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How To: Select-Measure-Calculate Wallpaper

Take your space from bland to wow in an instant simply by adding Wallpaper.  Transforming your space using bold colors, textures or patterns make a statement in your home or office quickly and for a cost that won’t break the bank. 

With so many options available, choosing the perfect paper can be a bit arduous, but by following a few basic tips we’ve provided and using Jigsaw Design Group calculation tool, your search can be simplified and even fun. 

For starters, draw inspiration from your current space by bringing an existing accent color to life, or consider selecting a dramatic pattern to  bring excitement a room where most of the upholstery is solid.  Take into consideration how many walls you plan to cover, a giant geometric may be more suited for an accent wall or a petit powder room instead of the four walls in your bedroom.   A good rule of thumb is that the wallpaper should match the mood of your room.  For example,  a relaxing or romantic print for the  bedroom,  a bold and quirky print for a kids room, or rich and glamorous for a dining room will make sense in those spaces.  

Below, see how a Jigsaw Designer took a bedroom from pretty to a fashionista haven simply by adding the navy and white striped wallpaper.  She took inspiration from the navy and white theme of the room, and also used the more masculine bold stripe to contradict the frills of the Baroque framed mirrors.

Also, see the dramatic difference adding a wallpaper feature wall made to the entry in the same home come to life.

 The transformation is huge.  So, now that we have you on-board for trying wallpaper for your space, next…measuring and ordering.

Things to consider: Each variety of wallpaper has a bit different temperament than the other, so it is vital to the success of a wall coverings project to measure and order the appropriate amount of paper or fabric.  Jigsaw also suggests using a professional contractor for application.  This will take the stress off of you and avoid time and financially consuming mistakes. 

While most wallpaper is pre-pasted to make hanging a bit easier, grasscloth is not. Therefore, applying specialty wallpaper glue will add a step to the instillation process.  Finally, priming walls with a Shellac or any wallpaper primer will prep the walls for a beautiful final product. 

Luckily for our valued readers, Jigsaw Design Group provides a very handy Wallpaper Calculator on our website where one may easily input the measurements of the space to cover, discover the number of rolls needed for a project, and get an approximate cost for labor.  Wallpaper costs can be a bit tricky, so the Wallpaper Calculator can help eliminate unwanted surprises with your budget.  To check out the Jigsaw Wallpaper Calculator please visit our website at http://jigsawdesigngroup.com/wallpaper.  This calculator and all of the helpful information on the website helps make the task of selecting, measuring and ordering wallpaper so much easier and enjoyable.  

While there are dozens of wallpaper vendors, and many more listed on our website,  below are some of our favorites. 






At Jigsaw, we love using wallpaper to enhance spaces.  It brings something special into a room and adds warmth to a stark space.  For more information on wallpaper, or even help in choosing the perfect paper, leave us a comment or contact a designer through the Jigsaw website.  We’d love to help!

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Grasscloth Reimagined-Natural Fiber Wallpaper


The Grasscloth trend has been on the rise again for some time now.  Attributing to its recent rapid growth are many factors: the desire for something more natural in the market, history repeating itself, and the reimaging of this long time traditional product.



Grasscloth is usually comprised of an assortment of natural materials; arrowroot, jute, sisal, hemp, and cork to name a few.  Each have different strand thickeness and color resulting in a unique texture.  Just below are images of two different cloths, the first is Jute in Blue and the second, is Arrowroot in Grey, both by Phillip Jeffries.  Despite the colors, one can easily see the similarities and the differences, which therefore add a timeless texture to any space.



These materials often come at a rather significant price between $75 to $350 per roll.  Though the price is easy to defend considering the painstaking process in manufacturing the product.  The complicated procedure is done by weaving together thin cotton threads and grass strands, and then fastening these weaves to a lightweight backing like rice paper.  Typically, these wallpapers do not come pasted, so a professional contractor is recommended for hanging this delicate product.


