The Modern Murphy Bed

The desire for more space is a resounding request we hear every day from our clients at Jigsaw Design.  Whether the space is needed for a guest room, home office, kid’s playroom or all three in one, multifunctional rooms and more space are on the top of our client’s want list.  While being used since the early 1900’s, the Murphy bed has been a space saving solution that has stood the test of time.  Mr. Murphy’s naughty intent to coax women into his San Francisco bachelor pad lead him to create a design that still thrives today.  In this post we will show some unique and downright cool Murphy beds that are nothing like the infamous Charlie Chaplin bouncing beds from the days of silent films.

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The Murphy bed is an excellent solution for adding space, but it comes with a rather high price tag.  A custom designed Murphy bed, depending on the features you want to include, can set you back $3K to $10K.  Custom cabinetry can be built in as well as lighting, book shelves and technology.  If you are a city dweller looking for a Murphy bed to sleep on every night, then a custom designed bed will be the best route.  Also in keeping with your custom designed home, finding a prefabricated bed with high-end appeal may present some challenges.

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While not giving you the more luxurious feel and aesthetics of the custom bed, there are dozens of prefab Murphy beds available at market for more reasonable prices.   This is an excellent solution for a guest room.  Your office, playroom, craft room or sewing room can double as a guest room in an instant.  A quality prefab Murphy beds run about $1,000-$3,000 with professional installation.

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murphy bed sofa

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If you are somewhat handy and on a budget, then Murphy kits are available on line to install yourself.  These beds can be attached to the wall or floor inside an existing closet and viola…extra bed and out of sight!  Most kits run between $300-$400 and work smoothly and easily.


The quality of sleep you or your guest will have on the Murphy system will far surpass that of a futon or air mattress.  Whatever direction you choose for your Murphy bed this is a fantastic idea as a space saver.  Considering the cost of adding extra square footage to your home the Murphy is a steal!

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  1. I’m trying to find a company who will order/install your 4th photographed murphy bed. Can you offer any assistance please?

    Julie in California

  2. Hi I want to buy just the Murphy Bed kit with slat frame, like you show in your 6th picture. In a Queen size. That you said around $300 to 400.00. Where? Jana 281-222-5871

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