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Cabinet Trends: Navy is the New Grey

Navy Cabinets RL paint

All colors should envy navy.  It is timeless, formal, casual, uniform and laid-back, all in one.  One would struggle to find a more flexible hue.  While the Jigsaw Designers are long time fans of this vast color, right now we can’t get enough of the navy cabinet.

Desert Navy Bath

Kitchen Navy fav

White and Grey cabinets still stand safe and sublime, however, navy wows.  Whether in the bath or the kitchen this pop of rich pigment is clean and refreshing and always in fashion.

navy powder room

Kitchen Navy island

Navy pairs beautifully with marble and rose gold to create a fresh modern look with a touch of femininity.  While paired more traditionally with yellow gold, it is a tried and true combination.

modern navy cabinet rose gold

navy marble wall traditional

Truly sophisticated when coupled with a neutral color palette, but combined with black and white, the visual is stunning.

navy with black adn white

Well suited for any style, the navy cabinet can blend into a myriad of looks – mid-century, traditional, modern, and industrial to name a few.

marble waterfall with navy

rustic modern brick navy

navy cab w rustic floors  Colors we are loving right now are Pratt and Lambert Postal Blue for it’s hint of teal, and Old Navy by Benjamin Moore for it’s purity.

pratt lambert postal blue

pratt lambert postal blue

navy paint chip


Must have trend right now: oversized waterfall island in marble with navy cabinets peeking out from underneath.  This look is forward and sleek.

oversized waterfall marble navy cab

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Navy and Gold:Rich and Regal

The rich and regal colors of navy and gold are this month’s dynamic color combo of the month.  These classic colors paired together make for moody comfort like no other.   Combined they elevate any style from masculine, beachy, deco, or regency.  In this post we will explore the many different looks of navy and gold, plus designer tips and picks from our design team at Jigsaw.

navy gold tuffed living-leading image

This color combo knows no bounds and can work well in most any room.  Navy cabinets in the kitchen are refreshing and refined, as well as in the bath.  For a modern twist on the color, use a bold wallpaper in a small bathroom to wow your guests.

navy gold kithcen

navy gold bath

Navy and gold in the bedroom can make for a happy marriage.  Okay, maybe it takes more than that, but between style and color navy will bring a masculine touch while the gold brings on the glitz and glamour to satisfy the ladies. Laying the colors on top of creams or white will break up the dark color for a soothing bedroom in any style and create the perfect combination for an elegant hotel vibe or a traditional retreat.

elegant navy gold bedroom

navy gold white bedroom

Striking and bold or subtle and sophisticated all describe the personality of navy and gold in these living rooms.  From a slightly masculine direction in a New York apartment to a light hearted beach-bungalow, melding these colors together make for gorgeous moody glam sophistication.

navy gold new york apartment

beachy navy gold

A great place to experiment with a fresh color combination is in a dining room.  Lacquer the walls in navy and drop a grand gold chandelier for high impact to liven up you dinner parties.  This color match made in heaven plays well in any type of setting from traditional to modern.   The following image includes a navy rug with high back chair and a splash of emerald green that builds a creative setting for an evening of fun in the image below.

navy gold emerald

navy ceiling gold mirror rods

navy gold dining round talbe

navy gold square table

Want to get the look?  Being classic colors, navy and gold are always pretty easy to find in the marketplace.  Starting with a few foundation pieces like a navy sofa or arm chair and pairing them with a gold side table or coffee table is the perfect place to start; then starting building from there.  Check out the great Jigsaw Designer picks in the images below.

navy gold seating area

navy sofa

finn coffee table joss main


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navy gold office

table setting

navy gold throw etsy

navy gold wite antler


Pretty in Navy and Pink

While being dawned by the A list celebs at the Oscars, these oh-so-complimentary colors have been a match made in interior design heaven.  Navy and pink are the perfect partners where masculine meets feminine in the home.  This stunning pair exudes balance and harmony in a spectacular fashion.

1st image

Navy is a powerful color that is associated with depth and stability. It symbolizes confidence, trust, wisdom, intelligence, faith, and truth.  While pink is a symbol of love and associated with nurturing and compassion.   Therefore the strength of a navy room is perfectly balanced with the delicate softness of pink.  Take this living room for example.  It is a dynamic room with a bold navy patterned rug, navy walls and furniture.  Alone, this would be a navy overdose, but it appears completely balanced with the perfect placement of the pink pillows and framed artwork.

Living room

Too much of a good thing isn’t always the best.  Layering navy and pink with other colors is an easy way to get the look without committing every item in your space to these two colors.  In the next two photos these bedrooms have neutrals mixed in to soften the look.  The gray pillows in the first room help mellow the bold navy and pink.   Likewise, the gold color pillows in the second image help break up the intensity of this compelling color combo.

Bed Close Up

Bedroom 1

The best foundation color to pop the navy and pink is crisp white.  Whether it’s mixed into a pattern or the color of the largest piece of furniture in the room, this base color is necessary for the two colors to be displayed in all their glory.  If you are drawn to this look and want to try trend but not make a huge investment, then try starting with navy and pink as accent colors on a mostly white backdrop.  Navy and pink throw pillows on a white sofa, with pink flowers in a vase on the table are the perfect start.   White bedding with navy and pink pillows and navy curtains is another more disposable way to get the trend without overkill.

Living Close up

Navy and pink together are refreshing and full of energy.  This color combo is a happy one and we know it will affect your mood.  Who wouldn’t feel blissful sitting at this gorgeous navy and pink make up table?  What a great place to start the day, and what a great time for a navy and pink update.


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