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Digital Trends: LG’s OLED Wallpaper TV

The LG OLED Wallpaper TV is an interior designer’s dream.  We are continually looking for clever ways to downplay the television in our client’s homes; now LG has helped us get a little closer to solving the eye sore plaguing living rooms across the country.

Remarkably, the W-Series is almost as thin as a credit card.  It is also flexible without distorting the picture, thus leading the way to the next step for Oleg in the portable, rollable screen that you can take with you wherever you go.

Mounting the Wallpaper TV is as simple as 2 key holes at top, and two magnets on the bottom corners.  Therefore, it is completely flush to the wall with no gaps.  No more clunky TVs.  So where are all the guts you ask…well, all of the hardware is built into the Atmos Sound Bar.  For power, a tiny ribbon cable connects the two, so there is no need for an outlet nearby either.

The Atmos Soundbar seen above contains the Dolby Vision and Sound, and the W-Series runs on 60 Watts of power.   Reportedly,  the sound the Atmos puts out is spatially very advanced.

LG is looking at a March launch for the OLED Wallpaper product, so you’ll have to impress your friends with this technological dream at next year’s Super Bowl.  Coming in with a sticker approximately $8,000, this might just be money well spent.

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How to Disguise Your TV

Let’s all agree, when it comes to your television, size does matter!  Are small televisions even made anymore?  However fantastic for game day the interim is rather unsightly.  So as designers we find ourselves wanting to hide away the big black box on the wall which we can’t live without when we find ourselves some downtime.  In this post, we explore some exciting and new ways to keep that enormous television and make it livable while not in use.

TV mirror Framed pink chairs

TV Livingroom blended by dark

A relatively quick and easy way to blend that electronic eye sore into the room is simply by framing it out to match the rest of your space.  If your windows and crown molding are white, then try matching a similar style white frame and place it on the wall surrounding your TV.  Using a bright accent color will add to the room’s charm and help the TV flow together with its surroundings.

Framed TV white modern bedroom


TV Fun Bright Yellow Living room frame


Framed TV bedroom

We see this scenario all the time…he wants the biggest TV he can find, and she wants a serene living room to relax or entertain in. Therefore one trend that is growing quickly in popularity we find is a happy marriage blending design aesthetics and technology.  Companies like Frame My TV in Massachusetts have methods of making your Tv transition from television to mirror or framed art in an instant.

tV mirror framed

TV hidden Art Atlanta Art Install


The framed mirror version is done by split beam technology that uses the black surface as the backing.   The effect is incredibly clear and make for a perfect solution for a clean fluid look.

TV mirror living

The instillation of art as a cover for the TV is also framed like the mirror, yet at the click of a button the motorized frame will slowly scroll out the image to cover the TV.  Hidden tv companies coast to coast have thousands of images to choose from and can be founds rather easily online.

TV art motorized lift Viahome.com


Imagine having the luxury of watching your favorite show and being able to completely stow it away before guests arrive for dinner.  Well, now it can be done.  The TV is mounted onto a rotating swivel built into the wall to be completely hidden.  This is a great space saving solution for a city apartment or simply a place you’d rather not stare at a TV all day, like the kitchen.

TV out of sight kitchen

The Jigsaw Designers love these innovative ideas as we are always looking for more functional ways to help people live with harmony in their homes.  Please let us know how you disguised your TV.  We love hearing from you.  Don’t forget to subscribe!

Framed TV Bdroom w seating


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TV out of sight Horchow tv cabinet mirror