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Cabinet Trends: Navy is the New Grey

Navy Cabinets RL paint

All colors should envy navy.  It is timeless, formal, casual, uniform and laid-back, all in one.  One would struggle to find a more flexible hue.  While the Jigsaw Designers are long time fans of this vast color, right now we can’t get enough of the navy cabinet.

Desert Navy Bath

Kitchen Navy fav

White and Grey cabinets still stand safe and sublime, however, navy wows.  Whether in the bath or the kitchen this pop of rich pigment is clean and refreshing and always in fashion.

navy powder room

Kitchen Navy island

Navy pairs beautifully with marble and rose gold to create a fresh modern look with a touch of femininity.  While paired more traditionally with yellow gold, it is a tried and true combination.

modern navy cabinet rose gold

navy marble wall traditional

Truly sophisticated when coupled with a neutral color palette, but combined with black and white, the visual is stunning.

navy with black adn white

Well suited for any style, the navy cabinet can blend into a myriad of looks – mid-century, traditional, modern, and industrial to name a few.

marble waterfall with navy

rustic modern brick navy

navy cab w rustic floors  Colors we are loving right now are Pratt and Lambert Postal Blue for it’s hint of teal, and Old Navy by Benjamin Moore for it’s purity.

pratt lambert postal blue

pratt lambert postal blue

navy paint chip


Must have trend right now: oversized waterfall island in marble with navy cabinets peeking out from underneath.  This look is forward and sleek.

oversized waterfall marble navy cab

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Fresh Color Trio-Chartreuse, Charcoal & Gold

As we celebrated Modernism Week in Palm Springs recently, the Jigsaw Design team found themselves inspired with countless design ideas.  One lovely vintage settee was the inspiration for this particular post, however.  While happening upon a lovely booth filled with antique chairs trimmed in gold with chartreuse green and gold seats, charcoal painted walls, completed with gold leaf vintage table with turquoise blown glass tea set, our minds were lead to revel in the many things we loved about this look.
chart char statue

While the chartreuse and gold felt bold and glamours, the combination seemed somehow, light.  When paired with a charcoal background it suddenly felt as if you’d gone back in time; an authentic retro vibe, however remaining quite modern.  Hence fueling our need to seek out more of this captivating color combination.

chart char ghost chair living dining

Being the ideal room to play up drama, the dining room makes for the perfect spot to experiment with this tantalizing trio.  This dining room is a perfect example of drama with a touch of academia.   Charcoal walls draped velvet chartreuse curtains on gold rods.  The vintage chandelier and bust finish off the look for one spectacular dining room.

chartruse charcoal and gold dining

Make your sitting room a tad more provocative to inspire real conversation!  Dark charcoal narrow shelves in this space create a perfectly curated art gallery that sets the stage for the chartreuse love seat to really pop.  On a more subtle level, try adding a few chartreuse throw pillows onto a dark grey sofa like the pair of dark grey chaise lounges in the image below.

chart char sitting

grey chaise chart pillows


The bright green resembling life and newness is lovely choice for the kitchen.  It is made modern when paired with grey cabinets and dining table.  The Jigsaw team loves using an accent color on the ceiling like seen in the image below.  It gives the refreshing feeling of green without making the whole room green.

chartrue kitchen grey cabs

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chartreuse chair

The Art Deco Revival

Art Deco took shape as the technology and machine age emerged after WWI.  It represented strength, glamour, and hope for a bright future for the world.  Likewise we embrace the rapidly changing and ever evolving world we live in, therefore it seems only fitting for this enduring style to take center stage again.

modern deco dining living room grey w tufted

We’ve seen glimpses of the Art Deco trend upon us with the infiltration of black, white, gold and blush into the marketplace.  In stepping away from the cold modern interiors of yesterday, we are seeing new shapes, monochromatic color schemes and more details.  Patterns are bolder, more geometric and circular, and full of movement with textures becoming more involved and luxurious.

rl black bedroom

deco bathroom blush

deco dressing table

Erte, the iconic graphic designer of the Art Deco era, personified the colors, textures, and patterns best with his 20’s and 30’s fashion illustrations.

Erte Monaco blk wht

erte blacony

Using a monochromatic color scheme and a few choice items such as patterned wallpaper, a great Deco chandelier or a scroll bench at the foot of the bed can bring your space up to trend in an instant.  A few great pieces like these are worth the splurge to add to your eclectic room.

deco wallpaper

crystal deco chandelier

elegant bedroom scroll ottoman

Some of the hottest Parisian antique markets have seen an influx of Art Deco furnishings such as these gorgeous chrome chairs we found on our most recent scouting trip.  The markets are no bargain but the quality is amazing and you can get one of kind items by famous artists and designers like the lamp featured below in the photos.

Lamp Market

chair 2

After years of Modern and Hollywood Regency being the leading styles in the market, the Art Deco trend is a breath of fresh air.  The Jigsaw Designers love mixing styles and textures, so adding key elements of the Deco trend can work perfectly into the aforementioned styles.   A Deco rug in a Hollywood Regency room blends perfectly in this beautiful monochromatic bedroom below.

plaza hotel

From wall furnishing to furniture there are dozens of ways to capture the Deco trend while it’s hot.  Grab some popcorn and rent a roaring 20’s flick and get inspired.  Happy decorating!

gold bar

iron work circle entry

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iron work stairs