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Commercial Design: Primp Lounge in Manhattan Beach

Commercial design is always an exciting and challenging aspect of our business at Jigsaw Design Group.  Recently, our team completely renovated a former office space into a beautiful, bright, light filled beauty lounge in Manhattan Beach, California called Primp Lounge.

Our design team took a dark multi room office and breathed life into the space.  The first task was opening up the location by tearing down walls, replacing hardwood floors, and reconfiguring the floor plan to maximize the heaps of natural light from all the massive windows and skylights.  
Meanwhile, major upgrades were made in the water & plumbing systems, then air conditioning and a second bathroom were added, all to meet the new LEED standards and for the future patron’s comfort.

For the interior design, we added crisp white walls and bleached hardwood floors.  This lays the perfect canvas for twinkling chandeliers and cozy lounging areas  featuring Jonathan Adler furniture and accessories, all with a beach modern flair.

A must for every beauty lounge are comfortable, ergonomically designed chairs for hair, washing stations and lash applications.  Amid the white and black faux alligator covered swan chairs are Carrara marble table tops, and gold accents all throughout the space.

The beauty lounge renovations were perfectly executed to meet all the client’s needs for a gorgeous, functional space where ladies can come to relax and get primped!

See www.theprimplounge.com for more information on Primp Lounge in Manhattan Beach, CA.

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Champagne: Hardware Color of the Month

Let’s toast this season’s hottest hardware color, champagne!  Blurring the lines between yellow and rose gold, this hue stands out in more matte finishes offering a sublte alternative to its typically shiny finish.

The lovely metallic offers the perfect compliment to the kithen or bath especially when paired grey, blue, black or white cabinets.


The Jigsaw designers have always had a fondness for gold finishes. But this one we are really embracing.  We suggest a bold statement piece like Jonathan Adler’s Sputnik chandelier to wow your visitors.  Perfect for the entry, dining room, bed or bath this mid-century throw-back is a stunner.

If you’d like something a bit more streamline, then nothing softens a space like the perfectly lit wall sconce.  West Elm’s Glass Cyliner Sconce in Champagne luster has a beautiful finish in a minimal design…this style is also available as a pendant lamp.

Furthermore, metallic tile is a trend on the rise.  This fun peel and stick champagne tile is a great options for an apartment or office where making a permanant change is not an option.

Pop the champagne and just go all the way with a room layered in the hue from trims, fabrics, wallpaper and hardware.

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Vainglorious Velvet


Forever hand-in-hand is the runway and interior design.  Eternally classic velvet has reemerged on the market in haute couture while simulanoulsy trending in the home decor  space.



Luxury designers in apparel, footwear and handbags are diving in head first to beautiful rich colors in wine, forest green and misty pinks.  What’s to stop a gal from matching her handbag and her bedding?




This beloved fabric has been synonymous with fashion and interiors since the Renaissance.  Though the textile has been watered down through the centuries and can be found at any price point, the velvet we are in love with has a great hand and quality that can stand the test of time.  The Jigsaw Designers are big fans of Jonathan Adler’s velvet for example his rich sapphire blue Gold Finger collection that is trimmed in gold metal as seen in the photo below.




Soft cream and grey velvets are timeless and an ideal way to impliment the color for longevity.  The colors are also perfect for the holidays too.  Create a winter white space with hints of greys, gold, and creams for a Joyeux Noel.



For those of us that are not color shy, just go all the way.  We love the look of bold colors perfectly married together like the brave purple/blue space below.


For more information on velvet trends please leave a comment and we’ll get back to you.  To reach a designer, visit the contact page at www.jigsawdesigngroup.com or call (888) 367-9114.  

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Tabletop Tips: The Coffee Table Conundrum

scuptural = floral=books

The constant quandary; how to decorate one’s tabletop.  Are you constantly rearranging and shuffling your coffee table decor to find the right balance?  For such a small surface area, this space is always the most perplexing.   In this post, the Jigsaw Designers are addressing the coffee table dilemma with some simple tips to help you find the right balance.

balance square table


Tip #1 Books, books and more books! This is an easy one. ‘Coffee table’ books are easy to come by, make great gifts and you’re bound to have a couple laying around somewhere. Use books to make a statement, express your personality, or simply be an accent color like for example the bold, Hot Pink book about Yves Saint Laurent.  Serves two purposes: 1. color, 2. shares a bit of nostalgia with those who love the fashion.

pink book

pink yves


Stack books with a candle or small item on top, or several stacks around the table. If you have a two tier table, stack them top and bottom.   Stack them on a tray in the center or off to one side.

