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Nature Does It Best

Living in the environmentally conscious age we live in really inspires each of us to think outside the box.  Granted we have always been taught to go green, recycle and not to ever waste water…but who knew that 70 year old barn my grandfather built would be worth so much money…torn down that is.  Reclaimed wood is one of the many ways designers and architects are thinking in a sustainable format.  Essentially, the wood found in barns, snow fences, and other outdoor buildings that have stood the test of time have a proven record of sustainability and are still ready for good use.

Cedar and cypress wood are a few of these hearty materials that are being used in a myriad of ways.  Known as “Reclaimed Wood”, this natural resource is extracted, de-metaled, cleaned and sometimes treated if necessary.  The wood can then be used for the exterior of the home, interior walls, stair cases, art and furniture.  The Jigsaw Designers like mixing the rustic look of vintage wood into a modern home giving it new life, for example installing a reclaimed wood wall with polished concrete flooring giving a new twist and added interest and texture to the home.   A formal dining room can be given an earthy warm feel while still being perfectly proper and luxurious when adding a reclaimed wood dining table.  Combing old with new brings a vintage-fresh feel and cozy familiarity to your home.

While at one time being hard to come by, reclaimed wood can be found easily from a variety of resources on the internet.  One of our favorite operations is called Trestlewood based in Utah and Idaho.  The cost of recycled lumber varies, and in an “as is” condition will be more expensive than new, green lumber.  While furniture is quite diverse in quality, style and price, it can be found through small custom mom and pop operations to chains like Restoration Hardware.  We love this gorgeous sustainable credenza by Urban Woods LA included in the photos below.  Also on the rise, sustainable restaurants are a trend we are seeing a lot more of.  The Jigsaw Designers remodeled the local LA eatery, Fatty’s Public House,  and installed a unique reclaimed wood ceiling and eye catching wood interiors throughout as seen in the photos below.

Using natural and reclaimed materials is a trend that we know will evolve as these things do, but buying sustainable and reusing will never go out of style.

No trees were harmed while writing this blog. Ceiling Wood Fattys wall Reclaimed Wood 2 Reclaimed wood 3 Reclaimed Wood west elm wood

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