Bold Curtains

stripe curtains purple room

You know how the saying goes…Go big or go home!  Curtains in bold colors and patterns can add tremendous wow factor to a room.

Splatter Paint bold curt


The more patterns the merrier.  Mixing different scales of patterns surprisingly keep the overall view of the room from looking too busy.  While these rooms have a pretty mellow color pallet as a whole, the mixed patterns from the rug, pillows and curtain play together in a fantastically delightful rhythm.

mixed pattern room curtain

black and white w red pillows curt

Don’t be scared of mixing boldly painted walls and drapes in bright hues.  Even working in the same color group like the forest green lacquered walls in the following image work perfectly with the chartreuse drapes.  An interesting trend to watch is mixing blues and purples, turquoise and purple.  Bold moves but very appealing to the eye.

chartruese dining

turq roman and drapes

turq walls

Not that brave?  Popping a neutral room with a bold drape creates an exciting atmosphere, and as the trends changes, it’s a relatively easy to update.

We love floor to ceiling yellow drapes for a bedroom shared with hubby, not too girly, but brings a lovely balance of masculine and feminine when paired white black and white or charcoal grey.

yellow curtains bedroom

yellow curt in blk wht room

The trend we are loving right now at Jigsaw Design Group…layering roman shades in bold patterns paired with dramatic drapes in vibrant colors. This look layered in a room in subtle shades draw the eye to this artistic focal point in the space.

orange layered w roman

roman grasscloth blue ikat traditional

chinoiserie roman layered

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