Smoke and Mirrors

Smoked mirrors, also known as antiqued mirrors, are suddenly all the rage.  These vintage throw back mirrors are a fabulous way to add an antique touch with a modern spin to any room of the house or office.  Used in a variety of ways, smoked mirrors can be to add depth, light, and the optical illusion of more space.  Floor length wall mirrors, bar back splashes and even furniture are a few ways to integrate this look into your space.

The Jigsaw Designers love the smoky mirror trend and like finding unique ways to use this uber-cool accessory.  We like mixing the vintage vibe of the mirror with modern, traditional and even French decor.  It is a great accent for a table top or even an entire wall in your dining room like the image we have included below.   To be on-trend you can get the look easily by having a small piece cut for your dresser or make up table for a chic updated look.Dining room

Wall Mirr Bed

Smoked mirrors can be found in many different patinas, bronze and grey being most popular.  We’ve found they are also available in a wide variety of colors from hot pink to deep blue, but those just take a bit of research to find on-line.  Many shapes are available too; harlequin, square, individual tiles, rectangles as well as baroque.  So where might one find such mirrors?  Well, frankly, anywhere if you dig a little.  Vintage flea markets, design shops, on-line, or even homemade if you like a do it yourself project.

Mirror 1



The process of creating your own smoky mirror is a bit messy, but relatively easy.  Here are a few simple steps to follow, and a list of the supplies you will need: First you will need a mirror, after that you will need paint stripper, black patina, putty spreader, a chip brush, and silver paint.

Step 1: Wearing gloves, place the mirror face down on a protected surface in an area that is well-ventilated. Apply stripper to the back of the mirror and allow it to sit for a few hours, or until paint can be easily removed with a plastic scraper. Once the paint has been stripped, wash the mirror with soap and water and allow it to dry for a few hours.

Step 2: Dip the brush in a patina metal solution (we recommend Modern Masters) and apply it to the reflective surface of the mirror. Rinse with water to neutralize the reaction and allow to dry.

Step 3: Apply the silver paint (or color of choice) until the reflective surface is completely covered.  Once the paint is dry you have your smoky vintage mirror.


The Jigsaw Designers believe the smoky mirror will make a bigger statement when up against the traditional silver mirror.   This trend is sexy and here to stay so add a pop of vintage cool to you room for an updated twist on the average mirror.

Mirror 3

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The New Look of Wainscoting

Installing wainscoting in your home is a great way to add visual interest to a room.   Until recently wainscoting was reserved for a very specific style of home, but today there are a variety of styles available.  In this post we will touch on only a few of the many varieties and ideas, but we can promise that no matter the style of your home there is a wainscoting out there waiting to elevate the look of your home.

simple wains gorgeous dining

stripe room

verti tall hallway

To set the record straight there are several types that quantify as ‘wainscoting”. There is the official ‘wainscoting’ that is wood paneling and railing, manufactured bead board, and board and batten all that achieve the look typically referred to as ‘wainscoting’.  All of these looks can be easily adapted to your style and budget.  While some remain a job for the professional, there are easy DIY instructions you can find on a handful of websites if you are working on a budget.

Depending on the style of home or the direction you want to take it will decide on the wainscoting style and application to use.  Bead board is one of the most readily available options as well as cost effective and DIY friendly.  Try using bead board horizontally for a fresher, less traditional look.  To customize their own look, the Jigsaw Designers have used MDF board from Home Depot, measured out the desired widths, marked the board, and cut grooves with a table saw (shortening the setting height on the saw to cut grooves, not to cut through the board). Then the board is hung on the wall and paint to the desired color.  See a few examples below for inspiration.

horiz bath

kids horiz

Wainscoting can help anchor a room with lots of wall space or unusually high ceilings by adding dimension and architectural interest.  Crisp white wainscoting can make a room feel fresh and light.  While painting wainscoting brings an elegance and sense of coziness.  In the images below you can see how the gray floor to ceiling wainscoting warms the room allowing simplicity in the décor while still making a statement.

one grey living

grey baby

Think of wainscoting as a ‘free style’ design element.  You can take it as high up the wall as you like, as long as it makes sense in the room.  You can paint it or not, and you can choose a style that is traditional or with something really trendy and forward (however likely a fad).  There are so many different styles available at market; circular, Greek key…the list goes on.  Peruse the images below to see a small sampling of some of the unique options available.

