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Wallpaper: Art for the Whole Wall

If you haven’t redecorated since the 70’s, then your pad is more hip than you think.  Don’t you dare remove that flocked wall paper; consumers pay far too much to have it installed these days.  Luckily, wall paper has made a big comeback and we are happy for its return!

Wallpaper is a great way to bring wow factor into your home in an exciting and unique way.  Using a bold color, texture or pattern can bring interest and dimension to the space.  Depending on the scale of the pattern, or intensity of the color, a room can be transformed in an instant.   With so many options available, choosing the perfect paper can be an endless search.  The Jigsaw Designers suggest complimenting something in the room in either color or pattern.  Then consider the size of existing prints or patterns, keeping the size on a similar scale or completely opposite scale are best.  Mixing patterns among pillows, rugs and wall paper are fine as long as there aren’t so many that the room feels confusing and makes you want to run for the hills.

Think of the wallpapered wall like a piece of art…yet relatively inexpensive.  The cost ranges from under $20 per roll up to a couple hundred dollars per roll.  It can also be changed or painted over easily when you tire of it.  The biggest expense is usually in hiring a contractor to hang it.  If you’re handy, try doing it yourself.  It’s a great weekend project if you have the patience.

Wall paper is available in a variety of types; flocks, foils, grass cloth, embossed, vinyl and fabric.  Each variety has a bit different temperament than the other, so if this is a DIY project you’ll want to consider this when you are selecting your paper.  While there are hundreds of wall paper vendors available, we especially love the offerings from www.wallpaperstogo.com and www.designyourwall.com.

Adding an art wall with wallpaper can bring energy and humor into an otherwise stale space.  We encourage you to be bold and try something interesting.  The result will be a work of art.Wallpaper mich 1 wallpaper mich2 wallpaper mich3

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