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Designer Crush-Timothy Oulton

Our design crush this month is British furniture designer Timothy Oulton.  Known for creating furniture with a modern twist on classic and antique pieces that are a delicious feast for the eyes.

Oulton can spin a classic Chesterfield sofa like no other.  His take like the Bensington, as seen above, is from his University of Oxford collection.  Meanwhile, no man cave will be edgier or more inviting than with the Union Jack Chesterfield like the one featured in the ‘club within a club’ at LA Sports Club.  

Oulton’s immersion in his father’s antique business is evident in his craft where vintage + men’s club vibe + modern + glam = fresh innovative design.  From drums to searchlights these seemingly average items become spectacular under his spell.

With 37 stores now globally, Oulton is enjoying great success.   In recent years,  he brought to the masses a greater awareness of his collection through the collaboration with Restoration Hardware.  While his collection with Restoration Hardware is vast one can find Oulton’s imprint across many designs from the Aviator to the  Clouds.

The Jigsaw Design team members collectively believe we will all have a design crush on Mr. Oulton for quite some time.

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Design Crush-Interlude Home

Our latest design crush is Interlude Home.  Designers Carl Philips and Wendy King Philips find inspiration in fashion for their chic line of luxury furniture and design accessories.  Together they bring to the table Carl’s global business perspective coupled with Wendy’s fashion background to create swoon-worthy objects.

 The streamline platform bed in chrome and grey velvet is a perfect marriage of both modern and classic.   “It’s like furniture and fashion collide,” states Michelle Patterson of Jigsaw Design Group.  The duo’s collection is one of Patterson’s favorite new finds for her discerning clients.


From lighting to sofas, the Interlude Home designers work with artisans around the world to create unique items which are cutting edge yet timeless like the sophisticated  Channel Swivel Chair above.

Meanwhile, pairing together top-of-the-line skins with modern lines make the stool, as seen above, from the Moro collection the perfect piano seat for the fashionable pianist.  The Moro collection also offers a long bench and a spectacular set of nesting tables.

A nod to the art deco age via the Hastings Wall Sconce is on trend this season, and this piece is one of many fresh statement-making sconces Interlude designers have fashioned.

While the collection is too vast to highlight even every category in one blog, one must note the gorgeous sofa collection.  One of Jigsaw’s favorite styles would be the Chloe Sofa which is pretty as a petal.  Whilst being clean and modern in design it’s mindful of being soft and lady-like.  Delicate legs and shimmering velvet-like fabric add a perfect touch of delicacy to design.   Likewise are many of the items that satisfy the Ying and Yang of a well-matched design due.  Kudos to you Interlude Home-keep the invigorating design coming!

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Curve Appeal: The Circular Sofa Gets Resurrected

Equal in comfort and sculptural appeal is the curved sofa; and furthermore,  a more stylish choice over the usual L shaped sectional.

 While some attest to its comfort trumping that of the average sectional, one will find it ideal for the entertainer or simply engaging in conversation with family and friends.  As San Francisco designer Chloe Redmond Warner stated… “It closely mimics the around-the-campfire vibe, which is so gloriously communal.”  And we agree, well put Ms. Warner!

The curved sofa is the perfect solution for creating interesting lines in a generally boxy room, or softening a more edgy look.  Jonathan Adler adds a feminine touch to the rustic look of the home below with his creamy curved Danner Sofa.

While we have a hit list of favorites, a few must-sees  include the gorgeous St. Germain Sofa by ModShop in LA.  Available in about a dozen colors, and optional feet.  These sofas are custom made to order, and will satisfy your love of Deco style.

If you have the space and are feeling really ‘groovy’ the 70’s inspired, Restoration Hardware Curved Wave Sectional might just be the ticket.

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Commercial Design: Primp Lounge in Manhattan Beach

Commercial design is always an exciting and challenging aspect of our business at Jigsaw Design Group.  Recently, our team completely renovated a former office space into a beautiful, bright, light filled beauty lounge in Manhattan Beach, California called Primp Lounge.

Our design team took a dark multi room office and breathed life into the space.  The first task was opening up the location by tearing down walls, replacing hardwood floors, and reconfiguring the floor plan to maximize the heaps of natural light from all the massive windows and skylights.  
Meanwhile, major upgrades were made in the water & plumbing systems, then air conditioning and a second bathroom were added, all to meet the new LEED standards and for the future patron’s comfort.

