The Modern Chandelier

Welcome back to part 2 of the Today’s Chandelier series.  In our last post we looked at traditional crystal and glass chandeliers.  While these traditional styles work well in modern to traditional homes, the same is true for the modern chandelier.  The modern chandelier is still mostly comprised of crystal and glass.  However we are seeing Lucite, wrought iron, shells, sea glass, wine bottles and many other materials.

wrought iron

wine bottles

Black chand living

One of the freshest styles in the crystal chandelier is called linear suspension and is typically is made up of strands of crystals hung in long drips of gorgeous light.  These styles work best over dining table, kitchens, or bar areas that have a wide space to cover.  See the images below how these long linear chandeliers add the perfect amount of drama to the room.  One of the images included is of blown glass bubbles that look as if they are floating down from the ceiling.

Modern Long Drip Dining

Modern Drip Dining

mod bubbles

The name chandelier has grown to mean many different things.  While at one time it was meant for the standard traditional crystal dripping lamp, but now it is much more.  The artichoke chandelier made way for other materials to be considered for the purpose elegant lighting, but without the glitzy crystals.  Below are images of beautiful starbursts of light, puffs of nylon, metal, and glass in organic forms and a mélange of colors and styles.  Glass tubes form a burst of light and energy, nylon dandelions float above a kitchen; all so pleasing and interesting to the eye.

dandelion kitchen

Star chan

Star bedroom

Like the traditional chandelier, bathrooms get dressed up with the modern chandelier.  Fresh zingy colors of glass pop in a modern bathroom.  As well as an oversized spray of tiny crystals hypnotize you while bathing in this erotic red bathroom.  The looks are sexy and fun and who wouldn’t want to linger in a bath here.

Modern Yellow Bath

red bath

Adding a chandelier can enhance the look of your home or office.  Whatever style you are most drawn to between modern or traditional chandeliers they are easily accessible and available in every budget.  There are many resources available on-line, or you can work with a custom designer like Jigsaw.  For example, the Jigsaw Designers work directly with Venetian manufacturers who can customize a one-of-a-kind chandelier to the last detail.   We hope this post will inspire you to embrace the inner Marie Antoinette in yourself and get a move on your chandelier install.

mod white chand bath

mod kitchen

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  1. Hi, please could you give me the product details of the black and white wallpaper in the dining room photo with the rectangular bubble light? Kind regards Jo

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