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Exposed Ceiling Beams

If you are looking to make a paramount statement in your home, then consider using exposed ceiling beams.  This distinct and unforgettable look adds space and energy to your home and works well in living rooms, kitchens and even bedrooms.  Ceiling beams already exist behind the ceiling works in your home or office.  Therefore you have the option of exposing them; all you need to do is pull down the plasterboard that is covering the beams.  The Jigsaw designers love exposing the entire ceiling trusses and painting the beams for added effect.

bed trusses kitchen truss

Maybe you are not looking to demolition the ceiling and deal with the mess of exposing your covered beams.  Well, you are in luck.  These days you can simply add exposed beams to your ceiling to get the look.  These faux beams can be added by using real wood to your existing ceiling.  Reclaimed wood is very popular right now, as well as simulated wood.  Real wood beams are the most authentic looking of course but are very costly and heavy to install and the Jigsaw Design team suggest using a professional to install the heavy beams.  The second option is the simulated wood.  These beams are much more cost effective and lighter weight as they are hollowed out beams made of real wood or polyurethane.

faux dining faux kitchen faux piano

The exposed ceiling beam plays no favorites among styles.  This character adding feature plays well in industrial lofts, Spanish style, traditional, modern, craftsman, you name it and it can work.  It’s also not only reserved for the living room.  There is always room for drama in the bedroom, and yes, I am also speaking from a design stand point.  The following bedrooms have their own take on the exposed ceiling beam.  Whitewashed, rustic or crisply painted; these rooms are filled with personality.

rustic modern bedroom modern bed classic bed charcoal bed

The ceiling is often overlooked when it comes to interior design.  However, incorporating the ceiling in your décor is the perfect canvas to create drama and add dimension to your space.  We hope the images and tips included in this post will inspire you to consider adding or exposing your ceiling beams to fit your home style.  Enjoy and have fun taking your décor to a higher level.

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