Flower Power-Oversized Floral Trends

black adn white with lace opening photo

Floral motifs have stood the test of time in remaining classic and ladylike.  But, in today’s trends these budding beauties create wow factor when oversized raising this look to almost pop art status.

floral tryptic

bright florals living

Get the trend quick with an oversized piece art.  Use it as a headboard, in the dining room or above the sofa to  bring a fresh mood to your space.

floral oversized art

floral plus graphic southern

floral art

Adding a great piece of art above your bar cart or in your dressing area create a glamorous feeling and will bring life to those areas.


floral dressing room

Take your botanical obsession to the next level with colossal printed wallpaper.  Paper the walls, the ceiling or anywhere outside of the box for maximum impact.

grand scale floral

floral mural bedroom

grand scale hallway

Blossoming wallpaper produces big style in a small powder room.   The Jigsaw designers love using bold, dark colors in small spaces like in the image below.

floral bathroom

Horticulturally flexible: bold and bright blooms in a dining room bring life to walls in vivid color, while romantic blooms in a soft palette create a cozy dining experience in a more traditional space.

floral diing room

mid century w floral art

blue floral dining


Flowering linens, duvets, and headboards create an air of romance with comforting appeal.  Matching linens and wallpaper add sophistication like that of a luxury hotel.

floral bedroom

floral bedroom green walls

floral bedding grey wash

graphic plus floral works

The office has never been more stylish.  Bold wallpaper makes a big statement and is sure to inspire.

floral wall paperblack and white

floral wallpaper blackEmbrace you inner flower-child with  this motif in a grand scale for maximum flower-power.  For more information about floral trends or styles and images in this blog simply leave a comment below or reach  designer on the contact page of our website www.jigsawdesigngroup.com.  Be sure to subscribe to the blog and like us on Facebook.


Cabinet Trends: Navy is the New Grey

Navy Cabinets RL paint

All colors should envy navy.  It is timeless, formal, casual, uniform and laid-back, all in one.  One would struggle to find a more flexible hue.  While the Jigsaw Designers are long time fans of this vast color, right now we can’t get enough of the navy cabinet.

Desert Navy Bath

Kitchen Navy fav

White and Grey cabinets still stand safe and sublime, however, navy wows.  Whether in the bath or the kitchen this pop of rich pigment is clean and refreshing and always in fashion.

navy powder room

Kitchen Navy island

Navy pairs beautifully with marble and rose gold to create a fresh modern look with a touch of femininity.  While paired more traditionally with yellow gold, it is a tried and true combination.

modern navy cabinet rose gold

navy marble wall traditional

Truly sophisticated when coupled with a neutral color palette, but combined with black and white, the visual is stunning.

navy with black adn white

Well suited for any style, the navy cabinet can blend into a myriad of looks – mid-century, traditional, modern, and industrial to name a few.

marble waterfall with navy

rustic modern brick navy

navy cab w rustic floors  Colors we are loving right now are Pratt and Lambert Postal Blue for it’s hint of teal, and Old Navy by Benjamin Moore for it’s purity.

pratt lambert postal blue

pratt lambert postal blue

navy paint chip


Must have trend right now: oversized waterfall island in marble with navy cabinets peeking out from underneath.  This look is forward and sleek.

oversized waterfall marble navy cab

For more information on the navy cabinet trend or questions about images or products in this blog, please comment below or reach a Jigsaw Designer through the contact page at www.jigsawdesigngroup.com.  Be sure to subscribe to the blog and like us on Facebook and follow us on Google+.



White Spaces

white-brick-wall floors sofa

White is a timeless hue that is never out of style.  Containing the power of positivity on our psyche it’s a harmonious note that streams between purity, clarity, and sophistication in our subconscious.  As for interior design,  it naturally benefits from visually creating a perception of more space.

white brick wallpaper

Benjamin Moore carries quite a hit list of whites for 2016.  The Jigsaw Design Team are currently big fans of several of the white hues namely Paper White that has a hint of grey, and Simply White, a slightly warmer tone.


Paper White in the bath is clean and refreshing, as well as for the living room to echo light around the space.

paper white bath

paperwhite living

Simply White is pure with warm touches, perfect for a sitting room or bedroom.  Its subtly and clarity are relaxing for a great night of sleep.

white room

simply whte bedroom

Another way to bring this statement making color into your space is through using white brick on one or two walls.  This looks amazing in an industrial space, but can work well in a modern or minimal home as well.

industrial white ktichen

Not up to the task of bricking your home, the mess and then get tired of it in a few years?  Well, we have an answer…brick wallpaper is available in many styles and shades.  Wallpapersdirect.com is a great resource for realistic styles at fair prices.

white kitchen bikc wall chairs wood

Add a girly touch with a white lacy wallpaper.

080708 Eijffinger Contempo 016

Go full throttle in Scandinavian style with white wood floors, walls and accessories.  With relaxed furnishing this all white look plays out as very soothing for comfortable living.

white scandi floors walls

Add touches of white to play up the sophistication in your space with great pieces like consoles, lamps and end tables.

Marco console

canaan_table_s JANantucket side table

Whatever your favorite hue of White, Jigsaw can help you pull your space together for a room you’ll love.  For more information on White color trends or the images above, please leave a comment or reach a designer on our contact page and someone will get right back to you.  Don’t forget to subscribe to the blog and like us on Facebook!

siimply white kitchen