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Une Touche d’ Elégance

You have everything perfectly decorated in your space.  You take a step back to admire your decorating skills, and you think…something is missing!  After you peruse the images below, you will find the answer and know that it’s simple and understated, but it speaks volumes of l’elegance…molding!  With a few easy steps and some inexpensive chair railing you can transform you bedroom to a decadent boudoir, a dining room into a social retreat, or your living room into an elegant lounge.  At Jigsaw, we love adding chair railing to any room to maximize impact.  It’s fun, it’s sexy and it’s easy…and we are going to show you how!

Here are the steps:

  1. Select the width and style of railing you’d like to use for your project.  Railing can be found at Home Depot, Lowe’s or most lumber yards.
  2. Measure the size box you want, and the height of the chair rail (if desired).
  3. Use a yardstick to draw the box directly on the wall.  If you plan to use one color paint on the wall, the Jigsaw Designers recommend painting the full wall first, and then draw your railing.
  4. Cut the railing with the measurements using an angle saw.  Railing can be cut at Home Depot, Lowe’s or any lumber yard you choose if you don’t have an angle saw.
  5. Paint the railing the desired color.
  6. Nail the railing into the wall in the center of the railing.  Fill in the corner cracks and nail holes with putty if necessary and then touch up paint.

These are the simple steps to follow.  After that you can get as creative as you dare with painting.  Below you will see how the Jigsaw team transformed a dull drab office into a glamorous and exciting place to work.  First they painted the entire wall black, and then added the white chair railing.  The overall look is classic and stunning.

Depth and dimension can be added to the room using monochromatic colors on the wall as well.  For example a darker grey paint below the railing and a lighter grey above the railing can add interest without being too busy.  Tone on tone can also be a very chic way to add railing in an understated fashion.  While the Jigsaw Designers recommend using a professional for crown molding around the ceiling, they are however confident that anyone can complete this project with great results.  We hope you are inspired to add drama and elegance to your space by following these simple steps for your railing project.

Before and After Photos:

Before Mold 2

molding 3before 3Office 1Mold Dining roomMolding bedmolding fabric


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