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Grasscloth Reimagined-Natural Fiber Wallpaper


The Grasscloth trend has been on the rise again for some time now.  Attributing to its recent rapid growth are many factors: the desire for something more natural in the market, history repeating itself, and the reimaging of this long time traditional product.



Grasscloth is usually comprised of an assortment of natural materials; arrowroot, jute, sisal, hemp, and cork to name a few.  Each have different strand thickeness and color resulting in a unique texture.  Just below are images of two different cloths, the first is Jute in Blue and the second, is Arrowroot in Grey, both by Phillip Jeffries.  Despite the colors, one can easily see the similarities and the differences, which therefore add a timeless texture to any space.



These materials often come at a rather significant price between $75 to $350 per roll.  Though the price is easy to defend considering the painstaking process in manufacturing the product.  The complicated procedure is done by weaving together thin cotton threads and grass strands, and then fastening these weaves to a lightweight backing like rice paper.  Typically, these wallpapers do not come pasted, so a professional contractor is recommended for hanging this delicate product.


Some of the Jigsaw Design team’s favorite players are Phillip Jeffries and Schumacher who have a corner on the market, and rightfully so.  Jeffries is constantly taking new perspectives in the grasscloth segment by creating unique finishes and designs.  For example the grasscloth cloth Rivet Collection, and the Metallic Grasscloth Collection as featured here.



While pairing beautifully with the seaside or traditional home, designers like Jigsaw have broken down those barriers and integrated this timeless classic into modern and transitional/contemporary homes across the country.



grasscloth-bedroomAdaptable to any space, the dining room is not the only room in the house for grasscloth anymore.  Nurseries, bedrooms, bathrooms, powder rooms are all perfect places to add the luxurous texture that often arrives with a natural earthy smell.  Even the ceiling gets remimagined in grasscloth in the image below.





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Global Trends-Natural Rugs

Global touches in rug trends with natural themes and materials lay a perfect canvas as we embrace today’s organic modernism.  Natural products across the spectrum have been at the forefront of almost everyone’s concern, so it only seems natural that this would enter the interior design market from an overall look but also at it’s core.

natural rug leading image

Laying the foundation are the earthy natural rug trends that range from sisal to seagrass and everything in-between.  Whichever natural fiber you feel is most comfortable under foot, these rugs are typically affordable and can blend into any style from traditional to modern.

Traditional Room Seagrass

There was a time when sisal was the most available fiber in this category, but now this space in the market has grown to include seagrass, jute, abaca among others.  More importantly we are seeing exciting patterns and colors that will liven up any room.

Chunky Seagrass Rug

Seagrass, being the most stain resistant rugs, are perfect for a dining area, bedroom or areas prone to heavy traffic.  We love this all white bedroom with a seagrass area rug.  It creates a soft natural look that is relaxed and airy.

Seagrass Rug all white room

Jute rugs are soft underfoot and when dyed can be woven into interesting patterns like this Serena and Lily geometric in beige and white.  The Jute and Chenille chevron rugs in black and white also add an ethnic splash to any room of the house.

Jute chevron

Jute and Cheniile Herringbone rugs

The abaca fiber rugs are hand loomed and can not be replicated by machines.  These rugs are elegant and naturally durable.  The Laguna Octagonal in natural/black by Patterson, Flynn & Martin is outstanding.  The attention to detail and overall aesthetics are beautiful.  The Jigsaw Design team are big fans of the Laguna Parquet collection as seen below.  The large scale geometrics are classic and graceful, yet fresh and new.

Laguna Octoganal Abaca

grand  parqyetu


The Jigsaw Designers like to layer a natural fiber rug such as jute for ample coverage, and then layer it with a fun statement making rug.  It adds character to the room, as well as warmth and comfort.

ethnic layered hot pink layered

As taught by the late great Frank Lloyd Wright’s philosophy of architecture promoting harmony between human habitation and nature through design approaches and furnishings; the eco-friendly nod to nature expressed through natural fiber rugs are stunning and sensible.

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