Fresh Color Trio-Chartreuse, Charcoal & Gold

As we celebrated Modernism Week in Palm Springs recently, the Jigsaw Design team found themselves inspired with countless design ideas.  One lovely vintage settee was the inspiration for this particular post, however.  While happening upon a lovely booth filled with antique chairs trimmed in gold with chartreuse green and gold seats, charcoal painted walls, completed with gold leaf vintage table with turquoise blown glass tea set, our minds were lead to revel in the many things we loved about this look.
chart char statue

While the chartreuse and gold felt bold and glamours, the combination seemed somehow, light.  When paired with a charcoal background it suddenly felt as if you’d gone back in time; an authentic retro vibe, however remaining quite modern.  Hence fueling our need to seek out more of this captivating color combination.

chart char ghost chair living dining

Being the ideal room to play up drama, the dining room makes for the perfect spot to experiment with this tantalizing trio.  This dining room is a perfect example of drama with a touch of academia.   Charcoal walls draped velvet chartreuse curtains on gold rods.  The vintage chandelier and bust finish off the look for one spectacular dining room.

chartruse charcoal and gold dining

Make your sitting room a tad more provocative to inspire real conversation!  Dark charcoal narrow shelves in this space create a perfectly curated art gallery that sets the stage for the chartreuse love seat to really pop.  On a more subtle level, try adding a few chartreuse throw pillows onto a dark grey sofa like the pair of dark grey chaise lounges in the image below.

chart char sitting

grey chaise chart pillows


The bright green resembling life and newness is lovely choice for the kitchen.  It is made modern when paired with grey cabinets and dining table.  The Jigsaw team loves using an accent color on the ceiling like seen in the image below.  It gives the refreshing feeling of green without making the whole room green.

chartrue kitchen grey cabs

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chartreuse chair

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