The Art Deco Revival

Art Deco took shape as the technology and machine age emerged after WWI.  It represented strength, glamour, and hope for a bright future for the world.  Likewise we embrace the rapidly changing and ever evolving world we live in, therefore it seems only fitting for this enduring style to take center stage again.

modern deco dining living room grey w tufted

We’ve seen glimpses of the Art Deco trend upon us with the infiltration of black, white, gold and blush into the marketplace.  In stepping away from the cold modern interiors of yesterday, we are seeing new shapes, monochromatic color schemes and more details.  Patterns are bolder, more geometric and circular, and full of movement with textures becoming more involved and luxurious.

rl black bedroom

deco bathroom blush

deco dressing table

Erte, the iconic graphic designer of the Art Deco era, personified the colors, textures, and patterns best with his 20’s and 30’s fashion illustrations.

Erte Monaco blk wht

erte blacony

Using a monochromatic color scheme and a few choice items such as patterned wallpaper, a great Deco chandelier or a scroll bench at the foot of the bed can bring your space up to trend in an instant.  A few great pieces like these are worth the splurge to add to your eclectic room.

deco wallpaper

crystal deco chandelier

elegant bedroom scroll ottoman

Some of the hottest Parisian antique markets have seen an influx of Art Deco furnishings such as these gorgeous chrome chairs we found on our most recent scouting trip.  The markets are no bargain but the quality is amazing and you can get one of kind items by famous artists and designers like the lamp featured below in the photos.

Lamp Market

chair 2

After years of Modern and Hollywood Regency being the leading styles in the market, the Art Deco trend is a breath of fresh air.  The Jigsaw Designers love mixing styles and textures, so adding key elements of the Deco trend can work perfectly into the aforementioned styles.   A Deco rug in a Hollywood Regency room blends perfectly in this beautiful monochromatic bedroom below.

plaza hotel

From wall furnishing to furniture there are dozens of ways to capture the Deco trend while it’s hot.  Grab some popcorn and rent a roaring 20’s flick and get inspired.  Happy decorating!

gold bar

iron work circle entry

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iron work stairs

The Diary of a Cool Kid’s Room

In our faced paced world, we want our bedroom to be a retreat from the stresses and responsibilities of everyday life.  Well, just like us our kids and teens crave that same escape.  Creating a bedroom that expresses your child’s personality will make them feel loved and understood, as well as at home.   The Jigsaw Designers are continually creating fun and unique ideas for child and teen bedrooms that are approachable and can actually be adapted into any home…this is not a post on ‘extreme’ kid’s rooms, because let’s face it, not everybody has a forty thousand dollar budget to work with.  This post will show some special touches and guidelines to theme out your cool kid’s chic abode.

girl loft two Framed

What child wouldn’t want a swing in his or her room?  Sound crazy?  The following room pulled it off by having an uncluttered room to start with, and using a clean color palate.  Using white as a base color which gives a crisp look to the room, and then layering with gray and a pop of bold neon yellow for the eye to follow is a perfect combination for this featured boys room.  Once you’ve chosen your overall theme, or whimsical design idea, it’s best to stick to two or three main colors and begin building your story from there.  In the following photos in the Bubble swing girl’s room, the base color is white with pops of pink for color.  The Bubble Swing and furry poofs add hipster flair and whimsy to the space.

tire swing

girl furry poof

swing in room

A girly-girl’s room isn’t a girl’s room without at least a little bling.  For added sparkle add foil wallpaper to the ceiling and let it shine with one, maybe two, oh make it three chandeliers.  This is a room a girl can really grow into, tweaking the throw pillows and accessories over time.

teen girl

Channel her inner Marie Antoinette if that is just not enough by adding strands of crystal beads hung in a circle around a chandelier for a look that’s perfectly over the top.

girly elvis

Layered black and charcoal are the ultimate cool for the hip teen boy’s room.  This rock n roll chic look really pops with the light box table from DWR.  Dress the room up with their favorite bands memorabilia and they will be in their comfort zone.  Adding a touch of color to the black and charcoal palate is also very pleasing to the eye.  Bright orange, turquoise or neon yellow are great choices for a boy’s room.

teen boy gray

charcoal yellow boys

Keep your little athlete (or busy body) moving by installing a rock climbing wall in their bedroom.  Kits for home install can be purchased by companies like Atomic for those looking for a DYI project.  The possibilities are endless for designing your wall, and can be a fun bonding time project for you and your little one.

rock climb

A loft space is a great way to combine a playroom and a bedroom in one space, but with a feeling of two.   It gives them a sense of their own special place to relax and read, or play music with their friends while not taking over another room in the house.     We like the simplicity of these lofts for the minimalism and creativity.  These tricked out rooms take the idea of the bunk bed to new heights.

loft playroom

circle ladder loft

Loft nook

stone wall loft

Teenagers, as lovely as they are, are known to be loud and of course narcissistic.  We’ve found two great solutions for both of these…symptoms. First are upholstered walls!  What a fantastic way to sound proof their space where the music is always too loud.  And, we found a great solution for the era of the ‘selfie’…viola… Polaroid wallpaper.  With careful placement using Polaroid images will not only be a great history lesson about the pre-digital world, but it can create a really fun and interesting look for your teen’s room.

apolstered wall added soundproof


We all want our kids to view the family home as place they want to be.  Their refuge from the crazy world, and have it be cool at the same time to share with their friends.  Making their room over with their input will be great one on one time and allow them to help create a space to call their own.  Have fun and enjoy!