Above and below Books

Above and Below Scupltural +floral+ books

Tip #2 Add something natural like an orchid or flower arrangement. Succulents are hugely popular and there are even some faux plants that look rather real. We usually opt of the real thing, but sometimes a bouquet of silk peonies will do the trick.

Books on Tray

Books on Tray plus flowers

Bountiful Orchid

Tip #3 Add an element of surprise; an interesting sculpture, a classic obelisk or even a purple foot from Jonathan Adler. Whatever the case, make it quirky, and make it fun.

lucite table top


accent colors
Tip #4 Don’t even think about letting that remote control be seen. Even if its a college bachelor pad, No Remotes visible please.

Books and kitch on tiny midcentury table

height and color = books


Keep it neat and tidy, sometimes less is more for your vignette and sometimes it just feels right to pile it one. For more information about tabletop decorating please leave a comment below or reach a Jigsaw Designer by visiting our contact page. Be sure to subscribe to the blog and like us on Facebook, and follow us on Google+

Simple and Traditional

Luxury Candle Cheeky books

White Spaces

white-brick-wall floors sofa

White is a timeless hue that is never out of style.  Containing the power of positivity on our psyche it’s a harmonious note that streams between purity, clarity, and sophistication in our subconscious.  As for interior design,  it naturally benefits from visually creating a perception of more space.

white brick wallpaper

Benjamin Moore carries quite a hit list of whites for 2016.  The Jigsaw Design Team are currently big fans of several of the white hues namely Paper White that has a hint of grey, and Simply White, a slightly warmer tone.


Paper White in the bath is clean and refreshing, as well as for the living room to echo light around the space.

paper white bath

paperwhite living

Simply White is pure with warm touches, perfect for a sitting room or bedroom.  Its subtly and clarity are relaxing for a great night of sleep.

white room

simply whte bedroom

Another way to bring this statement making color into your space is through using white brick on one or two walls.  This looks amazing in an industrial space, but can work well in a modern or minimal home as well.

industrial white ktichen

Not up to the task of bricking your home, the mess and then get tired of it in a few years?  Well, we have an answer…brick wallpaper is available in many styles and shades.  Wallpapersdirect.com is a great resource for realistic styles at fair prices.

white kitchen bikc wall chairs wood

Add a girly touch with a white lacy wallpaper.

080708 Eijffinger Contempo 016

Go full throttle in Scandinavian style with white wood floors, walls and accessories.  With relaxed furnishing this all white look plays out as very soothing for comfortable living.

white scandi floors walls

Add touches of white to play up the sophistication in your space with great pieces like consoles, lamps and end tables.

Marco console

canaan_table_s JANantucket side table

Whatever your favorite hue of White, Jigsaw can help you pull your space together for a room you’ll love.  For more information on White color trends or the images above, please leave a comment or reach a designer on our contact page and someone will get right back to you.  Don’t forget to subscribe to the blog and like us on Facebook!

siimply white kitchen






Rainbow Bright-Color Trends

rainbox living room

The rainbow effect in home decor is a bold move, and also a happy one.  Nothing sends a more cheery vibe than a rainbow array of colors to come home to everyday.  The rainbow’s past reputation may have leaned towards more of a juvenile color scheme fit for a baby nursery, but in this post, we’ll prove your preconceived notions wrong.

rainbow living

To achieve this look one needs to start with high quality furnishings and craftsmanship to not come off looking cheap.  Secondly, mixing textures and layering colors create a cozy environment like in the above image.  The rich velvety sofa and sateen fuchsia chairs are dramatic yet very inviting.

rainbow swing indoor

rainbow stools

The Jigsaw Designers love adding a bit of whimsy to a space like the indoor swing above; it relaxing and inspiring at the same time.  Ditch the chrome stools for a striking set in your favorite rainbow brights this spring to liven up the kitchen or breakfast bar.

rainbow kitchen


rainbow paint

If you’re inner ‘Dorthy’ is ready to commit to the cheery somewhere-over-the-rainbow vibe, add something a bit more permanent like painting the stairs or implementing your favorite hues to your kitchen reno like the harmonious colors above.  What an inspiring way to start the day in a lively kitchen like this?

