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Grand Entrances-Pivot Doors

pivot door 13 grand entrance leading image

While peeking your interest,  you can’t help but have the urge to see what is just beyond the incredible pivot doors  which are so inviting in this image.  It’s as if you are drawn in so effortlessly by this minimalistic craft.  While the entrance of your home makes the first impression on your guests, why not take their breathe away with a grand entrance with custom pivot doors.

Pivot Door 12 Red

Pivot Door 11 Curved

Pivot doors have a clean and fresh approach to door design.  While typically minimalistic in style, these doors can easily assimilate into most home styles.  The pivot door swings on a set of mounted pins in the top and the bottom of a frame versus hinging off of a door jamb.  Creating not only state-of-the-art craftsmanship, but an attraction in your home or business like a work of art.

Pivot Door 8 white washed entrance

Pivot Door 12 All Glass

While creating drama with an impressive entrance, these doors are also ideal for areas leading out to a back yard or patio.  Especially when several are used connected together, the lines between indoor and outdoor are blurred.

Pivot Door 7 outdoor in flw influence

Pivot Door 6 wall large

Pivot doors can be made in glass, wood, and aluminum most commonly.  While there are several resources that can be found online, the Jigsaw Designers have found a few stand out leaders in the industry.

Western Window Systems specialize in extra wide glass doors.  Western will create a door panel so wide that most companies would insist on building two doors instead of one.  Their doors are glass and aluminum.

Western Window Sytstem photo

Dieffe based in Beverly Hills, CA will create custom built doors for their clients.  From wood to aluminum their doors are all one-of-a-kind built with a variety of finishes.  The finishes range from oak, lark, glass lacquered wood, teak and stainless steel.

Dieffe image

These gorgeous door are not limited to the outdoors or front entrance.  They can be also be used indoor for unique entrances to luxurious rooms or hallways that access master or guest suites for added privacy, or to a home office or library.  Whatever the case these doors are unique and forward thinking.


Pivot Door 5 Modern b n w

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Pivot Door 4 Entrance

Pivot Door 1