unique blue


uniqe sink

reclaimed wood kids

Adding wainscoting to your home is a great way to give your room the impact you are looking for.  Two more great reasons to install are that it is easy to find and can be relatively inexpensive.  Whether you are planning to do it yourself or hire a contractor, you can update to your space quickly and easily.  We hope this post has given you fresh ideas for the use of wainscoting.  Have fun with your project and let us know how it turns out.  We like hearing from you.

busy staircase

barn board

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2 tone girls

Wall Medallions

Finding the perfect artwork for your space does not have to break your budget when you can create a custom art wall with Ceiling Medallions.  The look is extraordinary and is one of the easiest DIY projects you can ever attempt.  In a recent post here at Jigsaw, we shared tips and information about Ceiling Medallions being applied around chandeliers and light fixtures for a polished look.  In this post, we will dig a little deeper and teach you how to install this unique look yourself for a dramatic statement in your home, office, or business.

traditional bedroom beige room close up

To create the wall you will need to the following items to begin: Medallions, paint, paint brushes, hanging wall tape, painters tape and paper.    The first step will be to purchase the Medallions, which come in a variety of sizes, and styles and are readily available in the marketplace.  They can also be found on-line at and  The Jigsaw team have found the quality to be nice and made of good materials and not plastic.  Prices range generally from $12-$55 and can go upwards from there.

The next step will be to paint the medallions.  Painting the medallions the same color as your wall creates a gorgeous custom designer look.  The Jigsaw Designers like using a variety of designs and sizes with a monochromatic color scheme for maximum impact.  Contrasting colors or accent colors are also beautiful.  You will see in the images below where the medallions were layered on top of rolled raffia for an interesting play on textures.  Be free to be as creative as you want.  This look is exciting and unique, and there are no rules.


Once your wall and medallions are painted and dried, the next step is to choose the layout.  Follow the same method for hanging as with picture frames.  Trace the shapes on paper and tape them on the wall, or simply lay them out on the floor.  Next, since the medallions are so light weight you can easily apply Double Sided Hanging Tape to the back of the medallion and then press onto the wall.  Viola!  That simple.

multi colored

Wall medallions create a fresh and unique look that is exclusively yours.  You can also incorporate photos on your medallion wall by simply taping the images to the back of the center cut-out.  We hope this post will give rise to your imagination for your very own medallion wall.



pink couch

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Trend Setting Rugs

When designing a room the first thing you will do of course is select a color and theme.  The next obvious and very important step is to choose a rug.  Typically it will take up more space than any other item in your room and it will be a very large block of color to live with.  In this post we will explore the top trends in rugs today, and also show you some fun new ways we are seeing them styled.

The cowhide rug is not just for the ranch house anymore.  These beauties are popping up all over the spectrum in style.  From shabby chic to modern this natural element finds itself right at home in most any interior.  If you peruse the images below, the “French Country” pure ivory room is elevated with the gorgeous ivory hide rug.

White shabby chic

Cowhide rugs are available in a rainbow of colors, literally, pink, green, blue, red you name it.  However, the natural hide shape is still the most popular skin to own.  The strongest trend we are seeing right now is patterned cowhides.  Some of the rugs have unbelievable workmanship, creating herringbone patterns, geometrics and even Greek Key designs.  In the images below you can see patchwork patterns in orange and black rug and pop- arty geometrics that raise the rug standard of cool.

greek key cow

cow orange

geometric cow

Cowhide Herringbone

Beyond the scope of cowhides we are seeing trends in bold brightly colored rugs in reds, purples, blues and greens.  Rugs have shifted from afterthought to focal point over the last few year and they are steeling all the attention.  Layering rug- on-rug is a new trendy way to keep your sisal rug, but update it by throwing a fun bold patterned rug or cow hide on top.  Just allow enough of the bottom layer rug to show so the look makes sense.

british flag

greek layered

The days of the Arabesque are finally being played out and making room for hounds tooth and herringbone that add a chic masculine touch to the space.  Soft camel and ivory hounds tooth or bold black and white, this pattern looks great oversized or on a smaller scale.

hounds yelloe

Houndstooth blk whte

Zigzags, chevron, and herringbone are still holding on strong and they are available in so many colors and piles.  Classic black and white always make a bold statement and the Jigsaw Designers love the mixed color chevron styles as well as the multi colored cowhide herringbone.  These art deco throwbacks are pricey but worth every penny are.

