Kitchen and Bath Backsplash Trends

Backsplash trends for kitchen and bath are always evolving.   While your backsplash is likely something you’ll be living with for a while, the thought of searching for the perfect style and material may seem daunting.  However, your decision may be achieved rather easily if you follow these few guidelines on what is hot right now.

Kitchen Headliner

Bath Headliner


The biggest change in backsplash trends that the Jigsaw Design team is seeing is the height of the backsplash.  Tiles and slabs are soaring to new heights… sometimes even the ceiling.  This creates a work of art in your kitchen or bath for the perfect focal point.  The tiny kitchen in the images below appears much grander with the small square tiles all the way to ceiling, drawing the eye up.  The light monochromatic look also helps add size and focus to the room.  Secondly the blue glass backsplash in the kitchen with high ceilings serves two purposes, backsplash and art.  Clean, simple and homey, who would ever want to leave the kitchen?

Tiles to Ceiling

Glass Painted Backsplash

Grey Subway tiles

The Jigsaw Designers are seeing the Cararra Marble trend rise to near phenomenon levels.  Cararra has been resurrected for home interiors from its long history dating back as far as Ancient Rome.  The statue of David and even entire buildings like the Basilica of Massa and Harvard Medical School were constructed entirely of Cararra.  However on a much smaller scale than that, luxury bathrooms and kitchens are being adorned with Cararra or Cararra “like” marble on the backsplash, counter tops, table tops, bar tops as well as other areas of the home.  The look is gorgeous and luxurious and works well in many different styles as seen in the images below.  The rustic modern table pairs perfectly with the floor to ceiling marble backsplash, counters and shelves as well as the more traditional kitchen with farmhouse cup-pulls and French oven.

Marble Slab Kitchen

Marble to Ceiling

Marble modern masculine kitchen


Calcutta Marble bath

A trend to watch is colored grout which is being used to add more interest and color instead of using additional colored tile. For a more lighthearted or whimsical look such colors as orange or turquoise can be a fun idea.  If you are looking to add some dimension but more understated, try dark grey grout with white subway tiles for a vintage feel.

Colored Grout Orange

Turq Subway Tiles

Rustic Bath Whit eTile dark grout

White Tile Dark Grout

Over all the common thread in backsplash trends is a more neutral palette, more simplicity in design, tone on tone grout/tile combinations, timeless and cleaner looks.  Consider tiles that have been around for a long time and don’t really go out of style like subway tiles, Spanish tiles, Italian or French encaustic tiles.  If none of these genres tickle your fancy, then sticking with a neutral palette will seem fresher longer.

Neutral Chevron Tile

Neutral Grey Tile

Spain grey BathSplash

Yellow Spainish

We spend so much of our time in the kitchen.  Regardless of how much space we have, guest always congregate in the kitchen.  In addition, your bathroom should be your tranquil escape from the hectic world.  You might as well love the kitchen and bath you have by indulging yourself in the look you really want.

White Tile White Grout

Subway Tiles to Ceiling

Herringbon Tile to Ceiling

Marble Bath marble sink tub floor


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Neutral Tile

White Back to Ceiling


The Updated Beach Bungalow

The term ‘beach bungalow’ has grown to mean much more than what it did in its humble beginnings.  A small cottage of rustic materials surrounded by a veranda may still describe some, but no matter the size the Updated Beach Bungalow is big on personality and far from humble.

australia bungalow living

muted palette living room big windows

twin beds

Defining this shabby chic meets modern look is a difficult thing to put your finger on.  There are common threads that once pulled together just simply personify the chic beach house movement.  One trend across the board in this multifaceted style is large and sometimes floor to ceiling windows allowing the light to pour into the room.

solano beach living

shabby chic diiing

simple dining

Another common denominator in this beach vibe is the emblematic white canvas.  Floor to ceiling white walls, white tiles and natural linens create a fresh atmosphere that is relaxed and comforting. A bold pop of color in this sea of white is crisp and adds interest to a room.  Even adding a black valance and throw is still light and bright as seen in the images below.

twin bed hermes

white turq bedroom

eames dining blue

Exposed vaulted ceilings dressed in white are reminiscent of the classic beach cottage.  Whether your ceiling is finished in bead board or crown molding, the key to capturing the bungalow look is all in the color white.  From there you can mix in earthy rugs and accessories, or keep a muted color palette like the soft lilac bedroom below for an ultra-feminine look.

