Favorite Apps for the DIY and Interior Designer

These days, there is an app for everything.  At Jigsaw, we have teams of helpers from Architects to Painters that we use regularly, but sometimes there is just that odd job here and that needs to be done…and somebodies got to do it.  We find ourselves outsourcing in essence of saving time.  As a result, we’ve become so enlightened with a variety of these time savers that we had to share the good news.  In fact, we’ll likely do a monthly post on our latest favorite apps because they are always evolving…so stay tuned…in fact, subscribe! 

One of our favorite Apps is TaskRabbit.  If there is one thing that drains your time during instillation, it’s putting together furniture.  This app allows you to upload the task at hand on the App and taskers bid on your project.  Taskers can pick up orders at stores for you, put those items together, and even stand in long lines for you.  The taskers ranges from house keepers, handyman, graphic designers to entertainers; so virtually any task you need, Task Rabbit can find the tasker. The prices are fair and each Taskers undergoes an extensive background check in-person before joining the team at TaskRabbit.  Also, you can pay for the task through the secure website/App.  No dealing with money on the spot, everything is very clear when your taker arrives. 

Jigsaw’s latest discovery is a furniture moving App call LUGG.  This App is the Uber of moving and what every designer, single gal, city dweller with no car, or you Smart Car drivers out there needs (settle down girls, we know your tough but let’s face it, the sofa is heavy).  Simply download the app and within 30 minutes a truck or van with two movers will arrive at your selected location.  Drivers can pick up at local stores, Craigslist locations, move your entire house from one location to the next.  LUGG can also pick up your donation and drop them at Good Will or even the City Dump if you wish.  All their drivers are vetted for quality and the trucks are either pick up trucks or cargo trucks depending on your needs.  Using the app is easy, you download the app to your device, select a pick up location, then add a photo of what you need moved, then once you select your pricing and options, help is on the way. 

Next is our beloved Thumbtack.  Thumbtack is a bit like Task Rabbit, except the focus is finding professional freelancers in Home Improvement for their given field.  For example, one can find a professional tile worker or painter on Thumbtack.  And like the aforementioned Apps, you simply download the App, describe your project and then wait for bids to come in from different professionals.  Once your bids arrive in your account, you can read about your potential professional and even start a conversation to ask more specific questions.  Like the other Apps we’ve discussed here, you can also hire, make a payment, and then leave comments about the contractors work directly in the App. 

At Jigsaw, we enjoy helping our readers explore ideas, make their DIY project easier and save time.  We hope this blog will help you realize your home improvement projects faster, easier and more economically. 

Have a home improvement  App you love?   Then please leave us a comment…we’d love to check it out and even feature the next Favorite App blog, we’ll even give you the cred! 

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