Cannabis Dispensaries-The New Social Scene Among the Cannabis Community


Complements of the growing legalization of marijuana/cannabis dispensaries, cannabis dispensaries are popping up everywhere.  What were once haunted by a negative perception, the dispensary marketplace is evolving into chic new hangouts among the cannabis community.


Jigsaw Design Group has found themselves being a forerunner in this industry in bringing hip design to the sudden competitive market in Southern California.  “We focus on designing beautiful and welcoming spaces, we are also continually educating ourselves on the best environments to house the products [plants and food], displaying the merchandise, and clinical building regulations,” shares Michelle the principle designer for the firm.  “Thanks to our renderings services our reach is not limited to California, we can create great design for facilities all across the country, and then depending on the clients needs, we can do the install or simply render the designs for the client to seek out their own contractors,” Michelle further explains.




This industry is fast growing and a newly acceptable industry. Twenty-five states and District of Columbia currently have laws legalizing marijuana in some form.  Soon, there will be more and more states jumping on board and the demand for appealing design for dispensaries will be in paramount.


Meanwhile, dispensaries are becoming the new social scene, and just as in the food and beverage industry, people want to frequent places that are inviting and beautiful.  From the lobby area to the retail space, creating a comfortable atmosphere that is aesthetically pleasing will enhance the experience for the consumer as well as the staff’s work environment.



The Jigsaw Designers have installed a number of fresh looks for cannabis hangouts from hipster vibes, to glam settings with chandeliers, to graffiti walls.  It comes down to selecting a look that your customer can relate to, your personal style, and functionality.  As sampled in the following renderings, a few different looks are created for the same space, offering the client the opportunity to really capture the essence of the final product.




This emerging niche often has multiple moving parts so good design is key. Therefore, finding an interior designer or architect with industry specific experience is imperative.  For more information on cannabis dispensaries and dispensary design, leave a comment below or visit our contact page at and a  designer will get back to you.  Be sure to subscribe to the blog and like us on Facebook!


Visual Renderings-A Must Have For Great Design


Interior Designers have always relied on visuals of some form.  A hand sketch, a precisely measured floor plan, and/or a story board or vision board.  While some of us can visualize what black lacquer paint might look on that particular wall you’ve had your eye on, most of us can’t.  Hence the need for a visual image.  The Jigsaw Design team takes the visual image a step further with a multi dimensional visual rendering to ensure their clients have a clear picture for their design.

The following images feature a Southern California beach bungalow master bathroom that was originally a small office and bathroom.  As typical, it was challenging for the client to see the possibility of the two spaces combined into one spectacular master bath retreat.



The next images are designed with a view from above.  See how the designer was able to layout different tile patterns with each rendering.





There is a true value in the designer taking this initial step for the client.  In the end, renderings of this quality save time and money for the client, designer and the contractors.

Let’s take a look at another Southern California residences.  We will walk through the designer’s process step by step.

  1. First a photo of the original room is taken, and the entire space is measured; walls, ceiling, doors, windows, archways, fireplaces.
  2. Then, the furniture is removed, and the room is emptied.
  3. Next, the designer begins adding in furniture, flooring, paint, artwork, lighting, everything that has been previously discussed in design meetings.
  4. Finally, the designer makes a few options depending on what was discussed in the client meeting (color options, style options, lighting options etc).

In the following images, one can see the original space or ‘before’ image, then the empty room, and then three options given to the client.  This particular client had artwork that she wanted to consider for the new look in her space, so the designer was able to add the artwork into the rendering and add pops of color to tie her art into the modernized space.

Notice the accent chairs and accessories changing from image to image.




Empty Room Rendering


Client Option 1


Client Option 2


Client Option 3

Maybe you are a DIY type, or you have a great eye but just need to see if you can actually pull of your ideas. Or maybe you have contractors you like to work with but just need a good visual to show them to prevent mistakes.  Well, you’re in luck.  Jigsaw Design Group offers a renderings service that is completely unique to their firm.  After a phone consultation or face to face meeting, the designers can pull together visual rendering of your ideas so you can have a clear picture of how your design ideas will turn out.  During this process, the designer can help you fine tune your space to fit your budget and design style.  All that is need to get started are photos and measurements.


Jigsaw can help with renderings beyond interior design as well.  If you have a business or office space, the Jigsaw team also offers rendering services for commercial design.  The following images show a variety of options for one actual room at a business in CA.  This gave the client the opportunity to see how the space would function for customers when visiting their retail outlet, as well as how aesthetically pleasing that it would be.



The visual renderings service is not limited to interiors; plans can be visualized for decks, pools, landscaping and water features.  There is no limit, again, a photo and good measurements and all the work can be done virtually.  Jigsaw can even show the client rendered images of their space at night time.  This is a great tool for determining light features indoors or outdoors.   Take a gander at the exterior deck images in the following photos.  With visual renderings, you can play with all components from design to paint color, and in the end there will be no surprises.  Jigsaw has brought to masses what the trade has just begun to enjoy, visual imagery for solid design.



For more information about visual renderings please reach a designer by leaving a comment below, or visiting our contact page at  Be sure to subscribe to the blog, and like us on Facebook!