Upholstery-The New Wallpaper

Stepping into world renowned hotels like the George V Paris, Danieli in Venice, or Ritz London you are surrounded by European elegance from the “authorities”.  You take in the rich timeless furniture, draperies, and details.  Yet at the heart of it are the gorgeous upholstered walls that exude luxury and lay the canvas for precious art, and to ultimately elevate style and mood.  This added layer of texture creates the feeling of being wrapped in comfort while remaining stately and distinguished.

George V Paris blue fabric wall paper


london hotel



The fabric wall covering trend however popular for centuries is making a resurgence as we find ourselves more environmentally conscious in using less paper, and as always searching for the added touch of luxury to surround ourselves with in this busy world we live in.

pinstripe sitting

The added comfort of the upholstered wall are ideal for the bedroom with the texture of the fabric naturally absorbing sound and making the room quieter for a more peaceful sleep.  Not to mention how down right sexy the look is whether it’s a feature wall behind the bed or an entire room, you feel pampered and royal in a room like this.

Blk wht bedroom

Adding fabric wall coverings are an ideal solution for acoustics in game rooms and home theaters.  Likewise, rooms with round or curved walls can easily be covered for a flawless look.

home theatre

The misconception that a fabric covered wall lies only in the area of traditional home is highly mistaken.  Upholstery can be easily translated into contemporary and modern homes giving an added warmth to a minimal space with clean lines.  Whether creating a backdrop for a bedroom or being the art in and of itself in the following two dining rooms, it’s as if the walls are alive with creativity and make way for furniture to be simple and not fussy.




A fabric wall can be playful and light like in the sitting area below.  The fabric is outlined with studs, and antlers were added for a touch of whimsy to keep the room from being too serious.

living antlers

If you want to get the look but not committed to an entire room with upholstered walls, try creating a tufted wall to be your headboard.  This will create a striking affect and be functional for comfort and quiet. Adding a tufted wall or panel to a reading area can bring warmth to the space while adding visual interest as well.

Bedroom Photo


upolster walls

While you may question if the upholstered wall is for you, the variety of fabric available to hang today might just change your mind.  From silk to wool almost any fabric can be hung with the clean edge style for a flawless look.  Share with us how you upholstered your wall, we like hearing from you.  Don’t forget to subscribe to the blog!

blk wht fabric

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