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Coffee Table Trends-What’s Hot Right Now

The classic rectangle coffee table is quickly being passed over for newer and more updated shapes.  Current trends that are making waves include fresh new takes on round, square, mixed metal, and Lucite.  In this post we’ll explore some fun and exciting looks to freshen up your space.  Most rooms like the image of the white room with the black metal table consist of existing rectangular shapes from the sofa, rug, and even the room itself.  Therefore placing a more organic shape like round or kidney creates a better flow for the eye to follow.

Black Round


The round coffee table has become increasingly popular and can be found in so many varieties.  The Jigsaw Designers love mixing metal into a space for a touch of industrial modern.  The gold leaf Modern Glam table below is fresh and light enough to add into most any room.

Round Metal Arabesque

Carrera marble is the hottest look for kitchens and bathrooms renovations. Therefore this look is trending into the furniture market as well.  The marble makes a beautiful table top for coffee tables, and creates a look that is clean, bright and eye catching.  The mix of Carrera and the vintage look of the gold leaf legs in the image below are the perfect juxtaposition of modern and vintage.

Brass Marble Round

If you like the metal trend, but don’t want to love it for too long, CB2 designs a chrome and Carrera table that’s very affordable as seen pictured below.  Metal and wood styles nod to the industrial vibe that is still going strong, and the solid wood round or square tables will also fit nicely into the industrial modern look for a more organic feel.

Marble silver cb2


Industrial Round

Reclaimed Wood Round

We are also seeing a surge in tufted ottomans used as table again.  The beauty of a tufted ottoman is that you can recover as the trends in color and fabric change.  They have a timeless feel and have slightly more flexibility in their use.  In the images below, both the round tufted orange and the turquoise blue really pop in these rooms and give them added personality.

Turq Square Tufted

Orange Round Tufted

While Lucite is a strong material in many areas of design, the Lucite coffee table is sometimes the perfect addition to a room.  The square table below seems to float in the room’s monochromatic palate, not disturbing the serenity.   Furthermore, a Lucite table can complete a room and allow for the natural elements like light from a window or a rug to take center stage as shown in the second image of the round Lucite table.

Lucite square

round lucite

Square coffee tables have also become increasing popular like their relative square dining table.  The square table creates a perfect balance in sitting areas, and allows for better flow to the living area.  We love the white square table below for its intricate detail while being simple in shape and color.  It adds interest to a room with an artistic flair.

white square

Raffia Square

Smokey mirrors are being used on walls, dressers, dining tables and even coffee tables.  From clean and contemporary to antiqued and ornate this look is on the rise.

smokey mirror round

smoked miror brass

round metal silver

Whether you are in search for a statement table with wow factor or an understated one for simplicity, we hope this post will inspire you in a fresh new direction.  For more information on smokey mirrors or Lucite check out our archives for previous blogs on these topics.

multi metal round


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The Spanish Evolution

The quintessential ‘Spanish style’ in interior design has truly evolved. Think white, light and airy when it comes to the new modern take on this classic hacienda style.  The fine line between Spanish and Mediterranean is thinning as the shift from dark and heavy décor moves into bright seaside whites with touches of classical iron and cherry wood.  The days of over cluttered and ornate accessories and art are becoming a thing of the past as the Spanish style transitions to a more minimal approach.  Lines are becoming cleaner and more elegant which lends itself to show off important pieces of elaborate art, tapestries and patterns.  In the image below, this light and airy room is so inviting with its crisp white walls, curtains and sofas.  The touches of iron for the curtain rods and lamps reflect the root of the Spanish style as well as the exposed beam ceilings.  The lines in the ceiling seem to sweep you softly to the outdoors among the cactus garden in nature’s own flora and fauna landscape.