Some of the Jigsaw Design team’s favorite players are Phillip Jeffries and Schumacher who have a corner on the market, and rightfully so.  Jeffries is constantly taking new perspectives in the grasscloth segment by creating unique finishes and designs.  For example the grasscloth cloth Rivet Collection, and the Metallic Grasscloth Collection as featured here.



While pairing beautifully with the seaside or traditional home, designers like Jigsaw have broken down those barriers and integrated this timeless classic into modern and transitional/contemporary homes across the country.



grasscloth-bedroomAdaptable to any space, the dining room is not the only room in the house for grasscloth anymore.  Nurseries, bedrooms, bathrooms, powder rooms are all perfect places to add the luxurous texture that often arrives with a natural earthy smell.  Even the ceiling gets remimagined in grasscloth in the image below.





For more information on grasscloth, leave a comment below or visit the contact page on the Jigsaw Design Group website www.jigsawdesigngroup.com.  Be sure to subscribe to the blog and like us on Facebook!


Textured Walls: Fresh Ideas for the Accent Wall


The Jigsaw Designers have always been advocates for painting accent walls  fun colors, bold stripes, metallics or whatever trend is of the moment.  But, sometimes a little texture is just what you’re looking for.    From textured wallpaper to stone walls, in this blog we’ll show you some great ways to create a dramatic accent wall rich in texture.


The image above is a dining room with an accent wall made of stone.  The rustic ranch style room can keep it’s neutral palette, yet it attains a wow factor with the beautiful texture in the stone.  One would think that too much space would be taken up in a room with this size stone, however these are half stones which are installed with a similar process of how brick is installed.


We’ve always been a big fan of the exposed brick wall as a matter of fact we’ve dedicated an entire blog to it.  Taking the brick accent wall a step further by painting the brick can be a great trick to adding drama like in the charcoal painted brick below, or neutralizing a color palette like the white brick in the bedroom photo.

charcoal-brick-wall white-brick-bedroom

brick-wall-1Additionally, wallpaper can be a great way to add texture to your space.  With an almost unlimited amount to choose from,  one can express their own personality through many differnt styles, colors, patterns and types.   Today, the market can satisfy any style need one can desire from grasscloth, flocked, and even paintable wallpaper.  Grasscloth can fit into many styles of space and it pairs especially well with Cape Cod, Traditional and Beach Chic, while flocked pairs perfectly with the old Hollywood Glamazon and Classic French styles.  For more information on Wallpaper, see our previous Wallpaper Blogs, and stay tuned for the upcoming blog focused solely on Grasscloth and natural wallpapers.

grasscloth-hallway grasscloth-powder

Paintable wallpaper is hot trend right now because it allows you to love your texture, but be fickle with the color you want to keep.  Perfect for you design lovers and DIY types that like changing things up every season or so.  Also a great idea for stair risers, and ceilings.





For more information about textured accent walls please leave a comment below or visit the contact page at www.jigsawdesigngroup.com and someone will get back to you.  Be sure to subscribe to the blog and like us on Facebook, and follow us on Google+.



Flower Power-Oversized Floral Trends

black adn white with lace opening photo

Floral motifs have stood the test of time in remaining classic and ladylike.  But, in today’s trends these budding beauties create wow factor when oversized raising this look to almost pop art status.

floral tryptic

bright florals living

Get the trend quick with an oversized piece art.  Use it as a headboard, in the dining room or above the sofa to  bring a fresh mood to your space.

floral oversized art

floral plus graphic southern

floral art

Adding a great piece of art above your bar cart or in your dressing area create a glamorous feeling and will bring life to those areas.


floral dressing room

Take your botanical obsession to the next level with colossal printed wallpaper.  Paper the walls, the ceiling or anywhere outside of the box for maximum impact.

grand scale floral

floral mural bedroom

grand scale hallway

Blossoming wallpaper produces big style in a small powder room.   The Jigsaw designers love using bold, dark colors in small spaces like in the image below.