For the interior design, we added crisp white walls and bleached hardwood floors.  This lays the perfect canvas for twinkling chandeliers and cozy lounging areas  featuring Jonathan Adler furniture and accessories, all with a beach modern flair.

A must for every beauty lounge are comfortable, ergonomically designed chairs for hair, washing stations and lash applications.  Amid the white and black faux alligator covered swan chairs are Carrara marble table tops, and gold accents all throughout the space.

The beauty lounge renovations were perfectly executed to meet all the client’s needs for a gorgeous, functional space where ladies can come to relax and get primped!

See for more information on Primp Lounge in Manhattan Beach, CA.

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The Modern Twist on Nautical Style

Classic styles always evolve, and in this post, we’ll share some ideas for updated nautical looks.  Our design firm, Jigsaw Design Group is based in Southern California in a beach community called Manhattan Beach.  Here, we’ve seen the typical beach bungalow or beach cottage with shells and sailing kitsch mold into a more Cape Cod meets Modern style with elevated design and luxury finishes.

Achieving the looks is pretty simple, and the nuts and bolts can be done by a pro or some DIY aficionados if one feels brave enough.  While installing shiplap or board and batten are not required for the look, it has become immensely popular.  Using ship lap with it’s wider boards rather than the classic wainscoting make the look more up-to-date, much like the idea of hardwood floors getting wider too.  In the two images above one can see a Board and Batten example in the first photo, and Shiplap in the second image.  Pairing these finishes with crisp white walls throughout lay the perfect canvas for your Nautical Modern space.

Next, minimize. Using items with clean minimal lines like the console table above and simple framed mirror add a Modern touch amid the earthy basket and tufted ottoman.  Keeping items clean and simple and uncluttered for a ‘less is more’ aesthetic add to the modern touch and in the end make a big statement.


Something green in every room.  With all the neutrals, white walls and seaside color accents (aka flora and fauna) a pop of green will bring your space to life.  It also adds to the beachy, outdoor vibe of your nautical home.  The Schefflera,  known as the Umbrella Plant, as seen in the right corner of the above room is the ‘It’ plant in home decor for the modern nautical home.

Adding touches of seagrass, twine and wicker keep the nautical theme, but keep in unfussy and from looking too kitschy.  A perfect example is the bedroom about with rattan chairs paired with simple white linens and asymmetrical furniture placement.

Even the nautical stripe gets a modern update by Ralph Lauren.  Chic black and white replaces the navy standard for a fresh take on seaside style.

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Tips for Planning A Backyard Pergola

Tomorrow is officially the first day of summer, and our temps here in Southern Cal reflect just that.   Therefore the hot request we are getting from our client’s right now is for backyard pergolas.  Adding this type of feature to your home adds value, square footage, and a space to create  fun filled memories with family and friends.  In this post, we’ll share some quick tips on planning a pergola for your home as well as explore some interesting ideas to make your space unique.

For starters, you’ll want to find the perfect space in your yard, and one that is flat if possible.  If your land isn’t leveled already, that can be done by a construction professional.

Next, selecting a space with some trees for a bit of shade from another structure is best.  A pergola is meant to be open to the sun above, so on hot days a little shade will be welcome.

A fun way to add a little visual interest to your pergola is by adding laser cut sheet metal to the roof or custom wood work.  This details creates fun pattern play that simply adds another interesting layer, making your space fit your personality and style.

Think of a pergola as an added outdoor living space. Creating a space for outdoor dining to a home with a small dining room indoors would be an excellent solution to maximize space for your home.  Or, simply creating a fun outdoor space for your family to enjoy movie night via a large wide movie screening area as seen below.

Adding special touches makes your space your own, like the above with a rock path leading to the black pergola with globe chandeliers.  Or the poolisde pergola below with oversized beds and draping canopies for a dramatic solution for a shady spot to break from the hot sun.

Whether your pergola is free standing or attached, traditional or modern, creating an outdoor space to gather with friends will add value to your life as well as your home.  Relatively low in cost to build, a typical pergola can be built on the low end around $3500, but can climb upwards from there depending on your amenities.  For example a classic four post structure with comfy lounge chairs will cost less than one with an outdoor kitchen.  By definition a pergola is a four-pillared structures with an open, latticed roof, and are covered with concrete or a flagstone patio.  But even something as simple as mulch flooring and three pillars like the image below can break the rules, yet provide as much fun and relaxation as one on a grand scale with all the bells and whistles.

*JDG Tip-If you plan to go the DIY route, we recommend contacting your local utility companies to ensure you don’t dig post holes into underground utility lines.

