grout/tile combinations, timeless and cleaner looks.  Consider tiles that have been around for a long time and don’t really go out of style like subway tiles, Spanish tiles, Italian or French encaustic tiles.  If none of these genres tickle your fancy, then sticking with a neutral palette will seem fresher longer.

Neutral Chevron Tile

Neutral Grey Tile

Spain grey BathSplash

Yellow Spainish

We spend so much of our time in the kitchen.  Regardless of how much space we have, guest always congregate in the kitchen.  In addition, your bathroom should be your tranquil escape from the hectic world.  You might as well love the kitchen and bath you have by indulging yourself in the look you really want.

White Tile White Grout

Subway Tiles to Ceiling

Herringbon Tile to Ceiling

Marble Bath marble sink tub floor


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Neutral Tile

White Back to Ceiling