Bung Arch dig

Washed ceiling lilcas


rich fabric bedroom

The basics are covered.  The rest is up to your style.  Whether you enjoy modern, Hollywood glam, or shabby chic, there is a place for your style in the updated beach bungalow.  The shabby chic slip cover can be mixed into a room with a more contemporary feeling as shown in the Malibu home in the images below.

pamela living


patio swing

big windows living washed walls

Rustic modern, the style de jour, has even crept into beach bungalow category.  That natural element plays perfectly into this timeless style with reclaimed wood walls, vanities, tables and floors.  The natural wood tones add warmth to the bungalow look and a touch of masculinity.

wood wall bedroom delaware

whimisical dining

round table dining blue chair


bath pop color flooring

Kitchen colors have brightened up in many style categories, especially in the bungalow style.  White cabinets with Carrera marble counter tops and back splashes are hot and on-trend.  At Jigsaw we are seeing a new direction with backsplashes in a single solid slab of material used instead of individual tiles.  If you are a tile fan as many are, then a rule to follow would be to stick to simple white tiles avoiding fussy patterns and multiple colors.  After you’ve muted your palette, then adding a fun stripe, nautical print, or solid pop of color to your chairs or curtains will liven up your kitchen.

stripe stool kitchen


solid slab

white kitchen


The updated beach bungalow is very open-minded.  It doesn’t require a beach or any specific furniture or accessories.  It’s about a feeling coupled with cleaner lines, bright whites and your personality.

bath deep tub

laid back kitch

outdoor space

clean simplicity rules bedroom

big windwo bedroom laguna

rustic modern bedroom


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white washed walls





Coffee Table Trends-What’s Hot Right Now

The classic rectangle coffee table is quickly being passed over for newer and more updated shapes.  Current trends that are making waves include fresh new takes on round, square, mixed metal, and Lucite.  In this post we’ll explore some fun and exciting looks to freshen up your space.  Most rooms like the image of the white room with the black metal table consist of existing rectangular shapes from the sofa, rug, and even the room itself.  Therefore placing a more organic shape like round or kidney creates a better flow for the eye to follow.

Black Round


The round coffee table has become increasingly popular and can be found in so many varieties.  The Jigsaw Designers love mixing metal into a space for a touch of industrial modern.  The gold leaf Modern Glam table below is fresh and light enough to add into most any room.

Round Metal Arabesque

Carrera marble is the hottest look for kitchens and bathrooms renovations. Therefore this look is trending into the furniture market as well.  The marble makes a beautiful table top for coffee tables, and creates a look that is clean, bright and eye catching.  The mix of Carrera and the vintage look of the gold leaf legs in the image below are the perfect juxtaposition of modern and vintage.

Brass Marble Round

If you like the metal trend, but don’t want to love it for too long, CB2 designs a chrome and Carrera table that’s very affordable as seen pictured below.  Metal and wood styles nod to the industrial vibe that is still going strong, and the solid wood round or square tables will also fit nicely into the industrial modern look for a more organic feel.

Marble silver cb2


Industrial Round

Reclaimed Wood Round

We are also seeing a surge in tufted ottomans used as table again.  The beauty of a tufted ottoman is that you can recover as the trends in color and fabric change.  They have a timeless feel and have slightly more flexibility in their use.  In the images below, both the round tufted orange and the turquoise blue really pop in these rooms and give them added personality.

Turq Square Tufted

Orange Round Tufted

While Lucite is a strong material in many areas of design, the Lucite coffee table is sometimes the perfect addition to a room.  The square table below seems to float in the room’s monochromatic palate, not disturbing the serenity.   Furthermore, a Lucite table can complete a room and allow for the natural elements like light from a window or a rug to take center stage as shown in the second image of the round Lucite table.

Lucite square

round lucite

Square coffee tables have also become increasing popular like their relative square dining table.  The square table creates a perfect balance in sitting areas, and allows for better flow to the living area.  We love the white square table below for its intricate detail while being simple in shape and color.  It adds interest to a room with an artistic flair.

white square

Raffia Square

Smokey mirrors are being used on walls, dressers, dining tables and even coffee tables.  From clean and contemporary to antiqued and ornate this look is on the rise.

smokey mirror round

smoked miror brass

round metal silver

Whether you are in search for a statement table with wow factor or an understated one for simplicity, we hope this post will inspire you in a fresh new direction.  For more information on smokey mirrors or Lucite check out our archives for previous blogs on these topics.

multi metal round


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Men’s Suiting Trend

There is something about men’s suiting that feels timeless.  The fabrics, colors, patterns and texture may vary, but they never venture far from the root of what they are.  Menswear has become an inspiration for women’s fashion over the last year and this rich tailored look has now made its way into home interiors in a fresh new way.  Suiting inspired design in masculine colors like charcoal, navy and tan are not just for the quintessential bachelor pad anymore, it is a very warm and cozy look for cohabitation and even the whole family to enjoy.  In this post we will explore some ways to implement this look into your home in a small dose or even a complete overhaul.

