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Carpet Trends for 2015

bold floral carpet

The perfect flooring can make a huge impact on the overall look and style of your space. Choosing the best option can be a challenge as flooring trends are always evolving like everything else in interiors and fashion.  Hardwood floors are still primarily at the top of most of our client’s lists at Jigsaw Design Group.  While trends in concrete floors, marble and tile are climbing in popularity, we are seeing a renewed love for carpet in certain rooms of the home.  You can’t help but want to kick off your shoes after a long hard day of work and sink your toes into a cozy shag carpet…now can you?

White shag carpet living


Comfort is the objective in carpet trends with thick piles with rich oversized loops.  These comfy styles come in the luxurious new blends of wool, silk, and linen.  With vintage looks still running strong in this category,  shags and plush woven animals like leopard and antelope are dominating this market segment.

fun shag living

Grey Shag

shag bedroom

plush prints loft


Neutral carpeting will always be in style as it lays a blank canvas for the room to be built on.  Creams and grey tones are top pick for the neutral lover, however, there are new twists to this typically subtle look with raised patterns and textures for added dimension.  The carpet then plays an important role in unifying the feeling of the room.  The Jigsaw Designers like using neutral and white carpets with a complimentary pattern for an added layer of depth.

white patterned carpet

white alhambra pattern


Brace yourself for this 70’s throwback, but we are seeing a rise in bright artistic colors in carpeting again.  This look is great for a small space like an office or a hallway to make a statement.  Strong colors we are seeing are reds, lilacs, greens and purples.  Even these spiffy new brights are maintaining the fresh looks in textures and patterns that make more of an impact on the room.

purple carpet runner


bright carpet zigzap dining

green shag



Not so daring, but want something a little fearless?  Try a fun runner up your stairs.  A neutral mixed with an accent color that you can play up throughout the space.  It will dress up your stairs and give that space a voice.  The Jigsaw Designers always embrace the menswear trend and like the herringbone runner in the images below to give a nod to this current movement.


werstler leopard runner

Carpet-stripe runner bold


No matter how you spin it, carpet is something you live with for a long time.  So you have to love it and it has to be your style.  Sometimes its good to step outside of your comfort zone and try something a little more audacious and just have fun with it.

Pattered neutral living

plush printed carpet

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plush printed antelope runner