Reinventing the Classics

We dedicate this post to the old adage that ‘history repeats itself’; and with that, no furniture designer/architect team continues to resurface like Charles and Ray Eames.  Interestingly enough Charles’ vision was so futuristic he was kicked out of the first university he attended for being too ‘modern’.

While both Charles and Ray were born and raised in the US, their tendency for the Danish modern style and techniques were the cornerstone of their illustrious careers.  This dynamic duo rolled out hit after hit and their fame is still growing today.

The classic designs are still being sold today through many institutions such as Design Within Reach and Herman Miller to name a few.  But, we are seeing these classic beauties pop up in fresh new ways.  Following are images of a few of our favorite reinvented  classic dining chairs; big bold floral painted prints, spray paint, and even…yes…white duct tape.  Why not?

Blk Wht Eames

DYI Paint Duct Tape Eames

Painted Eames

Already have the classic but want to update it?  Simply add a camo print or a sumptuous Sherpa slip cover.

Sherpa Eames

Camo Eames

Launched in 1956 the Eames Leather Lounger and Ottoman are the most comfortable of the Eames designs and certainly the most copied.  Nevertheless the copying still continues as you will see in the following photos.  We love the plaid redo on the Eames original; or Eames meets West with the cowhide lounger found in a variety of colors.

Plaid Lounger

Eames Hipster Fabric


The iconic business office chair or “work” chair being part of the Aluminum Group is steadfast and true.  The official “desk” chair of the Jigsaw Design offices, I might add, is also popping up in printed fabrics instead of leather.  The pink and white print could make a great substitute for a glider in a baby nursery and the womb lounger is just so cool covered in Proenza Schouler fabric.

Pink Eames

Womb Chair print

The Eames’ mass produced their futuristic yet timeless designs for airports, train stations and hospitals to name a few.  The Jigsaw Designers love the look of these reinvented vintage airport chair sets in place of a sofa or love seat in a sitting room.  Don’t plan to get cozy enough to watch an epic film, but perfect for high tea or happy hour with friends!

Airport Egg Chair

Black Airport Eames

Orange Airport

Oh Eames, how much do we love thee, let us count the ways…too many style to love and continue to love.  We hope you are inspired to seek out a reinvented classic or reinvent one yourself.  Let us know how you transform your Eames.  We like hearing from you!

Eames rocker and hammock

Eames Bikini

Eames For Herman Miller

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NuLoom Lounger

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