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Precious Metal

Metal and metallic hues have fluctuated from gold to silver, chrome to brass for decades.  Well, there’s a new trend in metal making waves in interior design.  Made up of a mixture of gold and copper, Rose Gold has made its way from the jewelry market into home and commercial interiors.  Rose gold is THE color in metallic this season and it is welcomed with its warm color and soft feminine glow.

Capture the trend without overdoing this look by adding a few rose gold accessories to any room.  However not being the easiest color to find, light fixtures, mirrors, candelabras and throw pillows are quite readily available.  Try adding a few pieces to spruce up a room that is all neutrals.  It looks beautiful with hard wood floors, and pairs well with virtually any color.  We especially love Rose Gold with white, blush, burgundy, cream, navy and purple.

If you have other metals prominent in your space, try the fresh look of multiple metals mixing rose gold, yellow gold, and silver.  This look is very strong in the jewelry world and is naturally trending into interior design.   If you are a skeptic about this trend lasting, do it yourself with Rose Gold paint which is available everywhere.  Spray an existing vase and try the trend before you invest.

Jigsaw Designers recommend experimenting with Rose Gold.  This precious metal will give any room a fun updated look with a gorgeous glow.

Rose Gold Photo 1 Rose Gold Photo 2 Rose Gold Photo 3

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