rainbow pillow

rainbow rug

rainbow art

The quick fix: pillows, rugs, or art paired with nick-nacks will always be a fun refresher when layering onto a neutral palette.  Resources like DWR, Etsy, Jonathan Adler and Art.com are few places to find life filled bright ideas .   Ultimately, as the trends change, these are easy pieces to update without the need to renovate.

rainbow dining

For more information about color trends please send us your questions for comments below.  Be sure to check us out on Facebook and Google+…and don’t forget to subscribe.

rainbow ceiling

The Power of the Accent Chair

birdcage mitchell and gold chair

Spring is about to blossom and that leaves some us desiring a little refresher to our abode.  Updating with an accent chair or two can be just the game changer you are looking for.  The birdcage chair above by Mitchell & Gold called the Bastille chair (for obvious reasons) could just the right change you need; featured here in a metal cage of stainless steel with Tibetan fur.  In this post we will highlight some of the top trend elements to look for when you start your search.

J A opening photo Bacharach-Swivel-Chairs-styled-jonathan-adler

Trend #1-The Swivel Chair.  Jonathan Adler hit the nail on the head when depicting the Studio 54 era vibe of the Louche chair in velvet…really…could we love this chair more?  The Thayer Coggin swivel below is a bit barber-shop-meets-automobile and we are loving it for its proportion and matte gold mixed with cream leather.

thayer coggin swivel chair

A trend we reported on last year was about a surge in lucite (aka acrylic) options in the marketplace.  While the trend is going strong in traditional clear, we are seeing the color morph into a smokey color that is so hot.  For example the Raphael Lucite and Sheepskin chair or the Smokey Lucite swivel from the aforementioned Mitchell & Gold.

smoke lucite

Raphael Lucite and sheep skin

Another trend to explore is the metal framed chair.  Sleek and polished to high shine screams Yves Saint Laurent luxe life.   Style and price run the gamut, but less is more with this style shifting focus on the frame.  Shown here in graphite with stainless, Mongolian sheep skin, and also a blush velvet and gold metal by West Elm priced very reasonably $599!  Mix the modern frame with a luxe fabric for glam chic style.

metal framed accent chair graphite

Metal frame west elm luster velevet

gold sheep skin etsy

Cut-out shapes are styles straight out of the 60’s; from backless, to arm rest cut-outs the look has a vintage-fresh vibe.  Keep it in present decade with menswear upholstery  or simple neutrals to keep the look interesting and not distracting to eye.

Nico chair cut out

shop style cutout accent chair

The accent chair is meant to be a stand out item so you can step outside of your comfort zone a little and have some fun with it.  For more information on accent chair trends or the styles featured in this post, simply leave a comment or visit the contact page on the Jigsaw Design Group website at www.jigsawdesigngroup.com.  Someone will quickly contact you with more information.  Please subscribe to the blog for more informative articles like these, and check out our Facebook page for more tips and images!  Be sure to ‘like us’ on Facebook!   Now join us on Googleplus too!

Bevin linen  onekings lane

Take a Seat

JA pouf

Extra seating is always a plus.   At Jigsaw, we love adding  seating in a fun and playful way.   Using benches, stools and whimsical poufs can add that perfect finishing touch.

 Wether you want functional seating or simply to add a little personality, placing a bench at the end of the bed is always a lovely touch.  The Jigsaw designers are big fans of the tufted bench and of course, the mongolian sheep skin bench as featured below.
 Bed Bench
Bed Bench 2 mongolian


These Moroccan poufs are a fun option for adding seating to your space.  Available by many different designers at a variety of price points from  Jonathan Adler to Target.


Add a pop of color to play up a neutral room,  or use a metallic silver or gold instead of a basic neutral.  Can’t make up your mind…white is always chic!


white poufs
If you prefer something with more structure and functionality, then the classic X bench is possibly for you.    This clean and classy shape is so flexible and can be dressed up or down with nail heads, cow hides, ikat prints, you name it.
Finding the bench that suits your personality is the key.  Wether traditional, bohemian, or sleek and modern the bench can be the perfect finishing touch for your space.  As trends change you can always reupholster the fabric to update your style.
 Behind the couch, at the foot of the bed, or under a console table.  Tuck these little gems in the best place for you.  These additions should be convenient and balanced in your space.


 xbench nail head

Above all, have fun with your decorative seating.  For more information on benches, poufs, and ottomans, please contact us at Jigsaw Design Group for design advise and resources.  Check us out on GooglePlus and be sure to like us on Facebook!