floral bathroom

Horticulturally flexible: bold and bright blooms in a dining room bring life to walls in vivid color, while romantic blooms in a soft palette create a cozy dining experience in a more traditional space.

floral diing room

mid century w floral art

blue floral dining


Flowering linens, duvets, and headboards create an air of romance with comforting appeal.  Matching linens and wallpaper add sophistication like that of a luxury hotel.

floral bedroom

floral bedroom green walls

floral bedding grey wash

graphic plus floral works

The office has never been more stylish.  Bold wallpaper makes a big statement and is sure to inspire.

floral wall paperblack and white

floral wallpaper blackEmbrace you inner flower-child with  this motif in a grand scale for maximum flower-power.  For more information about floral trends or styles and images in this blog simply leave a comment below or reach  designer on the contact page of our website www.jigsawdesigngroup.com.  Be sure to subscribe to the blog and like us on Facebook.


The Perfect Powder Room

blk wht wallpaper powder

We lent a friendly reminder, in our last post, that the holidays are in fact just around the corner.  Getting ready for house guests and open houses means it is time to update and even renovate that much overlooked powder room.

archway powder

The powder room is a space that everyone will likely see whether they are a guest for the weekend or a few hours during a cocktail party.  So this room should actually be one of the most chic rooms in the home.  After all, you do have a captive audience in there.

Brick mirror powder

Since the powder room is typically a small space, it usually won’t break the bank to give it a refresher.  This is a space that you can be bold with a trend because frankly, you can change it rather easily and quickly if you tire of it.  Small rooms can still be big on style, so we’ve created a top 6 list of for a fitting update.

#1 Exotic or Moroccan Accents-If you have an eclectic or bohemian vibe in your home then Moroccan fretwork wood paneling from floor to ceiling in your tiny space can be a true piece of art.

morroccan fretwork

#2 Black-don’t be afraid of the dark- If you’ve followed our blog for long you know how much we love using black here at Jigsaw Design Group. Glossy black, matte black, black paint, black tile, you see where we are going here, black is always in style and adds a touch of glam to any space.  Black can make it dressy, deco or even masculine so this haute hue is at the top of our update list.

black powder

artsy powder

#3 Wallpaper-Wallpaper is often the perfect answer for the powder room.  It is color, texture and artwork all wrapped into one foundational characteristic of the space.  Add a few accessories and an orchid and you’re done.  Minimal work with ample wow factor.

wallpaper powder

palm leaf wallpaper



#5 Gold Faucets-Yep, that’s right, gold faucets, sinks, door pulls, towel rack…yellow gold, rose gold, it’s not the brass of the 80’s, this is stylish and hot and we can’t get enough of it.  Gold hardware in the small space feel rich, luxurious and on trend.

cheetah powder

gold faucets

#6 Only for you showoffs-The hands free faucet- Kohler does this very well, with the in home hands free faucet, Tripoint Touchless.  This faucet is not only convenient, but also saves water with low-flow aerators.  Your guests will gush over your tech and environmental savviness.

kholer tripoint touchless


Have fun and go bold in the powder room for maximum impact.  For more information on the perfect powder room and resources visit the contact page on the Jigsaw Design Group website at www.jigsawdesigngroup.com.  Someone will quickly contact you with more information.  Please subscribe to the blog for more informative articles like these, and check out our Facebook page for more tips and images!  Be sure to ‘like us’ on Facebook!   Now join us on Googleplus too!

cherry blossom

Updating Your Foyer

Entry Way Upddate leading photo

Entry Way 2nd leading photo south hampton

What does your entry way say about your style?  Crowded with tchotchkes ?  Overrun with shoes?  In this post we will show you quick ways to streamline your foyer and give it a little kick while keeping it functional.

Entry Way Small Space White ghost

We all dream of having the grand entrance fit for a king, but that’s not always realistic.  Small entries are typical for city dweller and beach lovers alike.  So how do you make an impact in a compact space?  Rule #1, get rid of the table with knickknacks galore.  Simplify with a few balanced accessories, a mirror or art work for the wall, and touch of storage or stool for removing shoes.

