Lemon Yellow-Summer’s Color

As summer approaches we naturally crave warm sunny colors like lemon yellow, which is arguably the happiest color in the spectrum.  This cheeky color was the hot color for spring runways during New York’s fashion week.  In this post we will explore fun ways to add lemon yellow to your space to catch this summer loving trend.

Yellow Chandelier

Yellow Hunter

This playful hue has big personality and blends well with most colors.  For wow factor, pop lemon yellow in a navy and white room.  The look is crisp and the yellow lightens the weight of the navy creating a cheery mood.

Yellow and Navy

The Jigsaw Designers love the classic look of lemon yellow with black and white that transcends time.  While the following spaces have a midcentury feel they still remain sharp and modern.  The cheerfulness of the yellow keeps the black and white from appearing too formal or serious.  Even the restaurant in the images below with all black interiors play off as happy and light with the yellow epoxy floors.

Viceroy Chairs

Viceroy Fireplace

Yellow Epoxy Floor Croatia

Being a very optimistic color this natural hue, inspired by lemons, is always associated with sunshine and happiness.  Yellow  is proven to stimulate the mind and is believed to be physically revitalizing.  The energy is obvious in the rooms below; even with the layers of bright colors the yellow is a blast of energy that brings balance to these ultra feminine spaces.

Chinoise Cabinet Yellow Multi colors

Yellow Mulit colors

Yellow Mid Century chairs

Yellow being the symbol of joy and peace in the Chinese Feng Shui theory, it can be used in any room of the home, even in the bathroom. We love these quirky tiles in the bathrooms below.  The patterns are interesting and the fun pop of yellow give these small rooms a lift.

Bathroom Yellow Geo tiles

YellowBath Tiles 2

Lighten you mood with sunny lemon yellow wether a little or lot, it will brighten your day.  While the list of bright yellow paint colors are great, our favorite lemon yellow is called Lemon Twist by Benjamin Moore.


Yellow Credenza

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Kids Room Yellow

Yellow Dining Chairs


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