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The Updated Photo Wall

The modern day photo wall isn’t your traditional grandmother’s brag wall anymore.  When selecting the right frames and using a fresh layout, you can create a work of art.  We’ve mapped out some simple steps to make what seems like a daunting process enjoyable.

The first step of course is selecting some initial photos that you want to frame.  The Jigsaw Designers suggest mixing black and white images with color to not limit your use of vintage family photos with your most recent ones.   Next step is choosing an overall theme for your frames.  Selecting a look that matches your style or something you’d like to compliment in your home for a cohesive look.  The Jigsaw Designers recently installed a picture wall with all white high gloss frames mixing baroque, arabesque and simple style frames.  The inspiration came from a trendy local hotel and perfectly complimented the existing white wrought iron and cabinetry in her home.  Being limited on photo display space the result was a fresh modern art wall where the client could enjoy her much loved family photos every day. 

Next, we recommend mixing in other elements into your picture wall to add depth and dimension.  A fleur d’lei, family initial, or even your child’s artwork are great ways to add variety to your wall and express your personality.  Once you selected all of your elements, it’s time to design the layout.  The best way to start is simply take all your art wall pieces and create a layout on your floor.  Move pieces around until you are satisfied with the flow.  If it’s tough to get started try roughly sketching out the frame shapes on paper and gently taping them to the wall.  Then move on to a mock layout on the floor to see what the finished look will be.

Once you’ve selected your layout you are ready to install.  You will need to use picture hangers for installation and a measuring tape to space all the elements precisely.  For a really crisp look, we recommend using a bubble measure to ensure the elements are perfectly straight.  Lastly, step back and admire your work of art. 

The modern day photo wall can be installed in any home or office, regardless of the overall style of the space.  It can add warmth and coziness to any room and make you feel surrounded by loved ones.  Whether you choose to make a photo wall with family photos or landscapes and artwork, following these steps will help you create a statement wall for you to be proud to display.

Photo wall 3

Photo wall 2

photo wall 1

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