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Living Walls-The Indoor Vertical Garden


bath garden

grand rapids green office

The indoor vertical garden can breath life into your home or office.  The lush ivy muse for this post is the world renowned Fred Segal in Los Angeles.

Fred Exterior

Fred LaX

When adding its’ latest location to the LAX airport, the company brought it’s iconic ivy exterior walls indoors. Visually stunning, this look makes such an impact and is being copied in stores like West Elm from So Cal to London.

West Elm Ivy

The vertical garden can be interpreted many different ways.  For example, moss is a great plant to work with considering it’s heartiness, rich color and coverage like the moss walls in the images below.  Moss looks great on walls, upstairs cases, on furniture, or piquing through cracks.

Living Moss Wall Staircase


So you live in the city in a fabulous loft apartment, but no roof top garden is included.  Bring your loft to life by bringing your garden indoors and make a statement in your space.  Start by filling your feature wall with low light indoor plants.  While the list of possibilities is vast, a few favorites worth mentioning are Sword Ferns and Dracaena for greens and Crotons and Peace Lilies for flowers and color.  These varietals are easy to grow with little maintenance.

Living Wall Interior

Living Staircase glass and plants

There are many interpretations for an indoor garden, and many can be done as a DIY project.  Exploring ideas like attaching boxes or pots to the wall for small spaces, or recycling pallets for a succulent garden on a large wall are all possibilities.  Want to do it yourself, but not work that hard?  Well, Urbino makes these cool magnetic garden pots to design how you want with very little work involved.

Pots on wall garden

Urbio magnetic garden

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Living Wall on rough stone

garden lounge