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Keep Looking Up

Michelangelo was on to something when he painted the ceiling of the Sistine Chapel.  What a groundbreaking use of space and approach to artistic expression!   Like the Vatican, decorating the ceiling in your home is a great way to liven up a room, add visual interest and tell your artistic story.  Over the course of the next few blogs we will explore unique ways to include your ceiling as part of your décor.

The possibilities are endless when it comes to decorating the ceiling.  First we will address painting as it is the most “do it yourself” options.  Painting is the quickest and least expensive way to achieve this update.  Simply painting the ceiling one solid accent color can instantly add depth to the overall look of your space.  It’s fairly easy if you are up for the challenge and can be achieved in a solid afternoon of work.  Using a paint roller with an extension handle will make this tedious job a bit easier than standing on a ladder with the typical roller.

Ceiling 1 Color

Ceiling 1 Color 2

If you are looking to add a bit of whimsy, try painting fun wide stripes or an interesting pattern.  Stripes work well in a masculine or feminine setting simply by careful selection of color. Painting stripes on the ceiling works best if you have two people when taping.  First measure the width between stripes on opposite ends of the ceiling.  Next, using painting tape, stretch the tape very taught from one end to the other and attaching at the area marked with a pencil.  If the tape is stretched taught your straight line should be a success.   Then paint and remove the tape when almost fully dried.

Chevron Ceiling Striped Ceiling

Bold prints or patterns will bring new life to your space and add tons of character.  When opting for an intricate pattern like an arabesque or bamboo weave a stencil is a must.  Great stencils can be found online from many different resources like cuttingedgestencils.com.  Prices range from $12-$70 for stencils and come in a wide selection.  For something simple like polka dots, you can make the stencil yourself or find them everywhere online from Etsy to eBay.   When using a stencil, taping and measuring are the key.  The more secure your taping job is, the greater the success of the overall project.  Aim for two thin coats of paint versus one thick coat.  As always, carefully remove the stencil and use low tack tape.

The thought of painting the ceiling can be quite daunting.  However, if you plan well and use some of these valuable tips you are sure to have success…and hopefully some fun in the process.   Determine what inspires you…a color, a pattern or shape and get creative.

Ceiling Arabesque Butterfly stencil

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Gold Dot Ceiling