herringbone blue white

Herringbone blk white

multi chev

The season of color and exciting patterns is upon us.  While the rug is usually a more temporary purchase than carpeting, we hope this post has inspired you to step out of the neutral box when you are doing your rug shopping.  Be bold and have fun with it.

multi chev cow

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Exposed Ceiling Beams

If you are looking to make a paramount statement in your home, then consider using exposed ceiling beams.  This distinct and unforgettable look adds space and energy to your home and works well in living rooms, kitchens and even bedrooms.  Ceiling beams already exist behind the ceiling works in your home or office.  Therefore you have the option of exposing them; all you need to do is pull down the plasterboard that is covering the beams.  The Jigsaw designers love exposing the entire ceiling trusses and painting the beams for added effect.

bed trusses kitchen truss

Maybe you are not looking to demolition the ceiling and deal with the mess of exposing your covered beams.  Well, you are in luck.  These days you can simply add exposed beams to your ceiling to get the look.  These faux beams can be added by using real wood to your existing ceiling.  Reclaimed wood is very popular right now, as well as simulated wood.  Real wood beams are the most authentic looking of course but are very costly and heavy to install and the Jigsaw Design team suggest using a professional to install the heavy beams.  The second option is the simulated wood.  These beams are much more cost effective and lighter weight as they are hollowed out beams made of real wood or polyurethane.

faux dining faux kitchen faux piano

The exposed ceiling beam plays no favorites among styles.  This character adding feature plays well in industrial lofts, Spanish style, traditional, modern, craftsman, you name it and it can work.  It’s also not only reserved for the living room.  There is always room for drama in the bedroom, and yes, I am also speaking from a design stand point.  The following bedrooms have their own take on the exposed ceiling beam.  Whitewashed, rustic or crisply painted; these rooms are filled with personality.

rustic modern bedroom modern bed classic bed charcoal bed

The ceiling is often overlooked when it comes to interior design.  However, incorporating the ceiling in your décor is the perfect canvas to create drama and add dimension to your space.  We hope the images and tips included in this post will inspire you to consider adding or exposing your ceiling beams to fit your home style.  Enjoy and have fun taking your décor to a higher level.

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Brick Wall Interiors

Exposed brick walls are an attractive way to add a rustic modern touch to your home.  Regardless of the style of your home this trend can be adapted into most interiors and blend beautifully.  The organic feel of the bricks have an overall industrial look with a historical quality.  Therefore from the modern to traditional home this stylish trend can work well in a small area or an entire room.  Bricking one wall in a bedroom or bathroom may be just enough to achieve the look without overdoing it.  See the images of the bedroom below, the soft palette coupled with the brick and chandelier are inviting and timeless.  The brick wall is so flexible that this bedroom could be in an industrial loft, beach house or even a Provencal home in the south of France.

brick bedroom

The Jigsaw Designers love to merge the styles of rustic modern and Hollywood glam with a brick wall being the common denominator.  The rustic rough surface of the bricks with their geometric layout, coupled with the crystals and curved lines of the ultra-feminine chandelier create a cozy space and bridge the gap between masculine and feminine.  Here you will see two great examples of mixing the rustic and glam looks together for a room you may never want to leave.

brick chandelier dining

brick chandelier

There are a few options for adding a brick wall to the interior of your home.  The first is to expose existing bricks.  Older homes often have brick underneath the plaster walls, and the brick may still be in good condition, if not it will need to be restored.   The second way is to have actual brick and mortar installed in your home.  This method is more authentic than panels, but labor-intensive (aka cost intensive) and be prepared to lose several inches of space along the wall or the entire room if you plan to brick the full room.  Lastly and most easily installed are brick panels called brick veneers.  In this method thin bricks are bonded to the drywall much like tile.  Due to the veneer being thin, you don’t lose the space like real brick, and if you are handy and have a wet saw (or access to one), you can do this project yourself.  Keep checking back for the Jigsaw Design DIY Brick Wall video-blog, due out this summer.

process brick

The Rustic Modern look is on top in trends right now.  It is a very versatile look and a great way to combine masculine and feminine.  The exposed brick wall is the pinnacle of this look and can be easily achieved.  We hope this post will inspire you to add your own brick wall and let us know how your project turns out.  We enjoy hearing from you.

brick curved ceiling

Emily Wren Photography

Brick loft dine

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brick bath antler

Flooring Trends

Installing new flooring in your home or office is a big investment, and your choice of flooring is one you’ll have to live with for a long time.  So where do you start?  In this post we’ll explore some of today’s hottest trends in flooring to help you arrive at this big and often daunting decision.