Entryway Small Space ethnic

Entry Way Small Spaces Quatrfoil

You’ve removed the clutter, now add the pop.  No matter the scale being grand or petit, the Jigsaw team are big fans of wall paper.  It’s serves many purposes; style, texture and personality!  Adding wallpaper creates a bit of whimsy to the space and can serve as artwork, leaving the need for only a few finishing touches.

Wall Paper Entry Pink Kravet

Entry Wall Paper Yellow

Entry update wall paper

For an element of surprise, decorating the ceiling creates instant wow factor.  We love this gold leaf ceiling in the entrance of this small apartment.  The gold gives a regal appearance while remaining simple and understated.

Entry Way Gold Leaf Ceiling

Entry Way wall paper w green celing

Wallpaper is not only for the walls.  The ceiling space in an entryway is usually somewhat separate from the rest of the home, so a little wall paper goes a long way.  The herringbone paper in the image below is from target and is removable.  If you are tired of it in a year, simply remove it!

Entry Ceiling herring bone target paper

Don’t be afraid of the dark either; dark charcoal or black walls make a statement in an entryway creating an artistic mood and setting the tone for the remainder of your  trendsetting pad.

Entry way Dark wearster wall paper

Black Entry White Frames


The options are endless for the standout entryway.  While following a few simple rules of keeping it minimal and meticulous, yet filled with personality, your entrance is sure to be welcoming.

Entry Dark AD stripe black gloss

For more information on creating your perfect foyer, and resources visit the contact page on the Jigsaw Design Group website at www.jigsawdesigngroup.com.  Someone will quickly contact you with more information.  Please subscribe to the blog for more informative articles like these, and check out our Facebook page for more tips and images!  Be sure to ‘like us’ on Facebook!

Wallpaper: Art for the Whole Wall

If you haven’t redecorated since the 70’s, then your pad is more hip than you think.  Don’t you dare remove that flocked wall paper; consumers pay far too much to have it installed these days.  Luckily, wall paper has made a big comeback and we are happy for its return!

Wallpaper is a great way to bring wow factor into your home in an exciting and unique way.  Using a bold color, texture or pattern can bring interest and dimension to the space.  Depending on the scale of the pattern, or intensity of the color, a room can be transformed in an instant.   With so many options available, choosing the perfect paper can be an endless search.  The Jigsaw Designers suggest complimenting something in the room in either color or pattern.  Then consider the size of existing prints or patterns, keeping the size on a similar scale or completely opposite scale are best.  Mixing patterns among pillows, rugs and wall paper are fine as long as there aren’t so many that the room feels confusing and makes you want to run for the hills.

Think of the wallpapered wall like a piece of art…yet relatively inexpensive.  The cost ranges from under $20 per roll up to a couple hundred dollars per roll.  It can also be changed or painted over easily when you tire of it.  The biggest expense is usually in hiring a contractor to hang it.  If you’re handy, try doing it yourself.  It’s a great weekend project if you have the patience.

Wall paper is available in a variety of types; flocks, foils, grass cloth, embossed, vinyl and fabric.  Each variety has a bit different temperament than the other, so if this is a DIY project you’ll want to consider this when you are selecting your paper.  While there are hundreds of wall paper vendors available, we especially love the offerings from www.wallpaperstogo.com and www.designyourwall.com.

Adding an art wall with wallpaper can bring energy and humor into an otherwise stale space.  We encourage you to be bold and try something interesting.  The result will be a work of art.Wallpaper mich 1 wallpaper mich2 wallpaper mich3

For more information on wallpaper and resources visit the contact page on the Jigsaw Design Group website at www.jigsawdesigngroup.com.  Someone will quickly contact you with more information.  Please subscribe to the blog for more informative articles like these, and check out our Facebook page for more tips and images!  Be sure to ‘like us’ on Facebook!