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Three Easy Decor Updates

leading image rug, throw pillows

Shoppers are already out and about as the holiday season is upon us.  With Thanksgiving around the corner and Christmas on the horizon,  you might be feeling the need for a little update in  your decor for arriving guests and cocktail party goers.  In this post we will highlight some simple quick fixes with on-trend ideas to get your creative juices flowing before that juicy turkey arrives.


Quick fix number one: Throw Pillows.  Easily accessible and at any price range, you can instantly update your sofa, settee, or bedroom with throw pillows in the season’s latest colors and patterns.  We love throw pillows by trend setters like Jonathan Adler; his quirky light hearted flair will always be of the moment and typically a conversation starter.

ja throws blk whte

ja throw pillows

JA sequin pillows

Quick fix number two: The Throw.  Get cozy on the couch this winter and snuggle up in  a new cashmere throw.  Treat yourself to the ultimate throw by Hermes.  This luscious wonder will set you back about $1500, but oh how it’s worth it!  For adding some texture to your space, a fur throw by William-Sonoma is great for the sofa or the bed.

hermes throw

willia sonoma fur throw

kelly lips throw

Quick fix number three: The Rug.  This change will make the biggest impact on the space due to its size, especially if you choose a bold pattern.  How often you like to make changes will influence what you want to spend on your updated rug.  A gorgeous high quality Schumacher rug is more of an investment, but will feel wonderful underfoot for a long time to come, and while always current in style they tend to be more classic providing more longevity.  If you like to swap out your rugs as trends change, then a West Elm rug or CB2 could be a good option as seen in the image below.

Shumaker Rug

rug west elm w blue

While making only  one or two of these changes will be refreshing, updating all three will feel like a new space.  To get a little more milage out of your foundational pieces like sofas and accent chairs, try purchasing these high dollar pieces in neutral colors so updating with trends in color and patterns will always be easy with the above quick fixes.

ja dining yellow chair

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