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The Hipster Aesthetic-Differentiate Your Space

hipster dinig bold orange deer

A common style request we continue to receive, especially in the commercial side of our interior design business at Jigsaw Design Group, are clients looking for a ‘hipster’ style in their space.  While much of the trendy restaurants, coffee shops, works spaces and even homes are taking on this old is new aesthetic,  our designers at Jigsaw strive to differentiate that style with a certain finesse. We seek to meet the demand of the client’s usual wish list of rustic modern elements — reclaimed wood, brick, exposed ceilings, concrete floors, chalkboards, loft style doors, yet we aim to keep it fresh.  In this post we’ll share some ideas on how to keep your hipster pad from looking…well…mainstream.

hipster living dinig

We believe there are different faces of this hipster aesthetic, from the hardline rustic modern style with a sentimental side of focusing on the historical aspect of a space: for example maybe you pull down the drywall in an old building to find beautiful exposed brick walls that you can pair with rustic wood floors and black iron windows.  Then there is the preppy hipster that may have a more feminine approach, with more pops of color, bright white walls and splashes of prints mixed in like Ikat, Chinoiserie or even animal prints like in a cowhide rug.

hipster mod w natural and patchwork pillow

hipster with chiosiere

To keep your hipster pad from feeling bland especially in the typical neutral color palette, think of it as more of an eclectic vibe if you will…an industrial foundation with hints of glamazon with fun bar carts, oversized art, bold statement accent colors and then paired with touches of global ethnic rugs, or throw pillow.

hipster living black stairs

Our designers believe the hipster space depends on ones interpretation and can be flexible to personal style.  With the industrial ‘hipster’ style becoming the ‘safe’ look, change it up by adding some drama with fun items that speak to you, a chandelier, or candelabras.  For example the bedroom below where bed frame is made from recycled pallets that adds a unique touch, and then topped with a bright multicolored duvet and ethnic woven pillows.  The key is to stay true to your personal sensibility and have fun with this evolving youthful style.

Hipster bedroom

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hipster kid room