Mad for Monogram!


While previously beloved in more traditional circles, monograming has crossed the divide into the contemporary and modern markets alike.  Growing from simple monogramed hand towels to gracing the walls of homes in some cases.  Furthermore, making the perfect gift more personal monograming can be your holiday solution for the long list of giving you have to do.  For today’s post our designers at Jigsaw have hand selected some of their favorite items or your holiday gift giving.

ja tray mono

For the entertainer, the lucite tray from Jonathan Adler makes the perfect gift.  This items also serves as a great hostess gift  for all the fabulous parties you will attend.


mono lv

mono bag tag horchow

For the world traveler, or the business traveler, customized luggage  from Louis Vuitton is the ultimate lux travel item.  For the man in your life, the herringbone weekender bag from Mark and Graham makes a great gift he will love you for.

mono bedding

rest hard bed mono

mono bedding

Monogramming in home decor is all the rage right now.  We love monogrammed bedding like the Italian Satin from Restoration Hardware.  It’s clean and classy and blends well into most decor styles.


Mark and Graham Monogrammed grosgrain napkins

plates and coasters

Cocktail napkins, hand towels, and coasters are a more traditional choice for gift ideas, but there are so many fun designs and colors available now.  The bright fun coasters above are also Mark and Graham.

ja baby alpaca mono rugcustom monogram thr pillow ja

No time to get something monogramed?  Buy items in the marketplace like these hipster throw pillows from Jonathan Adler; or his super soft alpaca monogramed rug…so cozy underfoot!

mono shower curtmono show curt black white

For the perfectly preppy bathroom, adding a monogramed shower curtain  adds a little flair  while remaining clean and polished.


mono doormat

mono towel modern

Other fun monogramed gift item options are cell phone covers, doormats and bath towels.  The possibilities are endless.  For more information on and resources visit the contact page on the Jigsaw Design Group website at www.jigsawdesigngroup.com.  Someone will quickly contact you with more information.  Please subscribe to the blog for more informative articles like these, and check out our Facebook page for more tips and images!  Be sure to ‘like us’ on Facebook!   Now join us on Googleplus too!


Three Easy Decor Updates

leading image rug, throw pillows

Shoppers are already out and about as the holiday season is upon us.  With Thanksgiving around the corner and Christmas on the horizon,  you might be feeling the need for a little update in  your decor for arriving guests and cocktail party goers.  In this post we will highlight some simple quick fixes with on-trend ideas to get your creative juices flowing before that juicy turkey arrives.


Quick fix number one: Throw Pillows.  Easily accessible and at any price range, you can instantly update your sofa, settee, or bedroom with throw pillows in the season’s latest colors and patterns.  We love throw pillows by trend setters like Jonathan Adler; his quirky light hearted flair will always be of the moment and typically a conversation starter.

ja throws blk whte

ja throw pillows

JA sequin pillows

Quick fix number two: The Throw.  Get cozy on the couch this winter and snuggle up in  a new cashmere throw.  Treat yourself to the ultimate throw by Hermes.  This luscious wonder will set you back about $1500, but oh how it’s worth it!  For adding some texture to your space, a fur throw by William-Sonoma is great for the sofa or the bed.

hermes throw

willia sonoma fur throw

kelly lips throw

Quick fix number three: The Rug.  This change will make the biggest impact on the space due to its size, especially if you choose a bold pattern.  How often you like to make changes will influence what you want to spend on your updated rug.  A gorgeous high quality Schumacher rug is more of an investment, but will feel wonderful underfoot for a long time to come, and while always current in style they tend to be more classic providing more longevity.  If you like to swap out your rugs as trends change, then a West Elm rug or CB2 could be a good option as seen in the image below.

Shumaker Rug

rug west elm w blue

While making only  one or two of these changes will be refreshing, updating all three will feel like a new space.  To get a little more milage out of your foundational pieces like sofas and accent chairs, try purchasing these high dollar pieces in neutral colors so updating with trends in color and patterns will always be easy with the above quick fixes.

ja dining yellow chair

For more information on easy updates and resources visit the contact page on the Jigsaw Design Group website at www.jigsawdesigngroup.com.  Someone will quickly contact you with more information.  Please subscribe to the blog for more informative articles like these, and check out our Facebook page for more tips and images!  Be sure to ‘like us’ on Facebook!   Now join us on Googleplus too!