Whatever your design style or budget, just make it functional, fun and most of all,  make it your own.

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The White House

A snow white room layered with white décor is stunning and displays confidence.  There are friends and foes in regards to this look, where some deem it as cold and lifeless, others would disagree.  While not only making a space appear larger it also is a good way to cover up architectural oddities making the eye flow from the pops of color and interesting shapes around the room instead of the imperfections.

dining white furn and curtains

modern indoor pool


white kids room



The All White House is also more flexible than you might think.  As we observed in the last blog in the Updated Beach Bungalow, the all-white look can fit nicely into most style categories;  french country chic, beach bungalow, modern, glam, and plantation to name it a few.   The look doesn’t have to feel staunch or stark, but actually comes across as inviting and calming.

Decorative Ceiling Molding with Modern decor

plush bedroom


traditional bath

Floor to ceiling white creates a crisp canvas for you’re the pure white room.   Accent colors pop, artwork leaps off the walls and accessories make a statement with little effort.  So how do you select the right white for your space?  The Jigsaw Designers have a list of their favorite white paint to work with.  Benjamin Moore’s Decorator’s White, and Behr’s Polar White are among the best.  Whites are either warm or cool, warm with it’s yellow undertones are more fitting for a traditional softer look, and cool white with more blue undertones are more stark  which are fitting for a more modern or Hollywood Glam style home.

white oversized living


traditinal living



The perfect white doesn’t have to stop at the walls and trim.  White floors are the ideal way to complete this look.  White flooring can be accomplished many different ways depending on the style of your home, existing floors and budget.  Glossy resin finished concrete slabs for the modern home create a crisp look that is very fitting of the style.  Porcelain and white marble floors work perfectly in most styles from Hollywood Glam to The Traditionalist.  One trend we are seeing more of is painted hardwood floors in a variety of colors and patterns.  In white this look can fit into most style category across the board.  It can bring new life to older hardwoods with imperfections and transform the look of your home.

white chandelier


white flhardwood

Retro Sofa eams rocker

Layering white on white creates the perfect back drop for colors to stand out.  Additionally, shapes have added movement, art is appreciated more easily, and the eye can flow about the room.  For a warmer look, try adding natural wood into a room like seen in the images below.  The bright white perfectly complements the natural wood giving way for the Rustic Modern look and farmhouse style to come into play.

white hardwoods warmshabby chic bedroom bard doors

white hardwoods pink chair


white washed dining eames

Layering whites in different fabrics and textures enhance the drama in a room as seen in the Hollywood Glam space below.  Even adding materials like glass, crystal, metallic or mirrors blend in perfectly into the white palette.  The textured rug, chiffon drapes, mirrored table and metallic pillows all being simple in design add high impact to this gorgeous room.

glam living


formal living

The White House has no rules.  There is more freedom in this color palette that any other.  For as daring as the look appears, it’s certainly the most flexible in style and décor’.   Share with us how this look translated into your home, we love hearing from you!

Airy white kitchen

Easy white living


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modern bath



Hot Trend: Neolith-Move Over Marble

Eco-friendly Neolith is an amazing stone that is growing rapidly in popularity.  Resembling Calacatta Marble in appearance, it behaves quite the opposite.  This impenetrable wonder doesn’t scratch or  stain,  so it’s ideal for counter tops in a busy household.

Can it really get better than that…yes!  Neolith is also fire resistant so it makes for a perfect option as a fire place surround.   This sleek look makes for a gorgeous focal point without the risk of fire damage.

Plus one can also use this stone on almost anything-bathroom/kitchen walls, floors and countertops without risk.  Durable enough to last a lifetime, and about a third of the price of Calacatta or Cararra Marble.


As if we haven’t said enough about being an excellent bathroom or kitchen option,  moisture absorption rate is very low and it also can stand up to some serious cleaning agents.  So you can get your ‘clean-freak’ on without harm.

This high gloss beauty will withstand the elements for a lifetime, making it a big contender to marble in the marketplace.  One can live a little more freely with this natural wonder.

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Spring Furniture Trend: Wicker, Cane & Rattan

Spring is always a refreshing season for home furnishings.  New designs are birthed and the classics come forth reimagined.  One classic in particular is capturing out attention is wicker, but more commonly referred to as Cane, Seagrass or Rattan.  Even as a long time interior design writer, one can struggle to know when to refer to this woven wood classic as Cane, Rattan or Wicker?  So what is proper…actually?