White Living Room

The spirit of the Spanish style always feels like a vacation, but the contemporary hacienda has a chic new twist.  Clean nearly blank walls all in white, with one bright accent wall to pop a piece of Spanish artwork.  Mixing modern or mid-century modern furniture and flooring makes this new modern Spanish style unique and fresh.  Brightly colored tiles mixed with neutral or grey walls and antiques create a youthful vibe with old world bones.  Spanish style and tiles are really coming back but with more color and pattern options.  More options than the traditional brown and gold tones we used to be limited to.  The Jigsaw Designers love mixing these floor tiles in a bathroom with rustic modern pieces like a large black pained shower glass doors, reclaimed cabinets with Carrera countertops, and a vintage iron chandelier.

Modern span Mexican tile spanish tile

Consider wall tapestries and Spanish theme artwork when you update your decor. While giving focus to the room, wall art is an excellent opportunity to enhance your hacienda design theme.    While keeping the overall look white and bright, add a color indigenous to the Mediterranean and Spanish regions in colors of creamy ivory, gold, turquoise blues, rich greens and deep red and of course terra cotta.  High ceilings, concrete floors, and exposed beams are all typical elements of the Spanish style and can be the perfect canvas to express the Hacienda flavor.  In the bedroom image below the ceilings are very high, the color palate in greens and terra cotta, and while being a bit dark (which is typically Spanish), it is not cluttered with art work and accessories.  The space and rich colors are simply allowed to flow and the look really works.

Orange bedroom

Combining the grandeur of bold artwork with the organic look of iron wall decor and the rustic appeal of Spanish Hacienda furniture can make your rooms feel more interesting and inviting.  Furnish your space with touches of iron candle holders, candelabras, lanterns, hurricanes and wall sconces which are classic to Spanish and Mediterranean design.  All with keeping the lines cleaner and color palette brighter will give focus to the room and provide an excellent opportunity to enhance your updated Spanish-chic decorating theme.

Span Outdoor outdoor colonade

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Nature Does It Best

Living in the environmentally conscious age we live in really inspires each of us to think outside the box.  Granted we have always been taught to go green, recycle and not to ever waste water…but who knew that 70 year old barn my grandfather built would be worth so much money…torn down that is.  Reclaimed wood is one of the many ways designers and architects are thinking in a sustainable format.  Essentially, the wood found in barns, snow fences, and other outdoor buildings that have stood the test of time have a proven record of sustainability and are still ready for good use.

Cedar and cypress wood are a few of these hearty materials that are being used in a myriad of ways.  Known as “Reclaimed Wood”, this natural resource is extracted, de-metaled, cleaned and sometimes treated if necessary.  The wood can then be used for the exterior of the home, interior walls, stair cases, art and furniture.  The Jigsaw Designers like mixing the rustic look of vintage wood into a modern home giving it new life, for example installing a reclaimed wood wall with polished concrete flooring giving a new twist and added interest and texture to the home.   A formal dining room can be given an earthy warm feel while still being perfectly proper and luxurious when adding a reclaimed wood dining table.  Combing old with new brings a vintage-fresh feel and cozy familiarity to your home.

While at one time being hard to come by, reclaimed wood can be found easily from a variety of resources on the internet.  One of our favorite operations is called Trestlewood based in Utah and Idaho.  The cost of recycled lumber varies, and in an “as is” condition will be more expensive than new, green lumber.  While furniture is quite diverse in quality, style and price, it can be found through small custom mom and pop operations to chains like Restoration Hardware.  We love this gorgeous sustainable credenza by Urban Woods LA included in the photos below.  Also on the rise, sustainable restaurants are a trend we are seeing a lot more of.  The Jigsaw Designers remodeled the local LA eatery, Fatty’s Public House,  and installed a unique reclaimed wood ceiling and eye catching wood interiors throughout as seen in the photos below.

Using natural and reclaimed materials is a trend that we know will evolve as these things do, but buying sustainable and reusing will never go out of style.

No trees were harmed while writing this blog. Ceiling Wood Fattys wall Reclaimed Wood 2 Reclaimed wood 3 Reclaimed Wood west elm wood

For more information on reclaimed wood and resources visit the contact page on the Jigsaw Design Group website at www.jigsawdesigngroup.com.  Someone will quickly contact you with more information.  Please subscribe to the blog for more informative articles like these, and check out our Facebook page for more tips and images!  Be sure to ‘like us’ on Facebook!