Hardwood floors are timeless and will always be one of the most sought after flooring materials.  While the love of hardwood floors doesn’t change, the style does.  One trend we are seeing is standard hardwoods in a chevron or herringbone layout.  This vintage French style really dresses up the hardwoods and creates visual interest in the room.  The herringbone layout works well in all interior design styles from Rustic Modern to the Traditional home.

wavy wood

multi colored natural wood

More trends that we love are the unique finishes now being applied to hardwood flooring.  From standard hardwood layout to patterned layout, the new installations are being stained and scraped in alternative ways.  Washed grey stain is really dominating the hardwood scene right now.  Visually it’s subtle, refreshing and soothing.  The Jigsaw Designers also like seeing a lot of color variation in hardwood flooring, and using natural colors like walnut and pecan show this variation the best.

wood floors chev

washed floorThe method of instillation is also being varied to create a unique and custom look.  For example, board lengths can be varied from four inches to eight inches for a completely fresh look.  This keeps the floor from looking too manufactured or laminated, and instead creates a one-of-a-kind couture flooring.   An added bonus is requesting a variation in board lengths which can actually prove cost effective as a typical install will require a uniform look.

Custom tile work is not just for the bathroom and kitchen anymore.   Unlock your master bedrooms potential with gorgeous stylized tile flooring.  This chic look can complete the décor in a way carpet cannot.  In the images below, see how the black and white chevron floor is the building block for the style of the entire room.  The modern chevron flooring plus the black and white décor mixed with the rustic door create an original look that is timeless yet has a bit of edge.

blk wht chevron

Chevron Floors

One hot trend on the rise worth mentioning is the mixing of hardwoods and ceramic or porcelain tiles.  The vibe is highly artistic and you can be as creative as you want to be.   The Jigsaw Designers love mixing these two materials in a herringbone fashion for a dining room or bathroom.  Wrapping the tile floors up the wall is also a trend we are watching closely.  It is a great way to add architectural interest instead of using wanes coating or chair railing.  This look is a little unconventional, but it screams style.

Floor up wall

bath floor

Wood and tile mix 1

Wood and tile mix 2

Choosing the right flooring for your home can be fun and sometimes a little confusing.  We hope this post will inspire you to look at a variety of options when finding the perfect flooring to fit your lifestyle.

pale kitchen floor

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The Empty Frame Wall

Sometimes less really is more.  If you are searching for a unique design idea for a focal point in your room, then look no further.  A “picture-less” frame wall may be just the answer.  Hanging a cluster of empty frames will create visual interest with a very stylish minimal approach.

Picture less 1

The look of the empty frame wall is avant-garde yet can be achieved in any style home from traditional to modern.  Selecting frames that mesh with the style of your space is the most important factor to consider.  Using vintage thrift store finds for French country décor, ornate baroque frames for Hollywood Glam or a mix them all for the more eclectic home.  Once you have selected your frames consider painting them all a single color for a cohesive art wall.  The Jigsaw Designers love painting a bold color on the wall behind the frames for maximum impact.  Using a variety of different color frames will also work beautifully if they complement the colors and style throughout your space.

White Frames

Vintage frames

Once you have selected the frames and finished any necessary painting, it’s time to hang your frames in a cluster that fits the style of your space.  Frames can be hung from floor to ceiling, or in several straight perfectly measured rows, whatever you find most visually appealing.  Next, laying the frames out on the floor is the best way to decide the final layout.   For more detailed information on how to hang your frames, see our previous post on Photo Walls.  There are no rules when it comes to hanging your frames.  Have fun with your layout and express who you are.  We love this office with the single oversized frame above the desk.  It’s arty and quirky and sometimes we just need this kind of lightheartedness at the office.

Desk frame

At Jigsaw, we love the “picture-less” frame wall…and think of all the coin you will be saving on art.  Frames inside of frames, a variety of sizes and shapes, you can’t go wrong.  Have fun experimenting with this easy DIY design project.

Pictureless 3

For more information on the empty frame wall and resources visit the contact page on the Jigsaw Design Group website at  Someone will quickly contact you with more information.  Please subscribe to the blog for more informative articles like these, and check out our Facebook page for more tips and images!  Be sure to ‘like us’ on Facebook!