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Designer Crush-Timothy Oulton

Our design crush this month is British furniture designer Timothy Oulton.  Known for creating furniture with a modern twist on classic and antique pieces that are a delicious feast for the eyes.

Oulton can spin a classic Chesterfield sofa like no other.  His take like the Bensington, as seen above, is from his University of Oxford collection.  Meanwhile, no man cave will be edgier or more inviting than with the Union Jack Chesterfield like the one featured in the ‘club within a club’ at LA Sports Club.  

Oulton’s immersion in his father’s antique business is evident in his craft where vintage + men’s club vibe + modern + glam = fresh innovative design.  From drums to searchlights these seemingly average items become spectacular under his spell.

With 37 stores now globally, Oulton is enjoying great success.   In recent years,  he brought to the masses a greater awareness of his collection through the collaboration with Restoration Hardware.  While his collection with Restoration Hardware is vast one can find Oulton’s imprint across many designs from the Aviator to the  Clouds.

The Jigsaw Design team members collectively believe we will all have a design crush on Mr. Oulton for quite some time.

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The Modern Twist on Nautical Style

Classic styles always evolve, and in this post, we’ll share some ideas for updated nautical looks.  Our design firm, Jigsaw Design Group is based in Southern California in a beach community called Manhattan Beach.  Here, we’ve seen the typical beach bungalow or beach cottage with shells and sailing kitsch mold into a more Cape Cod meets Modern style with elevated design and luxury finishes.

Achieving the looks is pretty simple, and the nuts and bolts can be done by a pro or some DIY aficionados if one feels brave enough.  While installing shiplap or board and batten are not required for the look, it has become immensely popular.  Using ship lap with it’s wider boards rather than the classic wainscoting make the look more up-to-date, much like the idea of hardwood floors getting wider too.  In the two images above one can see a Board and Batten example in the first photo, and Shiplap in the second image.  Pairing these finishes with crisp white walls throughout lay the perfect canvas for your Nautical Modern space.

Next, minimize. Using items with clean minimal lines like the console table above and simple framed mirror add a Modern touch amid the earthy basket and tufted ottoman.  Keeping items clean and simple and uncluttered for a ‘less is more’ aesthetic add to the modern touch and in the end make a big statement.


Something green in every room.  With all the neutrals, white walls and seaside color accents (aka flora and fauna) a pop of green will bring your space to life.  It also adds to the beachy, outdoor vibe of your nautical home.  The Schefflera,  known as the Umbrella Plant, as seen in the right corner of the above room is the ‘It’ plant in home decor for the modern nautical home.

Adding touches of seagrass, twine and wicker keep the nautical theme, but keep in unfussy and from looking too kitschy.  A perfect example is the bedroom about with rattan chairs paired with simple white linens and asymmetrical furniture placement.

Even the nautical stripe gets a modern update by Ralph Lauren.  Chic black and white replaces the navy standard for a fresh take on seaside style.

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Frank Lloyd Wright-The Pioneer of Rustic Modern Design

Being the father of organic architecture, FLW was far ahead of the curve on the eco-friendly home.  He used the earth in its very essence to create homes that were virtually seamless from outdoor to indoor. Coupled with that he laid an innovative design philosophy that pioneered what we now call rustic modern design.



Modern Today Exterior

“We have no longer an outside and an inside as two separate things. Now the outside may come inside and the inside may and does go outside. They are of each other. Form and function thus become one in design and execution if the nature of materials and method and purpose are all in unison.”
― Frank Lloyd Wright

Living room windows and doors


Large Windows entrance

The most famous example of this beautiful simplicity is the astounding Fallingwater home in Mill Run, PA built in 1936. The project in its entirety was inspired, designed and integrated with nature. The original “rustic modern” home with its natural materials: Pottsville sandstone, flagstone, concrete and wood for built-ins and furniture; combined with the modern flair of steel which was used for windows, doors, sashes and metal shelving in a single color throughout, Cherokee red, his signature color.

Natural w Metal Industrial Fireplace cooker

Low Furniture bringing outdoors in

FLWright was the forerunner in many arenas from concept, design, and sustainability in which he continues to influence today.  The open concept home was not common in this era yet ever present in this informal retreat.  Furniture was built low in a style we consider modern to this day, all in natural colors to not obstruct the views of the serene outdoors.  A one of a kind hatch made of steel bound windows lead you from inside the home directly to the running water of the river below by stairway. In a few steps you are transported to the babbling stream that runs freely bringing energy and life to the home. Large almost seamless windows alongside mitered corner windows are used throughout this landmark home to bring the outdoor in and allow light to pour through.

Open Floor Plan

Low Furniture 2

Glass Hatch 1

Hatch 2

Steps to water

Mr. Wright had a famous quote that is clearly depicted in the Fallingwaters home.  “No house should ever be on a hill or on anything. It should be of the hill, belonging to it.   Hill and house should live together each the happier for the other.”  The Fallingwaters property was built into the cliff side, hovering over the water as if suspended timelessly and effortlessly.  The home is anchored to the cliff by sandstone with terraces jutting out directly over the stream.  The interior walls are formed from sandstone and the flooring of flagstone floors to mimic the bedrock below the house in the stream.  Uncut boulders are left in the living room as a decorative relief instead of being removed and replaced with flooring.   A true innovation in design concept and functionality. The rustic influence of the native rock married with the modern lines of wood furniture and the steel presence bring the true nature of the rustic modern style to life.

boulders 1

side view 1 side view 2

“Organic architecture seeks superior sense of use and a finer sense of comfort, expressed in organic simplicity”.  -FLW

While continually influenced by Japanese culture, philosophy and building, he was a passionate American striving to give us a gift of staying connected with the earth and with nature to remain pure and true to its preservation and the craft of design.
outdoor nature blending together

Open Floor Plan


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outdoor 1 outdoor 2 outdoor 3


Faux Antlers

Animal antlers are not just for hunting lodges anymore.  They are also for those who seek a little whimsy in their décor.  The longevity of this trend in displaying faux and real animal horns and antlers is definitely one that’s up for debate.  Nonetheless, these interesting little oddities are simply…cool.  Antlers and horns can be found in a variety of styles and materials; solid white ceramic, printed paper mache’, chrome and of course the real thing.

The Jigsaw Designers love the look of horns and antlers mixed into a modern space with clean lines.  Get this look by placing a single pair of antlers or several pair on a solid brightly painted wall for a fun and modern look.   The antlers in any style can bring an element of surprise to almost any room.  We also recommend using a statement color antler with exaggerated features as a focal point in a living or dining room, possibly above the fire place for a quirky conversation piece.

Below are a few of our favorites.  These interesting creatures are quite easy to find on-line.  Some of the best styles we have found can be purchased in custom colors on Etsy.  Others are available on-line at West Elm, Restoration Hardware and a variety of other on-line venues.

 Chrome Antlers White Antlers Printed Antler Pink Antler

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