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The White House

A snow white room layered with white décor is stunning and displays confidence.  There are friends and foes in regards to this look, where some deem it as cold and lifeless, others would disagree.  While not only making a space appear larger it also is a good way to cover up architectural oddities making the eye flow from the pops of color and interesting shapes around the room instead of the imperfections.

dining white furn and curtains

modern indoor pool


white kids room



The All White House is also more flexible than you might think.  As we observed in the last blog in the Updated Beach Bungalow, the all-white look can fit nicely into most style categories;  french country chic, beach bungalow, modern, glam, and plantation to name it a few.   The look doesn’t have to feel staunch or stark, but actually comes across as inviting and calming.

Decorative Ceiling Molding with Modern decor

plush bedroom


traditional bath

Floor to ceiling white creates a crisp canvas for you’re the pure white room.   Accent colors pop, artwork leaps off the walls and accessories make a statement with little effort.  So how do you select the right white for your space?  The Jigsaw Designers have a list of their favorite white paint to work with.  Benjamin Moore’s Decorator’s White, and Behr’s Polar White are among the best.  Whites are either warm or cool, warm with it’s yellow undertones are more fitting for a traditional softer look, and cool white with more blue undertones are more stark  which are fitting for a more modern or Hollywood Glam style home.

white oversized living


traditinal living



The perfect white doesn’t have to stop at the walls and trim.  White floors are the ideal way to complete this look.  White flooring can be accomplished many different ways depending on the style of your home, existing floors and budget.  Glossy resin finished concrete slabs for the modern home create a crisp look that is very fitting of the style.  Porcelain and white marble floors work perfectly in most styles from Hollywood Glam to The Traditionalist.  One trend we are seeing more of is painted hardwood floors in a variety of colors and patterns.  In white this look can fit into most style category across the board.  It can bring new life to older hardwoods with imperfections and transform the look of your home.

white chandelier


white flhardwood

Retro Sofa eams rocker

Layering white on white creates the perfect back drop for colors to stand out.  Additionally, shapes have added movement, art is appreciated more easily, and the eye can flow about the room.  For a warmer look, try adding natural wood into a room like seen in the images below.  The bright white perfectly complements the natural wood giving way for the Rustic Modern look and farmhouse style to come into play.

white hardwoods warmshabby chic bedroom bard doors

white hardwoods pink chair


white washed dining eames

Layering whites in different fabrics and textures enhance the drama in a room as seen in the Hollywood Glam space below.  Even adding materials like glass, crystal, metallic or mirrors blend in perfectly into the white palette.  The textured rug, chiffon drapes, mirrored table and metallic pillows all being simple in design add high impact to this gorgeous room.

glam living


formal living

The White House has no rules.  There is more freedom in this color palette that any other.  For as daring as the look appears, it’s certainly the most flexible in style and décor’.   Share with us how this look translated into your home, we love hearing from you!

Airy white kitchen

Easy white living


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modern bath



White Spaces

white-brick-wall floors sofa

White is a timeless hue that is never out of style.  Containing the power of positivity on our psyche it’s a harmonious note that streams between purity, clarity, and sophistication in our subconscious.  As for interior design,  it naturally benefits from visually creating a perception of more space.

white brick wallpaper

Benjamin Moore carries quite a hit list of whites for 2016.  The Jigsaw Design Team are currently big fans of several of the white hues namely Paper White that has a hint of grey, and Simply White, a slightly warmer tone.


Paper White in the bath is clean and refreshing, as well as for the living room to echo light around the space.

paper white bath

paperwhite living

Simply White is pure with warm touches, perfect for a sitting room or bedroom.  Its subtly and clarity are relaxing for a great night of sleep.

white room

simply whte bedroom

Another way to bring this statement making color into your space is through using white brick on one or two walls.  This looks amazing in an industrial space, but can work well in a modern or minimal home as well.

industrial white ktichen

Not up to the task of bricking your home, the mess and then get tired of it in a few years?  Well, we have an answer…brick wallpaper is available in many styles and shades.  Wallpapersdirect.com is a great resource for realistic styles at fair prices.

white kitchen bikc wall chairs wood

Add a girly touch with a white lacy wallpaper.

080708 Eijffinger Contempo 016

Go full throttle in Scandinavian style with white wood floors, walls and accessories.  With relaxed furnishing this all white look plays out as very soothing for comfortable living.

white scandi floors walls

Add touches of white to play up the sophistication in your space with great pieces like consoles, lamps and end tables.

Marco console

canaan_table_s JANantucket side table

Whatever your favorite hue of White, Jigsaw can help you pull your space together for a room you’ll love.  For more information on White color trends or the images above, please leave a comment or reach a designer on our contact page and someone will get right back to you.  Don’t forget to subscribe to the blog and like us on Facebook!

siimply white kitchen