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Art We Love: Vintage Lifestyle Photography-Featuring Slim Aarons


JA living room

Art takes on many forms.  While styles ebb and flow in the mainstream, so to speak, selecting art still remains a very intimate decision based on personal style and what appeals to ones eye.  Vintage photography is nothing new to the art or interior design scene, however we are seeing it displayed in fresh new ways and being reproduced by high profile designers.  In this post, the Jigsaw Designers selected famed photographer Slim Aarons as the feature photographer for this months Art We Love.  (Seen in self portrait below.)

slim aarons self portrait


Aarons joined the army at age 18 and served as a combat photographer in World War II.  Afterwards, leaving Aarons with an extreme dislike for war he famously stated, “The only beach worth landing on was decorated with beautiful, seminude girls tanning in a tranquil sun.” Hence leading in him the desire to photograph ‘attractive people doing attractive things in attractive places’ as he himself coined.  One spot-on example would be the image of sunbathing beauties on St. Tropez beach below.

st tropez slim aarons


Aarons photographed the jet setters and society types from the 50’s to the 80’s.  Trekking across the world from Capri, St. Tropez, Palm Springs and then some; he yachted, vacationed and observed the celebrities and aristocrats at their leisure, often times from inside their own estates and villas.

aarons_tania mailet

dining room slim

Not your typical college dorm poster; what brings these time transcending images to life again are most often the process used for display.   A photograph is printed from scans of the original negative that are then mounted on aluminum and faced with museum quality plexiglass.  Processing from a negative allows one to create the image at any size, even a wall mural in the mid-century baby nursery below.  But, most often the museum quality plexi brings added luster to the color saturated images Aarons was famous for.

mid century nurserySlim Aarons photo

kaufmann house desert house 11

One of the most beloved images featured here is called Poolside Gossip which was photographed at the famous Kaufman house in Palm Springs, CA.  The image of society ladies relaxing and simultaneously “stirring the pot” is charming and yet, familiar to us all.  This image is available in a variety of sizes at www.jigsawdesigngroup.com along with many other Slim Aarons favorites.

Slim Aarons Poolside Glamour

Slim Arrons in study

Summer by the sea in the south of France beckons you in the timeless image of celebs sun worshiping at the Hotel Du Cap in Antibes.  Ultimately, Aarons’ imagery draws you in and makes you feel welcome, making his work a fabulous compliment to ones swinging stylish pad.


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Resin Coated Photos and Art

The luster of resin coated photos and artwork can bring a fresh element of style to your space.  Resin coating is a trend that can turn an average photo into a work of art.  Old family photos, black and white images, your child’s artwork or even simple wall letter have new life with this added layer of interest.

opening photo canvas art w white sofa

Coated black n white photo hotel

Wall Letters

Photos on paper or canvas, acrylic paint or watercolor all shine with a resin coating which knows no bounds.  While a bit of a messy feat, this process can be a DYI worth trying.  In this post, we will take you on a step by step DYI for applying resin to your photos and art.  Plus give you some resources to purchase the necessary products.

arc de triomphe

Resin Coated Agate Photo on Wall


Epoxy Resin and Hardener, Spreader, Sponge Brush, Goggles, Gloves and Ventilation Mask


Now just follow the easy steps.

Step One:

Put on your protective gear, and open a window or work in well-ventilated area.

Step Two:

Mix resin and hardener in equal parts.  The resin mix must be very accurate for best results.   2 cups of mixture will cover a 2’x4’ surface so a little goes a long way.

Step Three:

Apply the mixture to the artwork that is dry to the touch-pour mixture onto center of artwork and using an epoxy spreader, spread mixture evenly to the edges allowing the mixture to run off the sides.

Step Four:

Once resin has spilled over the sides, smooth evenly with a sponge brush.

Step Five:

Allow to dry overnight.  Your custom work of art is complete.

Acrylic Abstrac resin gold white  i want this


tom ford photo

water color resin jadler

There are several resources for epoxy resin coating but we found one particularly helpful.   For more ideas for creating unique one of a kind artwork with resin coating visit www.artresin.com for a complete list of frequently asked questions.  This site also sells starter kits of Envirotex Resin and Hardener making it quick and easy to get started.

The fun doesn’t have to stop with your photos and artwork.  This flexible product can be added to table tops, floors, jewelry…the list goes on and on.

table top

Resin coated floors

Don’t like to get your hands dirty?  Try resin coated photo paper by Illford on your home printer.  Available at Amazon starting at $25 per 25 pack.  Get a nice pop of high gloss with this amazing paper.

Ildord ilford example

Enjoy this fun DYI project and let us know how resin coating transformed your photo.  We love hearing from our readers!

For more information on resin coated art and resources visit the contact page on the Jigsaw Design Group website at www.jigsawdesigngroup.com.  Someone will quickly contact you with more information.  Please subscribe to the blog for more informative articles like these, and check out our Facebook page for more tips and images!  Be sure to ‘like us’ on Facebook!