Frankly, it’s all ‘wicker’, a term that is used to refer to any type of woven furniture such as reed, rattan, cane, seagrass, and bamboo among others. Also, wicker in essence,  describes the act of weaving wood to form an article of furniture.  Who knew it wasn’t just that thick white shellacked stuff at our grandmother’s home when we were kids.  A beautiful example of how far ‘wicker’ has come are the lovely chunky weave of seagrass beds, sofas and love seats from William Sonoma Home this spring.  

Wicker, or wickerwork, is a natural or synthetic vine or grass that is then woven into a pattern.  Natural wicker would consist of Reed, Cane, Willow, Seagrass, Rattan or Bamboo, while Synthetic (aka fake) wicker consists of Resin or Vinyl.   If the former, then it may be stained painted or left au natural. 

Rattan, a commonly known wicker, comes from the Rattan tree indigenous to Southeast Asia.  The Rattan tree is vine like and proves very durable being an extremely strong material by nature.  Due to its strength, Rattan furniture items tends to be more hearty in style, perfect for chairs and other substantial furniture. Like these Anthropologie chairs in fun colors.

Cane is basically a part of the rattan plant. It is produced simply by peeling off the skin of the rattan vine. One great quality of cane is that it is less porous and stronger than rattan in nature.  Cane is ideal for chairs and seats due to their natural pliability and easy clean-up qualities.  See the Serena and Lily traditional Louis XIV bed below.  With a tropical twist yet modern vibe it’s bright, light and airy and we are loving it at Jigsaw.


Cane and rattan are both relatively inexpensive wicker materials. They are also typically lightweight but best of all Cane and Rattan wicker furniture are environmentally friendly due to the fast rate of growth of the Rattan tree which makes it highly renewable!

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Elevated Life: Custom Residential Elevators

Our design firm, Jigsaw Design Group, is based in beautiful Manhattan Beach, California.  Coupled with living the beach lifestyle is the desire for the coveted ocean view from our homes.  Therefore, in order to reach that view,  we often stretch design to dizzying heights to get it; a three or four story home is the norm even if you’re across the street from the beach.  Meanwhile, all of those floors come with a price and it’s not just about $$ but about climbing all those STAIRS!  To conquer the multitude of steps to the top, builders are placing full size residential elevators in almost all new builds here at the beach. 

While this idea is a growing trend all across the country, the elevator is not limited to 3 or 4 story homes.  Two story homes everywhere are taking this leisurely way up too…and also in style.  Let’s face it, life is busy and anything to make home life more convenient  is priceless.

Custom elevators are not the sterile designs of their predecessors,  the cabs, as they are called, that we are seeing installed now are like little jewel boxes, or even museum like in nature. Styles come in circular shapes, all-glass, custom metalwork, and even Swarovski crystal inlaid and layered mirrors like these from DomusLift.

So besides convenience, why add or build to include an elevator?  It’s simple…added value.  Including an elevator in the design of your home will maximize resale value should you decide to sell your home.

Elevators installed in homes fall require a set of safety regulations that govern how home elevators are manufactured and installed. That code is the American Society of Mechanical Engineers (ASME) Safety Code for Elevators and Escalators, Private Residence Elevators A 17.1, so finding a reputable firm is a must to ensure these guidelines are followed.  

The Elevator Boutique in Hollywood  California offer mind-blowing gorgeous elevators that are power failure safe and energy efficient.   Italian designed and known for excellence, the Supermec 3 uses minimal energy and runs from regular power outlet.  Additional perks: super luxurious, and does not require a machine room. 

Customizing the cabs come in every shape and fashion.  Dozens of companies offer this skill set with ability to build out an elevator to perfectly blend your style with this piece of machinery.   From white paneling with chair rail, to marble floors and custom metal work, styles run the gamut from rustic to modern.     

Bottom-lining it:  The New York Times reported in Sep 2016 an average cost of a residential elevator installation at $15,000. This rate was based on a 15 square foot hydraulic elevator of “average” design to carry up to 1,000 pounds.  The instillation is figured into a pre-existing home, not a new build.

The cab and hoist way reportedly cost between  $15,000 to $100,000 on average.  These costs are affected by customization, installation variables like single family home or high-rise apartments, permits, construction and added luxury features like the wine display case in the image below.  The number of floors to be accessed also affects the cost for example the two floor system would cost less than a four floor system.  Other additions to consider would be a phone for emergencies, which installing one is an additional $50 to $200.   

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