The Empty Frame Wall

Sometimes less really is more.  If you are searching for a unique design idea for a focal point in your room, then look no further.  A “picture-less” frame wall may be just the answer.  Hanging a cluster of empty frames will create visual interest with a very stylish minimal approach.

Picture less 1

The look of the empty frame wall is avant-garde yet can be achieved in any style home from traditional to modern.  Selecting frames that mesh with the style of your space is the most important factor to consider.  Using vintage thrift store finds for French country décor, ornate baroque frames for Hollywood Glam or a mix them all for the more eclectic home.  Once you have selected your frames consider painting them all a single color for a cohesive art wall.  The Jigsaw Designers love painting a bold color on the wall behind the frames for maximum impact.  Using a variety of different color frames will also work beautifully if they complement the colors and style throughout your space.

White Frames

Vintage frames

Once you have selected the frames and finished any necessary painting, it’s time to hang your frames in a cluster that fits the style of your space.  Frames can be hung from floor to ceiling, or in several straight perfectly measured rows, whatever you find most visually appealing.  Next, laying the frames out on the floor is the best way to decide the final layout.   For more detailed information on how to hang your frames, see our previous post on Photo Walls.  There are no rules when it comes to hanging your frames.  Have fun with your layout and express who you are.  We love this office with the single oversized frame above the desk.  It’s arty and quirky and sometimes we just need this kind of lightheartedness at the office.

Desk frame

At Jigsaw, we love the “picture-less” frame wall…and think of all the coin you will be saving on art.  Frames inside of frames, a variety of sizes and shapes, you can’t go wrong.  Have fun experimenting with this easy DIY design project.

Pictureless 3

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