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Brick Wall Interiors

Exposed brick walls are an attractive way to add a rustic modern touch to your home.  Regardless of the style of your home this trend can be adapted into most interiors and blend beautifully.  The organic feel of the bricks have an overall industrial look with a historical quality.  Therefore from the modern to traditional home this stylish trend can work well in a small area or an entire room.  Bricking one wall in a bedroom or bathroom may be just enough to achieve the look without overdoing it.  See the images of the bedroom below, the soft palette coupled with the brick and chandelier are inviting and timeless.  The brick wall is so flexible that this bedroom could be in an industrial loft, beach house or even a Provencal home in the south of France.

brick bedroom

The Jigsaw Designers love to merge the styles of rustic modern and Hollywood glam with a brick wall being the common denominator.  The rustic rough surface of the bricks with their geometric layout, coupled with the crystals and curved lines of the ultra-feminine chandelier create a cozy space and bridge the gap between masculine and feminine.  Here you will see two great examples of mixing the rustic and glam looks together for a room you may never want to leave.

brick chandelier dining

brick chandelier

There are a few options for adding a brick wall to the interior of your home.  The first is to expose existing bricks.  Older homes often have brick underneath the plaster walls, and the brick may still be in good condition, if not it will need to be restored.   The second way is to have actual brick and mortar installed in your home.  This method is more authentic than panels, but labor-intensive (aka cost intensive) and be prepared to lose several inches of space along the wall or the entire room if you plan to brick the full room.  Lastly and most easily installed are brick panels called brick veneers.  In this method thin bricks are bonded to the drywall much like tile.  Due to the veneer being thin, you don’t lose the space like real brick, and if you are handy and have a wet saw (or access to one), you can do this project yourself.  Keep checking back for the Jigsaw Design DIY Brick Wall video-blog, due out this summer.

process brick

The Rustic Modern look is on top in trends right now.  It is a very versatile look and a great way to combine masculine and feminine.  The exposed brick wall is the pinnacle of this look and can be easily achieved.  We hope this post will inspire you to add your own brick wall and let us know how your project turns out.  We enjoy hearing from you.

brick curved ceiling

Emily Wren Photography

Brick loft dine

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