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For the Love of Lacquer

black laq console

High gloss Lacquer has made a big come back, and it’s not the lacquer of the 80’s, too often paired with a Nagel print.  No, this lacquer trend is bold and fresh with style that will be shining on for quite some time.

Red laq buffet

Furniture designer Jonathan Adler has this market segment pegged with an enormous collection of lacquer pieces to choose from.  He uses bold colors that pop the gloss to hi-def proportions and compliments each style with bold hardware options in brass or nickel.  We love his Turner Cabinet with it’s modern take mixed with chinoiserie flair.  This style would make a perfect console or buffet for your dining room that would wow your guests.

JA Turner cabinet blue

Brighten up your dining experience by adding a lacquer table into the mix.  Whether your style is modern, transitional or hollywood regency you simply can’t go wrong with the striking look of a white or black high gloss dining table.  While perfectly reflecting twinkling candle light your lacquer table will be a definite conversation starter.

Rossetto white lac table

Really ramp up this look with lacquer wall paint.  This ultimate brave move will work perfectly in a special common area like the dining room or a study.

black lac walls

lacquer peacock blue walls

If the love of lacquer is new to you,  then a safe starting place for this bold look is the bedroom, of course.  Start small with a pair of bedside tables like the West Elm white lacquer nightstand in the following image.  Really feeling the love of lacquer? Well, go big in kelly green with this delightful dresser from Room Service with perfectly paired gold hardware.

west elm white lac night stand

kelly green dresser room service

green dresser with peacock decor pad

Touches of lacquer can mix into almost any style of home in some way.  The glossy finish adds that perfect extra layer of texture.  Play up the look with fun accessories.  Lacquer trays for tidying your kitchy goodies,  a bar tray, or even bath accessories are all quick and relatively inexpensive ways to get the trend while it’s hot.



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