Architectural Trend-Arched Windows and Doors

arch dining overlooking water

Gazing out over the Agean from an arched window or doorway is the quintessential scene while on holiday in Greece.  Brining this dreamy vacation style of architecture into the home is a trend that we embrace at Jigsaw and in this post we will explore the many different ways to express this classic look.

We will start with the arched door:

Arched entranceways with full and glass panels allow light to pour into a room, and blur the lines between indoors and out.

arch glass door

The arched window:

Round top windows are a classic style that adds interest and character to any space.  The options are vast with the round top window either opening with a push out French casement,  double hung or hardware push out as seen just below in descending order.


double hung arched window

push out arch

The arched shower:

Creating a personal retreat in the master bath is taken a step further with an arched show door.  A traditional curved arch will suit most homes, but get creative with a Moroccan or Spanish shape if it compliments your style.

Arch Shower vintage look

2011 Idea House, Escondido, Horseshoe Bay, TX

The alcove:

An arched alcove can take on many forms from a small top-lit gallery style down a long hallway, or above a sink in the bath or kitchen could add that perfect touch to this timeless design detail.

arched alcove detail

arch vanity

The arch is a clever way to add architectural interest to any room.  For more information or tips on using arches in your space simply leave a comment or contact a designer on the Jigsaw Design Group website.  Don’t forget to subscribe to the blog and be sure to like us on Facebook and Google+!


arch window brick cream

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  1. Love this posts subject- True Arched Windows. I have looked at all the main window companies here in US and can find no true arched windows. Any suggestions ? Particularly like the casements as in your bathroom photo

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