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black boys room neon yellow

Reinventing the Classics

We dedicate this post to the old adage that ‘history repeats itself’; and with that, no furniture designer/architect team continues to resurface like Charles and Ray Eames.  Interestingly enough Charles’ vision was so futuristic he was kicked out of the first university he attended for being too ‘modern’.

While both Charles and Ray were born and raised in the US, their tendency for the Danish modern style and techniques were the cornerstone of their illustrious careers.  This dynamic duo rolled out hit after hit and their fame is still growing today.

The classic designs are still being sold today through many institutions such as Design Within Reach and Herman Miller to name a few.  But, we are seeing these classic beauties pop up in fresh new ways.  Following are images of a few of our favorite reinvented  classic dining chairs; big bold floral painted prints, spray paint, and even…yes…white duct tape.  Why not?

Blk Wht Eames

DYI Paint Duct Tape Eames

Painted Eames

Already have the classic but want to update it?  Simply add a camo print or a sumptuous Sherpa slip cover.

Sherpa Eames

Camo Eames

Launched in 1956 the Eames Leather Lounger and Ottoman are the most comfortable of the Eames designs and certainly the most copied.  Nevertheless the copying still continues as you will see in the following photos.  We love the plaid redo on the Eames original; or Eames meets West with the cowhide lounger found in a variety of colors.

Plaid Lounger

Eames Hipster Fabric


The iconic business office chair or “work” chair being part of the Aluminum Group is steadfast and true.  The official “desk” chair of the Jigsaw Design offices, I might add, is also popping up in printed fabrics instead of leather.  The pink and white print could make a great substitute for a glider in a baby nursery and the womb lounger is just so cool covered in Proenza Schouler fabric.

Pink Eames

Womb Chair print

The Eames’ mass produced their futuristic yet timeless designs for airports, train stations and hospitals to name a few.  The Jigsaw Designers love the look of these reinvented vintage airport chair sets in place of a sofa or love seat in a sitting room.  Don’t plan to get cozy enough to watch an epic film, but perfect for high tea or happy hour with friends!

Airport Egg Chair

Black Airport Eames

Orange Airport

Oh Eames, how much do we love thee, let us count the ways…too many style to love and continue to love.  We hope you are inspired to seek out a reinvented classic or reinvent one yourself.  Let us know how you transform your Eames.  We like hearing from you!

Eames rocker and hammock

Eames Bikini

Eames For Herman Miller

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NuLoom Lounger

Relax-Unique Outdoor Spaces

In the heat of the summer, the pool calls your name and the sun draws you outdoors into its presence.  Create a unique boutique hotel poolside escape right in your own backyard and enjoy a” stay-cation” this summer.  In this post we will cover chic and sexy tips for creating a mood altering outdoor retreat for you to worship the sun, dine with friends, and even catch some zzz’s.

When creating your unique outdoor space the first rule of thumb is to bring some elements of style from the indoors to the outdoors.  For example, if your style is modern with bold black and white colors throughout your home, then it’s best to look for clean modern lines for the patio furniture.  Furthermore while bringing some black and white onto the patio; you have the freedom to add a pop of color for the outside.  This will make the overall look of your home flow well.

Clean moroccon

Once you’ve chosen your theme and design elements to compliment your indoor space, it’s time to pull together the décor.   We’ve been searching for unique furniture ideas to create a one of a kind space that is completely functional.  We are in love with the hanging beds in the following images…getting sleepy already?

Hanging Bed hang bed 2

On a recent trip to the Dominican Republic we strolled on a beach lined with these wicker orbs.  Imagine a lazy afternoon in one of these in your own backyard, dreaming you’re away on a heavenly vacation.

Wicker Orb

The poolside lounger is a must have for that St. Tropez tan we all desire.  The Jigsaw team just installed a black and white themed outdoor living space in Palm Springs, CA.  The designers used Black and White polka dot loungers for a pop of whimsy at this chic California home.

MP Polka

Other loungers we are drawn to are meant more for reading and relaxing that sunning.  The mid-century modern pink lounger adds a bold pop of color, while the circular lounger is a statement making art piece.

pink lounger Curly Chair

Another trend that keeps popping up is fake grass.  As the craze continues for real grass yards to be replaced with faux grass, we continue to see this kitschy element sneaking into the furniture and accessory markets.   Grassy chairs, ottomans, bars and pillows.  In the following images you will see an entire outdoor space constructed of natural and faux grass.  Though we are not sure how comfortable that might be, it is thought provoking.

Astro Turf Grassy Lounge

If you find these images enticing but don’t have a patio or terrace…no problem, just create one.  Using a large piece of fabric for a canopy and a little imagination, you can create an outdoor space anywhere.  Here you will see how a great functional space was created using white fabric as a canopy and white rocks to distinguish the space from the rest of the yard.

Sheet Canopy Sheet Canopy Lakeside

If you are looking to create something more substantial, consider converting that old shed or detached garage into an adult playhouse.  These custom created get-a-ways are perfect for adding the outdoor space you need if your home doesn’t have a built in patio or deck.

Garden Structure Beachy Structure Tee Pee Curved structure

Whatever type of outdoor space speaks to you albeit chic mid-century modern or a Moroccan bohemian Kasbah; step outside the lines of norm and have fun creating your unique get-a-way.  In the busy world we live in everybody needs one.  Bon Voyage!

Michelle Patio

TWisted Tree Lounger

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Vintage Table