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Faux Antlers

Animal antlers are not just for hunting lodges anymore.  They are also for those who seek a little whimsy in their décor.  The longevity of this trend in displaying faux and real animal horns and antlers is definitely one that’s up for debate.  Nonetheless, these interesting little oddities are simply…cool.  Antlers and horns can be found in a variety of styles and materials; solid white ceramic, printed paper mache’, chrome and of course the real thing.

The Jigsaw Designers love the look of horns and antlers mixed into a modern space with clean lines.  Get this look by placing a single pair of antlers or several pair on a solid brightly painted wall for a fun and modern look.   The antlers in any style can bring an element of surprise to almost any room.  We also recommend using a statement color antler with exaggerated features as a focal point in a living or dining room, possibly above the fire place for a quirky conversation piece.

Below are a few of our favorites.  These interesting creatures are quite easy to find on-line.  Some of the best styles we have found can be purchased in custom colors on Etsy.  Others are available on-line at West Elm, Restoration Hardware and a variety of other on-line venues.

 Chrome Antlers White Antlers Printed Antler Pink Antler

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