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Custom Wine Cellars

Good-bye wet bar…HELLO wine cellar!  Custom designed wine cellars are growing in popularity for renovations and new builds.  For the amateur and the aficionado alike, custom wine cellars and home tasting rooms are at the top of the Jigsaw client’s want list.  The social aspect of wine tasting and collecting has grown immensely in recent years and homeowners are carving out space in their home and budget to add the perfect cellar.




A state of the art cellar with genius storage and lux design is both sexy and a great place for entertaining. Whether your taste tends to be sleek and modern or rustic charm, these social spaces are downright cool!  In the following image the cellar is simple in design with clean lines, and mixed materials of stainless steel and layered stone.  A look that screams style!

STainless Cellar

The sophisticated retreat in the image below is a converted basement.  The curved ceiling coupled with the curved glass adds a custom designed touch that really transforms this into a unique escape from the world.  Pendant lamps and soft neutrals make this cellar inviting and relaxing.

Basement wine room cellar curved ceilings

A little tight on space?  No problem, these imaginative wine storage rooms can be hidden under the stairs and displayed with glass walls and doors for saving space.  Or simply add a glass wine storage cabinet to an existing wall in the kitchen to be aesthetically pleasing as well as functional.  If you are working on a budget and have no extra room for a cellar, try setting up shelving in a. existing room to display wine like a wine library.  However the temperature will not be controlled like most cellars, it’s still a perfect look for the hipster in you.

Wine storage under stairs

contemporary under stairs

wine storage glass case

wine storage library like

The Jigsaw Designers love incorporating spaces together in unique ways like in the dining room below.  Why not make a wall in your dining room a glass walled cellar for your guests to “oh and ah” over your extensive collections of wine.  Wine is art, so why not display it as so.


wine wall as art in dining

Jigsaw Designers find that using an existing pantry to convert into a wine storage area is a great place to add wine storage or cellar.  With it being an existing space and wired with electricity the renovation will be much easier and budget friendly.  If it’s not large enough for a cellar, a small tasting room and intelligently designed storage area can be a great solution.


wine storage off kitchen cararra floor

storage circles

If your budget is carte blanch, then why not create a fantasy space or a work of art.  Surround your guest with walls of wine as you spiral down a staircase cut right into the floor.  Or create a mystical ambiance with unique lighting and storage that is more like a work of art, all while natural light cascades from the glass floors in the sitting room over-head.

cellar trap door

blue illuminated

The wine cellar is a fun and relaxing space and it should reflect your personality just like the rest of your house.  All you need are the functional pieces, then a little creativity and a lot of wine.

neon cell


For more information on custom wine cellars and resources visit the contact page on the Jigsaw Design Group website at www.jigsawdesigngroup.com.  Someone will quickly contact you with more information.  Please subscribe to the blog for more informative articles like these, and check out our Facebook page for more tips and images!  Be sure to ‘like us’ on Facebook!

hole in floor brick