pinstripe char and navy bedroom

navy bedroom

One of our favorite interpretations of the menswear styles is expressed through pinstripes.  Great pinstripe wallpaper can fit so nicely into a guest bathroom for just a touch of this tailored look, or down a long hall way for high impact.  We love this sitting area in the images below with the clean lines of the chrome furniture popping off the dark charcoal striped paper.  This creates an understated yet elegant look.

pinstripe paper

grey pinstripe wall paper

Want a quick pinstripe fix? Try recovering an old chair, stool or ottoman with Pinstripe fabric for instant style. Velvet is a great fabric for adding texture.  While it’s typically considered a feminine fabric it’s often found in men’s blazers and smoking jackets in darker colors.  We can’t get enough of this uber-cool navy pinstripe vintage chair with the brass framework.

pinstripe navy chair

pinstripe chair

Classic to the core, houndstooth is showing up with a whimsical new approach in interior design.  Oversized patterned pillows and throw add a punch to a monochromatic room to drive this exciting trend home.  Command your court in a houndstooth Louis XIV chair, or simply sit pretty in Danish modern chairs covered with a touch of feminine pink to break up the masculinity.

houndstooht louis chair

houndstooth pink pillow

oversized houndtooth

houndtooth throw


Texture plays the biggest role in the men’s suiting motif.  Flannel in trending in upholstery and bedding, and this timeless classic is soothing and cozy.  Pinstriped flannel or even soft grey are seen covering sofas, headboards and bedding like the images below.  Wool throws and pillows can add the perfect finishing touch to any room.  The Jigsaw Designers love draping a Hermes throw over a chair or sofa for a soft yet sophisticated touch.

Hermes blanket in room

flannel lounger

Flannel chair and otto

flannel headboard

If you like the men’s suiting look but prefer to lighten up your space then seersucker is a great way to incorporate the menswear look.  Seersucker couches, chairs and bedding are fresh, light and surprisingly versatile.  Using the fabric on the walls instead of wallpaper adds a unique texture and interest to the room.

seer chairs seer bed

The captivating menswear trend is an elegant look to bring into your home.  With accessories readily available this update can be done easily.  While being fresh and yet timeless your space will be cozy and tailored for the winter.

charcoal kitchen

cable knit pillows

charcoal bedding

black kitch

Charcoal bedroom

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Custom Garage Elevators

Picture this…you are living in your dream home where you raised your kids.  You’ve spent a fortune making it just right.  Now that the kids are off to college you can start working on your car collection.  But first, where are you planning to store those precious beauties?  Jigsaw has your answer…subterranean garage.  Hidden away from the elements, the grand kids, in a temperature controlled environment in your current home.


There are a handful of contractors that build these incredible lifts. Design companies like Cardok in the UK began creating luxury design lifts to fill the constant need for space for the wealthy in European cities. The typical lift will hold a 3 ton vehicle, and for a reference a Range Rover weighs about 2.7 tons.  Multi-level lifts are available for up to 3 vehicles that will support up to 10 tons.


These companies pride themselves on leaving a small footprint in their engineering by taking up only slightly more space than the car itself. These custom lifts are minimal in design aesthetic to not be a complete eye-sore when they are exposed, and when the system is engaged they are virtually invisible.

pop up

We’ve priced out a typical lift by an American made company that installs for car collectors and A-List celebrity homes.  A top of the line unit costs around $55,000 installed, but for customized units the cost runs significantly higher depending on the surroundings being matched.  Besides cars these lifts are used for boats, RV’s, food trucks, or anything your neighbors don’t want to look at 365 days a year.  The customization can be whatever you dream it to be, covered by a faux grass lawn, gravel rock driveway or tucked away in the basement of your home.



The big question is always; will it add value to your home?  Well, most numbers show you will only get back about half on your investment, but this uber exclusive device will definitely set your property apart from the rest.

The next question is will it be safe.  Most of the car elevators are controlled by a remote and the units will only engage while the button is pressed.  There is also a kill switch and a backup generator in case the power trips.

in garage

This unique indulgence is a car lover’s dream.  It is truly a luxury item most of the world will only fantasize about.  But, like they say, dreams can come true.



For more information on custom garages and resources visit the contact page on the Jigsaw Design Group website at  Someone will quickly contact you with more information.  Please subscribe to the blog for more informative articles like these, and check out our Facebook page for more tips and images!  Be sure to ‘like us’ on Facebook!